Slogging through life 34

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At least, I *think* this is life 34!

The build itself has been quite fun. I had forgotten how nice it was to just hit things 🙂 But since my last post about TR’ing into this life was at the end of May, it shows just how long it’s taken to get from 15 to our current 27 1/2. We’re just not playing as much as we used to. But, the end is in sight and we’re hoping to make a push this week to cap.

Snake guy

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LoTRO – Summer Festival

MMO Juggler

Two things I absolutely MUST have on my hobbits are: Pie-Eating Champion title and the first Hobbit-Dance. They just make me happy. 🙂

I was lucky that that summer festival had an encore, or I’d have to wait until the next festival to get these two enhancements.

Pie-Eating Champion is the title I wear the most on Naerys, who is adventuring outside Minas Tirith, so I want to get it for Spessartina and Scarlatina. The title comes from doing a quest from Humbert Sandweaver in the Bree Festival Grounds. Unfortunately he only runs the contest 1 of every 3 days.


I checked in and was bummed the contest wasn’t running. Oh well, there is other festival stuff to do. Something I hadn’t tried before was kite-flying, so I accepted that quest and quickly ran around the Party Tree to finish it off.


While doing this I came across the scariest…

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Saturday Video Round Up: August 13 – 19


The end of the week has once again arrived, so a hearty congratulations are in order for making it through to the end. Your reward, like every week, is a brand new Video Round Up, bringing the best trailers and gameplay clips from the past seven days. Here’s a small taste as to the content waiting for you this week.

Though it may not be considered a normal AAA release, Sony is banking heavily on the former expansion pack turned retail release, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. If you need more convincing, two new trailers are waiting for you this week. The first details how Naughty Dog plans to expand the franchise while the second shows off plenty of Uncharted goodness in the launch trailer.

The Destiny 2 PC beta is quickly approaching later this month. If you’re eager to see what this franchise looks like on a high powered…

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The Archons’ Trial

DDO Outrage

General Comments

Okay, contrary to what I might’ve expressed in the past regarding wanting to make a repeater build, I did indeed roll a repeater build as my main’s next life–partially because I want to do a few Epic Reincarnations and a repeater build is the easiest way to ease the grind by making it absurdly easy–and I’m glad that I did because holy fuck is this adventure pack’s difficulty skewed. I soloed the first two quests, and someone else came to help with the last quest, but even then, the difficulty of the quests were on par with anything from the level 19 Amrath quests. And after spending a little over an hour in this dreadful pack, I can say with confidence that I can’t be bothered to check out the raid or do any of the quests from The Archons’ Trials again. Waste of 495 TP.

Experience: 0/5

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7 of my favorite tower defense games

Bio Break

I’ve gotten the impression that tower defense games aren’t that respected in either games media or among more “serious” gamers, but for me, I’ve always loved them. They’re a favorite of mine, in fact, especially on mobile devices. Tower defense is a relaxing puzzle of sorts that combines warfare, mazes, and defensive strategy with that satisfying bubble wrap “popping” of enemy units. I often play a round or two at the end of the day, as these games help lull me into sleep (I know that sounds bad, but it more speaks to its relaxing qualities).

Today, I wanted to share my six favorite tower defense titles to date:

1. Desktop Tower Defense

This might have been one of the first tower defense games I ever played, and to date, it’s one of my wife’s most-played video games ever. There are a lot of different types of tower defense titles…

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Four Pagodas of Kwantoom

Dyson's Dodecahedron

My love of Kabuki Kaiser’s solo D&D masterpiece “Mad Monks of Kwantoom” isn’t much of a secret. So when I saw Tim Hartin of Paratime Design playing a game of Ruins of the Undercity and posting his results to Google+, I just needed to pull out Mad Monks again and play through a few more of the 1001 Pagodas of Doom.

And the real secret of the Mad Monks of Kwantoom is that the stuff you do between expeditions to the 1001 Pagodas is usually even cooler (discovering cool stores, dealing with strange random events in town, and acquiring new missions).

Four Pagodas of Kwantoom Four Pagodas of Kwantoom

The basic conceit of the adventuring locations is there is an island covered in a massive collection of multi-level pagodas in varying shape and condition that you explore. These four pagodas were rolled up (and stocked) purely using random tables in the book with a…

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Sorrowdusk Isle

DDO Outrage

General Comments

Sorrowdusk Isle is among my favorite adventure packs, and if you came to DDO with a pen-and-paper mentality, this will likely be one of your favorite packs as well. It offers a wide selection of monsters to fight, a very unique and original wilderness area, and a story which seems straight out of tabletop D&D–much more so than Temple of Elemental Fail, and this pack wasn’t even based on any particular source material. Add to this that the pack has some decent experience and loot, and you get a very well-rounded pack.

Experience: 3.5/5

There are ten quests total, with two quests of each level from 6-10: two level 6 quests, two level 7 quests, and so on. The first four quests comprise the “Grey Moon Waning” chain, while the final six quests finish off the “Cult of Six” chain. “Grey Moon Waning” does not provide any unique…

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Amazon’s SNES Classic Q&A section is not informative but is very entertaining

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Sonic the Hedgehog is Taco Bell


-by Dylan DiBona

I’ve got an imaginary wheel in my head spinning with tons of Sonic the Hedgehog topics. Do I ask if the original Genesis games were ever that great? Do I talk about the bizarrely terrible Sonic Underground cartoon? Do I compare the series to its old competitor Mario? I’ll just do them all right now.

Except Sonic Underground. I love and hate that show.

Image result for sonic mania art

If there was ever a Lindsey Lohan of video game mascots, it would unfortunately be Sonic. What was once a trusted face that acted as a seal of quality soon became a living meme on the internet. Bug-ridden games, awful concepts and controls and for some reason early 2000’s rock. Only the most dedicated of Sonic fans could find something to enjoy (granted there were the accidental two good games: Colors and Generations).

Don’t let the nature…

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Devil Assault

DDO Outrage

General Comments

I know what you’re thinking: how can you consider such an old pack with only two quests to be S-tier? Well, I’ll explain. Devil Assault is arguably the pack that has aged better with time than any other pack out there, for a multitude of reasons I’ll cover momentarily. It’s also extremely popular and covers a higher level range than most other packs.

Experience: 4/5

Doing a daily run of Devil Assault on EN is an easy 60-70k experience in about 20 minutes, and Chronoscope gives almost as much if including all its optionals. Although I don’t think most people run these two quests in epic for experience, I do think that people should give it more credit.

In the heroic levels, the Chronoscope can potentially be very good experience at level, provided you can get a competent group to run it. Given that it’s a level 6…

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