Barabas Ceausescu, Tabaxi Rogue


The tabaxi race is currently my favorite. In making today’s November character creation, I decided to not over-think the persona going rather traditional.Barabas Ceausescu is an alley cat rogue who has made his living on the streets but now has decided to take u adventuring to earn himself a cozy place of his own.


Barabas has only known the city. He feels comfortable meandering through streets and thoroughfares eying passersby and judging whether or not they’d make good marks for the day. In the evening, he silently bounds from rooftop to rooftop letting whatever window catches his eye draw him in. Usually, he leaves with the shiniest of objects to pawn off in the morning.

While many tabaxi enjoy the company of their kin, Barabas isn’t really a cat person nor does he enjoy sustained, obnoxious noise (thus, minstrels and the singing of bards tends to lead him to…

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Adventure Log: Dungeons and Dragons, Part 9

Cannibal Halfling Gaming

Finally ascending from the mine of fire, stone, and mephits, the adventurers headed north towards the Imperial Shelter. They camped along the road, slept without incident, and made their way back to the river they had originally followed from the coast. The road crossed the river further inland, in an area they had not yet been in before. And as they prepared to cross a flooded causeway to continue on their way, they spotted a giant metal beast, drinking from the river. This bull didn’t eat grass…it was a Gorgon, which subsisted on ground up stones from its petrified prey. It saw the adventurers, and got ready to charge.

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Wince, Kenku Corsair


Pirates, they’re so 2003. Plus, the ocean is horrible. Just ask Nott. Anyway, for today’s November character creation, I decided to ignore all that and make a swashbuckler–the Kenku Wince.


For Wince, sailing the seas feels like flying, and for a brief time, he had his own ship (The Crow’s Nest). It was stolen leaving Wince stranded on land. Since then, he’s been working on a variety of ships as a pirate sometimes as a legit sailor searching for the captain who stole the Crow’s Nest and quietly saving his coin to buy a new vessel. To this end, he is single-minded in gathering treasure and clues.

There’s not much more to Wince than this. As a straight-up fighter, he doesn’t hesitate to get into combat but he’s no strategist nor does he have any tactical sense. Rather, Wince kills what’s in front of him and moves on to…

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Bic, Lizardfolk Poison Archer


Lizardfolk, they used to be one of the myriad of baddies players had to endure as they were a low enough Challenge Rating to live alongside kobolds, goblinoids, orcs, and gnolls as enemies meant to be sliced through for experience or loot. However, they are humanoid and as such have become a playable race. Embracing this I present Bic the Poison Archer for today’s November character creation.


I suppose it’s easy to play lizardfolk as cold-blooded and they are described as having an ‘alien’ mind. But I think, once again, that’s too simple leaving us with not enough to play with when the race has plenty to make it fun, both conceptually and practically. Racially, Bic benefits from a normal Bite attack and one as a Bonus Action can restore 2 HP per long rest and he can build weapons from slain creatures. This last one is useful…

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My Top Ten Pokémon Games

Cilla vs. Games

Lately I’ve found myself inspired by the upcoming new entries in the Pokémon series – Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee! My interest has increased and decreased over this period but now almost two weeks out from release I can say that I am excited for the game. As much as I enjoy the mainline games and the many ways that one can play e.g. story, breeding, shiny hunting etc; I think that I’m ready for a more casual experience. Especially knowing that this release is not taking the place of the 2019 mainline Pokémon games. I’m also getting the console bundle which (despite the cost) I am really looking forward to as I don’t trust my launch Switch console since it bricked itself and cost me around $160 to get repaired.

I mean, what’s wrong with a spin-off game anyway? Some of my favourite Pokémon games aren’t a part of the…

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Ablelarr Nostraam, Kalashtar Sorcerer


Once again, I’m advocating for cherry picking a race and placing it in any setting you so desire. Kalashtars may be native to Eberron but there’s no reason other than whim why they can’t be a population in any and every other world. The Kalashtar are a people made from the melding of humanoids with spirits from the dream realm. Today’s November character creation takes up this race in the sorcerer Ablelarr Nostraam.

57345e50dd37da3588690024c2357a05Ablelaar is one of those characters whose strengths are nearly erased by his weaknesses. Exceptionally low Dexterity (-2) means even though his spell attack bonus (+6) and spell save (14) are solid, he’ll have to wait a while to do anything (Initiative of -2) and during that time pray he doesn’t get hit (AC 11). However, his racial traits offer just enough spice to make the sorcerer promising. Dual Mind as a Reaction grants advantage…

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Just Cos’ You Got The Power

Return to House of Grouse

Okay so we are now taking about those thing that can increase the spell power of a Savant and therefore cause more damage. We are talking about the top tier level 20 enhancement, weapons that are not for fighting and even clothing. It all has an impact but some things do not add together however lets look at the three key totals for electric, sonic and cold which covers my Spell powers for my Air Savant and his secondary ability.

So at level 22 GrouseMerlin has 355 electric spell power, 257 for sonic and cold 303. Which seems a little odd but comes down to equipment working with the natural abilities and points spent in the enhancement tree. You can see from my acid power the investment in Air means acid spells are not going to have any effect. So what do we need to look for especially as we…

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From the DM’s Chair: Session 18: Where the Heart is


Antagonists are interesting forces in stories because they exist as a counter-point to our heroes, looking at the world in a different way to our heroes or even standing as a contradiction to all that a hero believes. A big issue with this, though, is that you can rarely have any discussions between heroes and villains. After all, if either party is in a room together, they’d probably try to kill each other first and not bother asking questions. However, it is the individuals in stories who function in a grey area of morality, those who straddle the position between friend and enemy than can truly meet with the characters on an equal level and speak to them, whilst also acting as an element of conflict. These types of characters are rivals to our main hero: an individual in a competitive relationship with the hero, bridging the themes of conflict…

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Top 5 Pokemon Spin-off Video Games

two beard gaming

There is no denying it, Pokemon is a global phenomenon. Spanning over two decades and showing no sign of slowing down, it’s now part of everyday culture and ingrained into our beings. Although the game is firmly rooted in the RPG world it hasn’t stopped the developers branching out to broaden its appeal, even letting others take the wheel from time to time. As part of our Pokemon week, we now bring you the Top 5 Pokemon Spin-off Video Games Ever!


5. Pokemon Trozei!


Pokemon Trozei! took the cute characters of the series and turned them into blocks for an all-new puzzle game in a similar vein to the classics Bejewelled or Tetris. The aim of the game was to move the falling Pokemon into lines of four matching icons causing them to disappear. The game was easy to start but took skill to master and featured a number of…

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Adelaide, The Mad Halfling Warlock


Halflings, essentially Hobbits, are a race often treated too nice. I’m an advocate for whimsy and more madness in characters. Thus, today’s November character creation is Adelaide, a halfling Archfey warlock.

Adelaide is mad, Lewis Carroll mad. Her insanity springs from the glimpses of the Feywild she’s endured since birth and the punishment inflicted upon her by those in her community as they attempted to ‘cure’ her of the insanity. She hasn’t just dreamed of the Feywild but had waking nightmares finding herself transported there then suddenly returned to her own world. She loses time and has attempted to knit the two worlds together in her mind by creating fables and nonsense stories to help her cope. It’s unclear if her warlock patron is the cause of her madness or was drawn to her because of it.

1675b6c002be2a249dc097a2d163956fIn her pockets she always has playing cards with black diamonds on…

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