In the jaws of a dragon

Bloodlickr - DDO gaming adventures

“I’ll eat you!!!!” Velah roared

“I wont recommend that little lizard!” Bloodlickr laughed “I have gas!!!”

Velah put her jaws around Bloodlickr making ready to snap him of the ground “You little maggot, you will respect me!”

Bloodlickr took one heavy swing at the dragons forehead and the old hammer did his job.

“There there little lizard. Sleep tight! I’ll go get a good cup of brew!”

In the dragons jaws

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Shadows and Orcs

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Shadows & Orcs Shadows & Orcs

It’s been a while in the making – I’ll be releasing the first two commercial adventure releases based on maps from the Dodecahedron in the coming weeks. I’m very excited to have in hand adventures written by Zzarchov Kowolski (creator of Scenic Dunnsmouth, Lamentations of the Gingerbread Princess, and my favourite level one adventure of all time, A Thousand Dead Babies) and Kiel Chenier (creator of Blood in the Chocolate).

Shadows of Forgotten Kings is laid out and ready to publish, and Orcs in Tarodun’s Tomb is heading into layout for release soon after.

I’ll be posting a few more articles about the adventures as we gear up for release, but for now I recommend that you read Zzarchov’s “Shadows of Forgotten Kings” or “Why I decided to write a 5e adventure”

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The Swamp Shark

Dyson's Dodecahedron

They tell you that there aren’t sharks in a swamp. That the water is too shallow, too brackish. They forget that not all sharks swim.

The Swamp Shark The Swamp Shark

The Swamp of Forgotten Dreams is home to a burrowing beast (a massive bulette) of incredible scale that crawls not only through the swamp looking for food, but through the forgotten dreams themselves. It is one of the gateways to the dreams – climb into its back and it may burrow into the dream you are looking for…

The Swamp Shark (no grid) The Swamp Shark (no grid)


The maps on Dyson’s Dodecahedron are released for free personal use thanks to the support of awesome patrons like you over on Patreon. Every month 400 patrons come together to make these releases possible. You can help too in order to keep the flow of maps coming and to improve their quality – and even get a map of…

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D&D – Between Sessions

Zach DeGeorge

In the D&D campaign that I am currently playing, I think we will usually have two or three sessions a month. In between sessions, I find myself trying to scratch that itch by doing something else D&D related. This post will go over some of the things I have been doing and some of the things I plan to do in between sessions.

Organize Materials

Over the last month, I have been trying different ways to organize and store my basic D&D supplies. I want to have each of my characters have it’s own cheap, folder-type object to carry everything they need. Character sheets, spell cards, paper for taking notes, and any other items they may need. The simplest solution would be a binder, however I don’t want to spend that much on each character, and a binder is far too bulky. The table I’m currently playing at is very…

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How Dungeons & Dragons Makes the World Better

Rebecca Milton

2017 was reportedly the biggest ever sales year for Dungeons & Dragons. There are a number of reasons for this, including the resurgence of geek culture, the similarly surging popularity of board games, and – of course – the popularity and success of Critical Role.

I first started watching Critical Role in the beginning of 2016. I know this because when my brother was hospitalised that Spring, the only thing I was capable of doing mentally and emotionally was watching Critical Role. All of it. When I started watching they were on episode 40 or so – it took me several weeks of doing nothing but watching to catch up to live.

Critical Role reminded me of several things during those months. One, that I was still capable of laughing at something. Two, that I loved telling and being part of stories more than anything else in the…

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How Role Playing Games Helps my Depression

The Bipolar Writer

I wrote this blog back in October but it really has relevance as I have been dealing with some minor depression. I have also wrote a guest blog for a blogger friend of mine that has relevance to how role playing games have helped me over the years deal with my Bipolar depression.

Gaming: How Role Playing Games are Mood Changers (A Guest Post by J. E. Skye)

Role Playing Video Games & Bipolar Depression

I wanted to write about a favorite subject of mine, Role-playing video games. I started playing Shadow of War this week, and it reminded me how role-playing games were always a great coping mechanism for my depression.

I have played role-playing games since I was a young kid playing Dungeons and Dragons at school with my fellow role-playing friends. It was always a fun and amazing experience, and I still remember going to my…

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The Winner of the First RollStats YouTube Subscriber D&D Giveaway is?

Roll Stats

Hey, #StatRollers! Watch the video below to find out who the winner of the RollStats 100 subscriber Dungeons and Dragons book giveaway is!

Thanks to all who participated, I appreciate you all more than you’ll ever know! I’m looking forward to another hundred subscribers, or another thousand subscribers, or another ten thousand subscribers! The more people that we can get playing Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition, talking about Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition and just enjoying each other’s company at the table the happier I am!

As always, if you found this post valuable please like, comment, and follow! It would really help me out, and you’ll get new posts every Tuesday and Thursday featuring Dungeons & Dragons RPG discussion and theory, along with reviews of Dungeons & Dragons RPG Products and Accessories, both new and old.

Thanks for reading, and until next time, may the dice roll ever in…

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Pure-Blood Guild Fun Runs

Bloodlickr - DDO gaming adventures

Pureheals and I decided to arrange returning weekly flag/raid runs for especially new but also not-yet-flagged guildies.

We run heroic norm – that way lvl is no matter, as people still can get their xp from hard and elite.

The runs are set as fun and educative runs – no rush.

Our first run was VON Flagging and then the two raid parts VON 5 and 6.

Success of cause, as we had some high lvl toons.

Pictures beneath:

Todays group was: Bloodlickr, Pureheals, Librasulus, Trein, Kyloor, Radzax, Brewmaster and Sezneg.

Guild flagging group pic 2#1 – around the corner from VON entrance

Guild flagging von pic 2# 2 Before endfight in VON 5

Guild dragon# 3 After defeating Velah the Dragon in VON 6

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Is Gaming Teachable?


I’m not one for having random conversations on public transportation, but every now and then, a random human manages to briefly crack my self-imposed shell. And on rare occasions, the words that arise evoke something interesting.

One such occasion happened to me just a couple days ago. I was on the bus minding my own business and playing Persona 3 Portable when a random dude sat down next to me. As often happens, said random people usually have to situate themselves in their chosen seats, and while this random dude was doing so, he vigorously bumped into me, causing me to drop my tablet onto my lap. He gruffly but quickly apologized; I acknowledged and went back to my game. A few beats later, he suddenly piped up.

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The Best Dungeons & Dragons Advice for New Players

Roll Stats

Hey, #StatRollers! Last week I posted a piece entitled “What do I need to get started with Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition?” It was intended to be a beginner’s guide to what a brand new player would need to have or purchase to get started in the Dungeons & Dragons hobby.

I got a message from someone (and you know who you are) that a specific portion of that video was the greatest piece of advice for new Dungeons and Dragons players across all editions. Of course, I was flattered, but it also got me thinking. What is the greatest advice for new D&D players?

I edited down that video and embedded it above so that you can see exactly the advice they were referring to. I do think it’s a good piece of advice but it’s hardly the best advice for new players. So, I’m asking you. Tell me in…

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