Nostalgia Lane: 7 favorite DOS games from the ’80s

Bio Break

Seeing as how the 1980s were so long ago now, my memory of what computer games I used to play on our family’s old IBM are starting to fade. However, I was looking through lists and screenshots to recall these, and came up with six titles that I experienced back then on MS-DOS.

Thexder was about the closest thing I got to playing a great Transformers game. In it, you’re this robot who’s exploring a Metroid-like base and can transform back and forth between a robot and a spaceship. It was pretty cool, and I loved how my laser attack would automatically target enemies.

Karateka was a decent beat-em-up with (I think) different moves. I was never very good at it, but that’s the story of my life.

Since we never got an NES, I eagerly leaped at the opportunity to play pretty crappy PC ports of console games like

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Nintendo Mega Bits: May 2020

In a year where two of the three console manufacturers are releasing the next generation, Nintendo needs to work even harder to stand out. The Switch has been the top-selling console month by month, but there is a very good chance that it will change as the PS5 and Xbox Series X are released. That is if there are enough of them available at their launches.

I am not sure if it is the time of the year, or if it’s just Nintendo, but there is a real lack of actual news. With that void in mind, Nintendo fans cling to rumors like a child clings to their belief in Santa. Many times, these rumors leave us fans crying into our pillows. All we can do is sit back and hope that The Big N comes through for us.

News and Rumors

What makes the situation at hand worse is…

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Unearthed Arcana: Subclasses Revisited Analysis

The Kind GM

Back once more, this UA takes a look at some subclasses presented in older UA installments, and gives them a new look.

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Second adventure published #DnD #Eberron


I’m very happy to announce that my second Dungeons & Dragons adventure is now published on the DMs Guild website: Whispering Shadows. This is the sequel to my shorter introductory adventure, Chasing Shadows.

In constrast to the cross-country chase of the first installment, Whispering Shadows is a cavern exploration adventure. I’ve worked to anchor it firmly in the Eberron setting, to add flavour and motivation to this cave-delving scenario. There is plenty of combat, though it is sometimes entirely avoidable, plus some mysteries and puzzles to stretch the adventurers minds as well as their combat skills.

This adventure took a good amount of time to write as it is longer at 34 pages (versus 25), and more complex plot-wise. I was fortunate to have a playtest group to play through the entire thing as I was editing it. The layout work can be very time-consuming, I may have…

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Xbox Mega Bits: May 2020

Welcome to the first installment of Xbox Mega Bits! Your monthly look at the latest games, news, and events in the world of Xbox. I’ve been a fan of Xbox since I first played Halo: Combat Evolved back in 2001 and I’m excited to dig deeper into the Xbox community with this new monthly series. From the most diverse lineup of 1st party titles, to the revolutionary ways in which they have changed the way we play games, Xbox is an exciting company to watch lately and has been strategically positioning themselves to do some incredible things as we rocket towards the next generation of gaming.

Each month I’ll be covering the latest news and rumors, discussing upcoming releases, checking out the latest Game Pass offerings, and highlighting the amazing folks who are a part of the Xbox community. On that note, if you have a question that you’d…

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The Malachite Coast

Dyson's Dodecahedron

The Malachite Coast is anything within a few days travel of where the Green Run decants into the Chimeric Sea. Nominally centred at the city of Kingshill on the edge of the coast, the Malachite coast was once the home of the Govred Empire – an advanced Bullywug Constitutional Monarchy that collapsed a few hundred years ago (a dozen generations ago for the fast-breeding and short-lived bullywugs).

As such, there are still bullywugs everywhere – they make up a tenth of the population of Kingshill, and a third of the nearby Tiverwood Landing along the Green Run. Bullywug guides can be hired to bring adventurers and travellers to the other points of interest in the region – most of which were once bullywug towns, cities, and even mines that have been retaken by the wilds or looted by the colonial halflings and humans who established Kingshill.

The Malachite Coast The Malachite Coast


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I like situational gear in MMOs


In a recent World of Warcraft Classic session we attempted our second-ever run on Scholomance with our instance group. In discussions about the apparent difficulty we were facing, we started talking about gear we could farm to make the runs easier. Weapons that do extra damage against undead were mentioned, as were resistance armour pieces for specific boss fights.

Undead slaying, go!

In principal at least, I really like this kind of gear as it is one way the devs can make the MMORPG feel more like a RPG to me. Having choices to make, and options that need hunting out, is a way to add motivations for replaying content. If the only choice, ever, is to have the highest item level or highest stat gear then that’s not much of a choice. Sadly, the modern game went this way a long while ago: the gear grind consistently has settled…

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E3 Did It Better

EditorialBy Adam Leonhardt:

Do you remember when you were a kid and you were excited for your birthday? You’d check the calendar and count the days until your party arrived and it practically drove you crazy feeding on all of that anticipation? The day of your birthday party would finally arrive and on that one magical day per year you would celebrate with your family and your friends. There would be cake, ice cream, presents, music, games and unparalleled joy that would only come around once a year. The day would seem to last forever, but it didn’t, and when it was gone you were left with memories a bit of a party buzz and the excitement that this same thing would happen again next year all over again.

Now imagine if your parents had told you that your birthday could be celebrated a little bit every couple of…

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What if Later Levels wasn’t about video games?

Later Levels

Here’s a question for bloggers: what would you do if you were no longer able to write about the current subject for your site? Would you take the decision to start again by finding a new topic of interest and, if so, what would you then cover?

This was the conundrum posed to the nominees for a Mystery Blogger Award by The Night Owl from The Late Night Session back in April. I’ve found it one of the most interesting and hardest questions to respond to so far because, since Later Levels started over three years ago, I’ve hardly ever deviated from the subject of video games. Occasionally I’ve posted something about blogging itself and have also written a couple of posts for other blogs about different areas, but I return to gaming consistently.

Locked In A Room, team, lab coats, Kim, Joel, Jake, Pete, Tim, GeekOut South-West

Perhaps I could write about escape rooms instead? As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve grown…

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Playstation Mega Bits: May 2020

May has been a big month for the video game industry as developers are scrambling to get their Summer messaging worked out in the wake of the collapse of E3 thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. Playstation has so far taken an unconventional approach to announcements to say the least. Sony has been trickling news, trailers and even game releases out in a multitude of ways such as through their State of Play format, the Playstation Blog, media interviews and super drowsy tech presentations. In a time where Microsoft is tuning their messaging to a fine sheen, Sony seems to have no real outline, or at least not one I can decipher, when it comes to letting the general public know what’s next for Playstation.

But don’t worry because I’ve done the legwork for you and gathered the most important Playstation news for the month on this, the debut of Playstation…

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