Dungeons & Dragons: The Shift in Early Box Formats

Wayne's Books

In this post, I’m looking specifically at the two different formats of boxes TSR used in the late 70s and early 80s.

[This is a re-do of an earlier post I made in 2014. It was on my old blog and Google+, which are gone.]

In the D&D Basic Set (1977-9; Eric Holmes, editor; David C. Sutherland cover art), TSR used a box blank with the graphics as a glued-on sheet, both top and bottom.

Dungeons & Dragons Expert set prinitngs comparisonHolmes 5th prt set comp detail

When TSR transitioned to the 1981 Basic and Expert Sets (Tom Moldvay / Dave Cook, editors, respectively; both have Erol Otus cover art), this “glued sheet” box format was retained for a brief time, before being replaced with a box with the graphics printed directly on the paperboard.

D&D Expert Set 1st comp b

Both formats of Expert Set, side-by-side.

D&D Expert Set 1st comp aD&D Expert Set 1st comp c

Below is the inside corner of Basic Set, later-format box.

D&D Moldvay Basic set inside corner

More TSR box format switch examples:  Boot Hill early…

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Interview with a Dungeon Master: Bryce Cheatham

Truthful Game Reviews for the Adult Player

Dungeon Master: Bryce Cheatham, in the flesh!

Today, I had the pleasure of interviewing one of the most creative Dungeon Masters that I have ever had the honor of meeting and playing Dungeons & Dragons with: Master Bryce Cheatham. With over 3 years of experience as a Dungeon Master, he has created numerous, masterfully created campaigns that have captivated his players time and time again.

Question 1: How did you get introduced to D&D?

Answer: “Surprisingly, it started as an addiction to story books – especially choose your own adventure types. I would spend hours on hours reading all the way through the different story lines and seeing how it would incorporate the different choices. A good one would easily end up in completely different ways than the others and this inspired me once I started to hear about D&D through Youtubers who would create wild campaigns from the…

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This Month In Minis – June 2020

Ready To Role

We’re back again with This Month In Minis! Robb takes you through what he finished in June as well as what he’s looking forward to working on in July! Tell us what you’re working on down in the comments and link to where we can see your work!

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Raids week 180

Micki's Delirium

Raids 180 were Tuesday June 23, Wednesday June 24 and Saturday June 27.


1. Project Nemesis LN – practice run

I believe I put Mariatable on Gish, Osiride took Rudus since he’s difficult for any non tanky type, Gore was puzzler and I think Lucky was on laser. Don’t remember who did the other roles. Loot: 64 nemesis runes, 25 threads of fate.

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Wayne's Books

Got in a bunch of original D&D books and 2 of the White Box sets. Wanted to get a photo of them together before they disappeared.

–> Reference site link: www.WaynesBooks.com/DungeonsDragons.html
–> Sales site: www.Waynesbooks.net [scroll down a little to see these D&D items in New Arrivals]

* White box on the right is the OCE (“Original Collector’s Edition”), the last printing of the White Box, and the least rare.
* White box on the left is a 4th print, the first of the White Boxes (after they discontinued the woodgrain-style set).
* Chainmail
* Swords & Spells
* Volume 1: Men & Magic; Volume 2: Monsters & Treasure; Volume 3: Underworld & Wilderness Adventures; Reference sheets – these come in the white boxes or are sold separately.
* Greyhawk (Supplement I)
* Blackmoor (Supplement II)
* Eldritch Wizardry (Supplement III)
* Gods, Demi-Gods, & Heroes (Supplement IV)

See Also:

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[Random Thursday] Lost Cities of the Fallen Empire

Dyson's Dodecahedron

B4 - The Lost City

Lost Cities, Fallen Empires, entire civilizations no longer in decline – but leaving us with nothing but the ruins of their former homes to explore. These are classic themes and settings for pulp adventures and well suited to any role playing game. One of the original D&D modules explores this very theme (B4 – the Lost City).

In my campaign setting, there are many “lost cities”. Cities struck down either during the first or second great wars between the Kale and their former slave races (the second of which the Kale lost), or that were lost by the Kale during their descent as a great inter-planar empire in the centuries leading up to the second war.

City Location (d12)

  1. Far out in a natural desert, half buried in sand.
  2. In a wasteland created by the forces of chaos that destroyed the city.
  3. In a pocket dimension, cut off from the…

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11 Franchises to Revive Xbox’s 1st Party Lineup.

By John Wahl

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Microsoft has an incredibly strong catalog of first party video game properties. With 14 internal studios, and decades of experience, Xbox Game Studios has a plethora of tried and true franchises to work with. You wouldn’t necessarily know that from looking at the Xbox One generation though.

There have certainly been stand outs such as Sea of Thieves, Forza Horizon, Ori and the Blind Forest (and it’s sequel), and Gears 4 & 5. But for each success there have been once great franchises that have lost momentum (Halo 5), new IP that failed to reach commercial success (Recore), and series that have laid dormant for years (Fable).

Microsoft has stated repeatedly that with the upcoming Series X, they are committed to avoiding the mistakes of the past. With multiple studio acquisitions and the…

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The Kind GM Podcast Episode 4: 04 Topic Not Found

The Kind GM

Hey, everyone! I hope you all are well. The times we’re living in are at the least weird so I hope you all take care of yourselves.

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#BloggerTalk: 02 July 2020

Later Levels

#BloggerTalk is an event that takes place over on Twitter from 21:00 to 22:00 GMT on Thursdays. Each week, everyone is invited to give their thoughts on a specific question connected to blogging, writing and the community so we can all learn from each other’s knowledge and experience.

For more information about how #BloggerTalk came to be and its aims, check out this post and feel free to get in touch. Without further ado, let’s take a look at today’s question and get the conversation going:

What’s been your biggest challenge since starting your blog? How did you overcome it?

If you’re a long-time blogger, perhaps you’d be willing to share some of your experience and help guide those who are new. And if you’ve just joined the community, welcome – you’re part of one of the best and most supportive groups out there. I look forward to seeing…

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Dungeons & Dragons Pinball

Wayne's Books

Dungeons & Dragons Pinball – Bally Midway

“The Realm of Fantasy Enters the World of Reality…”

Advertisement, back cover of Dragon Magazine, Issue 131, March 1988.

See Also: The first four Endless Quest books

The New Dungeon board game (1989)

Wizardry Trilogy (1987)

Ad: Planescape: Torment videogame

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