Freezing Some Monsters

Erdrique's Blog

Erdrique (Level 10) is currently working through a melee bard life.  For this particular iteration, I have decided to primarily focus as a Warchanter.  One of the fun aspects of a Warchanter bard is the ability to use melee attacks to freeze your enemies.  There are three enhancements that allow this ability: The Frozen Fury, Northwind, and Spinning Ice.

The first of these abilities is The Frozen Fury.  The Frozen Fury is an active ability and is a special melee attack that can be taken up to three times.  Each time you take the enhancement the damage inflicted from this attack is increased by +1W.  When an enemy is hit, it must make a fortitude save against 10+Charisma modifier+(0 or 1/4 or 1/2 Bard Level)+stunning modifiers.  The amount applied to the bard levels depends on the number of times you have trained the enhancement, with the third time adding…

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Jarvanna is growing up April 2, 2013

Micki's Delirium


Oh noes. I said I’d take a break from blogging, but meh. I don’t like my new home yet. Maybe I’ll get used to it? I don’t know. But, but I wanted to show you my baby druid. Slowly, slowly she’s growing up. She just capped for 12 and took 11. I’m levelling no faster or slower than my sister and her druid, and we’ve been running together only about once a week, so it’s been going slow. 🙂 But look at her.

She’s changed her hair colour twice and she keeps changing outfits and weapons. She just picked up a scimitar of poison from VON3 and it’s all green! 🙂 Need to try it out. And with level 11 she got dire bear form and the mud man summon.

Ok, so this wasn’t the most intelligent post I’ve written, but look at her?! 😀

Take care and see you…

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Tactalicious & Craftalicious

It’s ironic but in a good way that hooked blade kind of feels useless (it isn’t, but really after level 14 specialized weapons lose out against superior dps) in the run up to 20 but after that in Epic finds a new life. Until they nerf it. I hope not, because that would cement all superior DPS weapons as the king. I built 2 green steel earth grab picks. They’re for anything very high level and epic. But I combine it with my hooked blade for some really impressive results. The thing about Epic is that unlike regular quests the mobs and bosses have tons of HP. Vorpal or insta kill spells are useless so it boils down to hold, stun or anything else that auto crits until the critter is dead.

High end DPS weapons are not bad, you just have to grind an aweful a lot and unless…

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Traveling to the Big Top

Erdrique's Blog

The Phiarlan Carnival story arc is composed of quests that are fun and unique and include A Small Problem, Partycrashers, and The Snitch.  The capstone to the story arc is a quest called Under the Big Top.  Like the other quests in the series, Under the Big Top is a level 5 quest on heroic normal and level 20 on epic normal.  The quest is unique in that it takes place entirely within a carnival setting and culminating in an end fight in the Big Top of the Traveling Troubadors.

Image may contain: text

Suppply making his way through the carnival.

Image may contain: one or more people, people on stage and text

Dealing with the tiefling tricksters.

In my opinion, the quest is medium in length, making it nice for a relatively quick run.  As I mentioned previously, it occurs entirely within the a carnival back drop.  The majority of beings you initially come across are disguised tieflings pretending to be various…

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Geekmom goes on a Facebook Rant

Confessions of a Geek Mom


Okay, so this is a ranting type of post.  It will most likely be my least read post. This has absolutely nothing to do with gaming, but more with being a mom.  And since I am Geekmom, it works.  At least for me.  The rest of you may want to back up a bit.  No, back up a little more…. little more….Okay, you may be safe.  No promises.

Some of you know that Pink’s younger sister is Autistic.   Geoff and his Gamer Girl, mostly of our guildies, and everyone who went out to dinner with us from DDO last year before Pax East know.

She is 11 years old.  Smart as a whip.  Cute as a button.  Devious as the Devil.  And Autistic.  Not the quirky kind either.  While she is verbal, her behaviors put her on the more severe side.

She now is just getting to understand that she…

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Nintendo Switch Presentation Reactions


…it has to be good, right? Right?


Back in October Nintendo unveiled it’s latest console via a youtube video and this past Friday morning at 4am Nintendo had a press conference to show case it’s latest console and games, called the Nintendo Switch. So, did they switch the game up?

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Playing D&D with class: Artificer

The Long Shot

Coming up with a great backstory, personality, motivations and goals goes a long way toward making memorable D&D characters. But when it comes down to the nuts and bolts of what you can do, it’s all about class. Consider it your character’s vocation, calling, profession or craft, a character’s class picks up where their backstory leaves off, giving them the skills and abilities they’ll use on their life of adventure.

Rather than analyze the mechanics of each class, extolling the benefits of one option and admonishing the suboptimal drawbacks of another, what you’ll find in this “Playing D&D with class” is the usual musings that accompany any topic and hopefully some insight into different ways to approach the various classes in D&D 5E.

As a longtime player and DM, i’ve never put much emphasis on mathematical optimization, and when it comes to making characters i’m a purist…

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A Weekend of Older Games

I'm Not Squishy

Every few months I make the trek back to my hometown to visit family and friends. This weekend was one such time. I always try and visit my friend Jay when I go home, we’ve known each other for a long time and always have fun together. Jay happens to collect everything gaming related under the sun so when I go over there we always end up playing some really old games. He’s got games from every system generation and every system to go with it. It’s kind of like a museum over there, complete with a working Panasonic 3DO. This weekend we played Super Ghosts and Goblins and Earthworm Jim on whatever this thing is. It plays a whole slew of cartridges with the only downside being the sound is a little distorted.


Playing so many retro inspired 2D indie games, I’m always a little surprised how familiar actual…

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Nintendo Switch Event


In case you couldn’t be bothered waiting up to 4am to watch it (I don’t blame you Nintendo are awful at this type of thing) here is everything you missed of the Switch reveal!

If you want, you can watch the entire direct right here – but I wouldn’t recommend it (it’s not that good).

Here’s the stuff you WANT to know – it releases March 3rd for £280.

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Falling damage in MMOs

Bio Break


The other day GamingSF had a post on a subject that I was actually thinking about recently: whether or not falling damage was a good thing in MMORPGs. He notes how some MMOs have it, while others (notably RIFT and The Secret World) have elected to do away with it.

So is it better to have the possibility of death or injury from falling in an MMO or is it simply more fun to suspend this element of reality and let players plummet to their heart’s content without worry of having gravity smack them on the face?

I think the right (and probably weasely) answer is, “It depends on the game.” Some games simply work better without falling damage. It makes sense that TSW doesn’t have it, because your character is basically a superhero anyway, and superheroes aren’t usually concerned with stubbing their toes when they trip. They’re big-picture characters…

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