Bug in Prison of the Planes

Micki's Delirium

In Prison of the Planes, after you place the orbs and pull the lever, you have a number of seconds to make it to the room before the door closes and the ramp goes away. After this you are supposed to talk to Thanuq’un to activate the end fight. But lately, the last 3 times I’ve run the quest, the end fight starts before you talk. The difference is, even though trash spawn and Thanuq’un move from his place, neither Thanuq’un nor the quorforged had a hit bar or were able to be damaged. After talking to Thanuq’un, his and the quorforged’s hp bars popped up and we could damage them.

The quest difficulty in the screenshot is R2, but I know I’ve run the quest at different difficulties with the same result.

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D&D Dad: The Secret of Skyhold Tower (review)

Michael Jasper

The D&D Dad reviews The Secret of Skyhold Tower!


The party moves from the “training grounds” of Phandalin and Thundertree and encounter danger head-on in this wild and crazy adventure from the always-reliable M.T. Black! For details, see my spoilerific Adventure Report.

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Can you Make a Video Game with No Experience? – Pt. 2 Save time, by taking your time

Quiet Stories

This week we are doing our research and working out the best ways to be efficient with our time during this process.

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Some graphics funnies

Micki's Delirium

Last week in RSO, I noticed that when people are up on the platform fighting the dragon, their shadows show on the ground underneath it.

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D&D Dad: Tower of the Mad Mage (review)

Michael Jasper

The D&D Dad blog reviews Tower of the Mad Mage by M.T. Black.

Tower of the Mad Mage

This was our first-ever one-shot adventure, and it was a blast! Kudos to M.T. Black for creating a slick, easy-to-use adventure for 1st level players. It definitely felt like a “classic D&D” adventure, but with some nice updates and unexpected twists.

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Champions of the Feywild: A D&D One-Shot Adventure


Champions of the Feywild is my last one-shot adventure revolving around the idea of players getting to adventure as monsters. Previously, I had players adventure as a party of mercenary lychanthropes in The Menagerie and in The Caverns of Midnight’s Fools as a party of demon yugoloths.

In this adventure, up to five players inhabit the bodies of a sprite, a pixie, a satyr, a centaur, and a cyclops as they challenge a medusa and her cult of dark druids and twisted creatures to rescue a unicorn.


The ancient and dense coastal forest of Dasokos exists in two worlds that of the Material Plane and the Feywild. For centuries, it has been guarded and cultivated by the unicorn Paralax. But recently a cadre of sallow looking dark shrouded druids came ashore for the distant mysterious isle of Kos. These dark druids were able to find and confront Paralax, defeating imprisoning…

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Raids week 89

Micki's Delirium

Last week Saturday I was running late and sent a message to Osi that I was. When I logged on at about a quarter past 9 pm (3 pm EDT), Osi had already started a group. Noticing that the group already had 3 divines, I decided to switch to Cerge. By 9.30 we had a full group. Since I felt we were a bit low on dps, and I again didn’t want to wait for a dedicated tank, I decided on hard. For puzzles part I wanted Osi right with me, Bruder left and Crone offered to play crow tank. Gaijya was puzzler. For right side Tahlua was tank. I, Iqos and Fleea were doing puzzles. We had a few random deaths during puzzles, but most of it was smooth. In the end fight I explained a little, we killed wisps, crows and shamblers before baba. The raid completed in…

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Perhaps it’s time to break down and take the easy mode

Bio Break

Back in the 80s and 90s, I don’t remember computer RPGs offering difficulty modes — although first-person shooters sure as heck did. In fact, I vividly recall how Wolfenstein 3-D would outright taunt the player with difficulty levels ranging from “Can I play, Daddy?” to “I am Death Incarnate.” The easiest of those, I should mention, was illustrated by your hero’s portrait wearing a baby’s bonnet and sucking on a pacifier.

This got the point across to the player fairly well: If you go the easy route, you’re a baby. Even though it wasn’t a multiplayer game and no one else would ever know, the player would — and so the player’s pride and honor were attacked.

In me, at least, this cultivated a long-standing tradition when it came to any game that offered difficulty levels: Never, ever, ever take the easiest one. In fact, never go below “normal” in…

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Can you Make a Video Game With no Experience? – Pt. 1 Coming up With an Idea

Quiet Stories

This is an experiment to see if someone with no idea how to make a video game… can make one on their own.

This week we break down the goals of this series, explore what is achievable, settle on an idea, and choose an engine to work with.

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D&D Dad: Resources for learning D&D fast!

Michael Jasper

Thanks to the Internet, you have access to over four decades of information related to Dungeons & Dragons. There’s a lot of stuff out there, and it’s hard to know just where to start your research. That’s where I, the D&D Dad, can help. I’ve been there myself, cluelessly clicking through site after site, trying to find the quality content that didn’t make my head want to explode.

In this week’s blog entry, I’m going to narrow things down for you by sharing the online resources that helped me learn D&D quickly.

Gandalf looking for the DMs Guide... Poor Gandalf had to do his D&D research one scroll at a time… by candlelight!

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