Why I’m Now Sold on VR

Quiet Stories

For me, video games are both my favorite past time and my future career. It is a medium that I feel I connect with both as a consumer and a creator. So I want to play the latest and greatest both to have fun and to learn what techniques other developers are utilizing. Because of all this I often end up being an early adopter.

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Day 20: Favorite Video Game Genre


Okay, so we’re two-thirds of the way through the 30 days’ worth of video game posts.  And I still haven’t found a more eloquent way of describing that.  Anyway, we’ve got another “what’s your favorite something-or-other” topic to discuss, my favorite game genre.  As usual, I find this to be a pretty difficult question indeed because I have a wide variety of favorite games spanning several different genres.

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Adventures in Cromspoint

Dyson's Dodecahedron

I’m playing in an awesome Neoclassical Geek Revival RPG campaign right now called “Age of Myth” where we are one of two PC groups competing to achieve the “victory conditions” of the game setting – in this case to form a kingdom by first uniting three iron age clans into a tribe, and then uniting three of these tribes into a kingdom. (The last campaign we played was also competitive, and while our group was the first to discover the location of the end-point of the campaign, we were beat to actually recovering the Eye of Set by the other group.)

Adventures in Cromspoint Adventures in Cromspoint

The game takes place in Cromspoint, pictured here. I BELIEVE that Zzarchov is creating the hexmaps for these campaigns using a random map generator, and adjusting it to his taste. This is my interpretation of the campaign map as it stood in year 11 of the…

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How to flag for the raids

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Why is jumping into a new MMO harder than a non-MMO?

Bio Break

Here’s a situation that I’ve been wrestling with for a while now, which is the question of why jumping into an MMO that I’ve never played seems about ten times more prohibitive and intimidating than picking up a single-player or limited multiplayer title. For me.

And that’s always, always struck me as strange, seeing as how MMORPGs are my preferred game genre. I love them. Once I get hooked on one, then it becomes a good prospect to return to after absences. But MMOs I haven’t played much or at all have a difficult time getting into that exclusive club.

Strange enough, while I was making dinner the other night, the solution to this popped into my head. I had assumed that it was primarily the barrier to learning a new MMO — the annoyances of setting up an account and figuring out the different systems. That’s still a valid…

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20 Incredible Retro Video Games That Were Released In 1994



1993 was a golden year for video gaming. Cool SpotSecret of ManaMortal Kombat II, and Doom were among the hits released 26 years ago. But what about 1994? There are way fewer lists about the cool games released in that year, and that’s a heinous crime because 1994 was an equally awesome year for video games. OK, so there was less choice than 1993, but the games that did make the list were of a very high standard and deserve to be recognised.

So, to prove this point we’ve taken a look back at every game officially released 25 years ago, and compiled our list of just some of the Incredible Retro Video Games That Were Released In 1994. There are others, and we’re damn sure you’ll let us know about them in the comments, but for now here’s our…

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Static group does Tor

Micki's Delirium

Yesterday my static group was running the last level 14 quests in Gianthold to finish saga and to flag for the raid. We actually ended with completing the raid on hard, but before that we did Gianthold Tor. After two failed attempts on R3, we dropped the difficulty to R2 (heroic). The plan was not to do dragons, but after completion Ruff was interested in giving it a try, so I agreed. I figured the black dragon would be the easiest due to the semi safe spot, but I was wrong. We activated it, Judet failed to jump up up to the safe spot and we all died. That is except for Jarvanna who I had left at at the shrine with the kobold. I figured the portal would be closed, but ran her to it anyway an found that is wasn’t. I puffed up, entered, jumped up to the…

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9 Iconic Games that I’ll Never Play

Quiet Stories

Hello Neighbor is not my kind of game. Every gamer has their personal preferences, whether it be platform, genre or franchise related. I personally don’t enjoy puzzle games. Light puzzle elements are ok, but a game that at every step of the way challenges your reasoning and problem solving skills is not enjoyable. There isn’t a big enough payoff, at least in my opinion. I also for the most part don’t play survival horror games. As I’ve grown older I’ve delved a little deeper into spookier titles. Outlast was good and I thoroughly enjoyed Resident Evil 7, but I wouldn’t exactly call myself a glutton for the genre.

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A Workshop of Games!

Hey everybody!
So I’m a little late to this party as well, but given the amazing line-up of new stuff that we’ve seen previewed at the New York Toy Fair from GW. I’ve come across quite a bit of negativity towards some of these things while looking around at the online reaction, which is a bit of a surprise to me in some respects, but I suppose you can’t please everybody! At any rate, let’s dive in and take a look at some of the upcoming goodness:

I want to start with Storm Vault, a co-operative dungeon-delving game that looks like it only includes Stormcast Eternals as the playable heroes, from the look of the box. I originally wasn’t even sure if it was a miniatures game, as I couldn’t see any in the promotional shot of the game board, but I think they’re up there in the top…

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Raids week 110

Micki's Delirium

Saturday (Feb 9) came and with fewer Sokos online I figured things wouldn’t be as crazy as last week. I was wrong. I started by inviting Tahlua and Devil, but Devil was afk so I figured I’d save him a spot. Then I put the lfm up for Baba’s and 2 seconds later I had to take it down to not get more applicants. I clicked on sort by guild on the outstanding list – then realiserad I had no idea in which order people applied. I accepted everyone and realized there was only 1 spot left, and Justus and Devil where not there. Hamster offered his spot for Devil and we filled. Osi had joined but he wanted to join with Vonkiprus and Devil offered his spot for Vonk and logged off. My note to self: invite guildies and Sokos before posting. In fact, talking to Titus I agreed…

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