What Kind of DnD Character Are You…in Real Life?

The Order of Syncletica

Wow. This was fun.

Took this quiz (it’s about 130 questions, so find some time first, and turn off your pop-up blocker and switch on JavaScript) that asks you real-world questions of your behavior and then generates who you could be if you were a real-life Dungeons & Dragons character.

My results weren’t surprising. Take a guess.

I Am A: Lawful Good Human Monk/Cleric (3rd/3rd Level)

Ability Scores:

Lawful Good A lawful good character acts as a good person is expected or required to act. He combines a commitment to oppose evil with the discipline to fight relentlessly. He tells the truth, keeps his word, helps those in need, and speaks out against injustice. A lawful good character hates to see the guilty go unpunished. Lawful good is the best alignment you can be because it combines…

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Catch Up

grimordes blog

It’s not been the most exciting of weeks, so I haven’t much to pass along. But I’m going to bore you all with it anyway🙂

Our 5th guildie finally got his internet sorted out, so managed to get a few days of Mabar in with him before it dropped. Unfortunately all my farming plans seem to have gone out the window, I think I’ll have to get serious with it when (if?) it comes back later this month.

We’re gradually getting back to running our TR’s, who are now at 13 (Hymm, with 14 banked) and 11 (Fyrne with 12 banked).

I do miss my light monk though. So I cheated and created a Vet II light monk on Orien to try my whirlwind build with. He doesn’t get played very often, but it’s nice to jump on with him now & then.

Yesterday I realised that there is…

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Long time no write

Tactalicious & Craftalicious

What can I say, it started with me being disappointed at first with the rigid enhancement change (better now) and then the abysmal xpack that followed.

It sucked and drained all my energy for the game and while it only lasted for a month or so, I got back feeling less enthusiastic about the game than before. And I’m not 100 percent yet. Mostly because the raid scene is more or less dead, randomly generated items have destroyed a lot of the named stuff and I can’t get myself to run upper end xpack quests. Not only for the awful mechanics but also because they’re not fun.

Take the shadowfell effect. A purple headache inducing effect that people complained about during Beta testing and that has not changed since. No one likes it. It range from physically making you ill to making it harder to ‘see’. I can’t understand why…

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Why player housing should be mandatory, not optional, for MMORPGs

Bio Break


Yesterday we got a huge amount of insight into Elder Scrolls Online’s upcoming 2017 player housing system — homesteads — and I have to say that this news definitely tips me over the edge into wanting to play the game. It looks kind of terrific, with multiple house styles (and yards), freeform placement, and interactive stations. In my eyes, it was the final big piece that the game needed to be fully fleshed-out… maybe not done, but an MMO proper.

Housing isn’t a fancy extra that some of the more extravagant MMOs can afford; it should be absolutely mandatory to any serious online game that wants to maintain and grow a community. Over the years I’ve migrated from the position of “oh housing is nice if it’s there” to “why is it NOT in this game? That’s a travesty!” I’m genuinely nonplussed that popular games like World of Warcraft and…

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Twiddling my thumbs

grimordes blog

Because I got home late from work to be told the game was coming down for 3 hours for a hot fix.

Ah well, I’ve ordered Tsuro, Settlers of Catan and Zombie Dice (that one is for me to play with my 6 yr old niece – honest!). That’s 10 minutes well spent…

Ooh – Lammania!! See ya!

🙂 🙂 🙂

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I hate IE 9

Tactalicious & Craftalicious

I don’t know what it did to my settings but ever since I installed IE 9 it gives me more stupid messages than before and make publishing a blog into a nightmare. I can’t publish any images since through the process it pops up with a blank Something page. And no matter how I try to fool it, it simply just provide errors. I can’t even click on links of sort, like preview. Nothing happens.

So thank you Microsoft. Here’s a principle you should guide all updates with; make everything as secure as possible but don’t fix what’s not broken. If I wanted everything to be complicated and messy I’d get caught not paying attention to something my wife says again.

Until then – please don’t mess with settings that makes a simple task like using something that worked just fine in another version not work in a newer version.

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How to train your dracolich

Even Now

I knew at least a few Flower Sniffers weren’t going to be able to make it for last night’s livestream, so I was originally planning on running F2P alt Genn to get her some XP and maybe some favor – she’s 49 TP shy of being able to buy Vale while it’s on sale.

But I logged Even in first to check mail and such, and nearly instantly got a Deathwyrm party invite from Abs. That sounded pretty good, so I stuck around a bit and hoped we’d fill in time for the stream.

It was close… but we made it about 30 seconds before I was about to log Even off and get Genn. Abs uncharacteristically let Even keep Callie, her calico tressym, out (generally he doesn’t allow pets in his groups), and also uncharacteristically didn’t mind being on the stream. Even better, he assigned her to tank Aurgloroasa…

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The Best Games I’ve Never Beaten

Occasional Hero

I saw this idea on another site the other day (don’t remember where, sorry), and thought it was an interesting idea. I have an embarrassingly large Steam library, most of them unbeaten, but, in general, really good games will convince me to stick around to the end. But every once in a while there’s a game that is really good, but, for whatever reason, I never end up finishing it. Here are a few.

Dragon Age Inquisition
I absolutely loved the Mass Effect series, so before I was even finished with it, I started looking into its fantasy cousin, Dragon Age. Inquisition had recently come out, and everyone was talking about it, so when I found it on sale for half off I jumped on it. I’ve played the beginning missions at least three or four times and never made it any further. It’s one of those games that I…

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The Violet Beacon – the Lodestar of Amaranthine Regrets

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Jutting out into Green Shallows Lake is an abutment of grey stone capped with an improbable 320 foot tall spire of yellow stone – the Lodestar of Amaranthine Regrets. Fueled by some otherworldly magics, the top of the spire is lit with a watery flame that seems to bubble up from it with a lambent violet light.

The Violet Beacon The Violet Beacon

Those who travel to the Violet Beacon are watched surreptitiously by the residents of the nearby village, for over the ages a number of warlocks and enchanters have come here seeking dark magics and to communicate with their otherworldly masters. Those who come here seeking the beacon and who don’t speak openly and clearly to the locals are always suspect – and there are those who will keep close tabs even on those who seem to have good reasons to be investigating the spire.

A small group of dwarves from differing…

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A New Year’s Revolution

The Order of Syncletica

Time is hardly on anyone’s side. As 2014 arrives, I have many things to prepare, both as a player, a man approaching (gasp!) 50, and as a father.

I’m not posting about any New Year’s resolutions as I think they generate an artificial intention in yourself. If you can commit yourself to completing anything important in your life, why wait until the turn of the year?

That said, here’s some things you can look forward to seeing in the Monk guide and this blog in the coming year.

Video Illustration

Thanks to a recommendation from Micki, I’m going to try out Bandicam for recording video shorts for the Monk guide to help people with the basics of building and training their characters. In advanced chapters, I’m hoping to create quest examples where certain abilities, such as stealth, can make a quest easier as only a Monk can do.


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