Persuasion Check: Unearthed Arcana – Fighter, Range, and Rogue

Ready To Role

Two weeks have passed, and surprise surprise,  another Unearthed Arcana courtesy of our friends over at Wizards of the Coast! They seem to be finishing off the love for the core classes as we round out the final three with new options for the Fighter, the Ranger, and the Rogue.

In what may be the final class option-based Unearthed Arcana for a bit, we get some really interesting options that on paper sound awesome. First is the Rune Knight for Fighters, allowing them to enchant weapons and armor with magic runes learned from the giants. Then we have the Swarmkeeper; a Ranger whose connection to nature takes the form of a swarm of fey spirits acting in harmony. And finally for the Rogue is The Revived; those who realize that this is not their first life and can reach into their past lives and harness the power of death.

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Autumnal gaming 2019


As has happened before, a period of absence from gaming has soft-rebooted my gaming selection somewhat, though it is not unexpected. A break from WoW Classic and Battle for Azeroth for just over two weeks left me unmotivated to play either upon my return.WoW Classic is ok but it is all content I’ve seen before and I’m not a huge fan of repeating old stuff at least when there’s new stuff I’ve not done. As for BfA itself, well the news coming out on 8.3 sounds interesting, but that’s not going to be here for some time and 8.2.5 wasn’t that meaty from my perspective.

At least we got Deadmines done.

The controversy over the Hearthstone tournament certainly weighed into decisions over WoW as well although I only play that one of the many games Blizzard publishes so I’m less invested than many gamers. It’s old news now, I…

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The Broken One

Ilyanas Tomb of Doom


Syllana’s body was an exquisite work of art. Toned, tall, thin. Her eyes, green as a glacier-fed lake, mesmerized even in death. And I couldn’t touch the tips of her fingers without shivering with need. Nature had made a work of this woman, and the back alleys of Skara Brae had undone her from the neck, down her supple back, down again to the vital ropes some surgeons called the greater and lesser intestines.

“She a cold one,” Oda said, running her deformed fingers over Syllana.

“How many times have I told you to keep your fingers off my projects?” Yes, that’s what I said to Oda. But I couldn’t stand her. I wanted to cut her throat her in the under-tomb where we did darker works, but I felt sorry for her. She was kicked out of her village once she came of age. I came upon her as…

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The Night Revels 2019

Micki's Delirium

This is my favorite event. Well, it’s actually the only event I participate in, except for a few runs of the anniversary dungeon when that is available. Some events I’ve never really gotten into except for testing it out (Risia ice skating for example), while others like Crystal Cove I’ve farmed to death.

What’s fun about Night revels is that each year they add at least one new dungeon and each year there is something new on the reward list. 2016 they added the first reaper armor and helm, 2017 the same in red and last year they added green and the reaper cloaks. The festive augments +2 stacking int or wisdom were added 2015. I’ve farmed them a lot, and have a few from last year sitting in my bank. This year we got some new spectral weapons and the reaper armor set (armor, helm and cloak) in purple…

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DMs Guild Review – The Book of the Dead: An Undead Bestiary

The Kind GM

The Book of the Dead: An Undead Bestiary is a supplement by Timothy Gonzalez.

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Video: Cartographic Time-Lapse

Dyson's Dodecahedron

I drew this on the long weekend at the beginning of July and keep forgetting to post it to the blog.

This video was basically a test to see how my webcam handles the job… I’ve got to work on my setup for better lighting and play with the settings on my camera to improve video quality, but while I was messing around with the existing setup at my workstation, I figured I could release this short time-lapse video of me at work on a small map inspired in part by photos of Al Khazneh at Petra.

As with all my videos, my hands and fingernails are dirty, and in this one the time-lapse hides how incredibly shaky my hands were that day.

The map itself will show up on the blog late this month or early next month.

Also… I should really test Zzarchov Kowolski’s suggestion of syncing it to the…

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Box Sets! TSR misc section

Wayne's Books

Todays #shelfie: TSR misc sets. Current as of this morning.

The AD&D campaign sets are stored elsewhere.

On social media, I was asked:

From your experience, what is the best way to store tsr books and boxes? Horizontally or vertically? thanks

I replied:

Either works fine, to an extent.

Shelved like books – which I do in my personal collection – works OK, as long as they’re snug together, the boxes supporting each other.

Stacking. TSR box sets usually aren’t heavy. If they are, they’re not suitable for stacking. (Like maybe a set that has a lot of your personal papers adding weight) With that caveat, I’ve never had problems stacking them six or seven high. But you gotta make sure they’re neatly stacked. If allowed to offset, a corner can start pushing in the top of the box below.

A greater danger is light exposure. Avoid any direct…

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What’s your Gamer Motivation Profile? (version 2)

Originally posted on Later Levels:
Back in December 2016, I came across Quantic Foundry after reading an interesting summation of their findings from the Gamer Motivation Profile survey. I decided to join the 250,000 individuals who had already taken the…

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Ruined Cities of Red-Litten Yoth

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Red Litten Yoth

Beneath the massive blue-lit cavern of K’n-yan (which may be as much as a hundred miles across, without counting the many side caverns and labyrinthine structures) are the ancient red-lit caverns of Yoth. These caverns were the home of the serpent folk once they fled the surface lands. They built massive cities within the caverns, moving their whole civilization and technology base to these deep red caves.

Ruined Cities of Yoth Ruined Cities of Yoth

That was untold ages ago. All that remains of the serpent folk of Yoth are the ruins of their cities, a few of their ancient guardians, and forgotten remnants of their advanced technologies which keep the caverns lit to this day. Explorers from K’n-yan come down here seeking their lost technologies and treasures, unaware of what brought about their fall.

For beneath these ruined cities of Yoth is lightless N’kai, home of Tsathoggua. The serpent folk abandoned the faith…

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Unearthed Arcana: Cleric, Druid, and Wizard Analysis

The Kind GM

Hello everyone! Anastasios here. With Chris away in the army (read here for more details), I’ll be managing the blog. Speaking of, here’s my first contribution – let’s take a look at the latest Unearthed Arcana. It came out a couple of weeks ago, but they were quite busy times so the review got postponed a bit.

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