4 video game sequels that let me down

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As a gamer, there are few things worse than greatly anticipating a release that ultimately lets you down. But one of those few things worse is when that title is a sequel to a game that you love dearly.

Because then you’ve gone from being overjoyed that you’re about to get the next chapter to follow up a game that you’ve had a great time with. You want more! You want to see improvements but also more of the same spirit! And so you follow its development closely for months or years and you circle its release date on the calendar.

And then it’s just a let-down. Either it’s a stinker or it’s barely adequate — a shadow of the great experience you enjoyed before.

I was thinking of this the other day and several examples quickly jumped to my mind:

Majesty 2

As you well know, the original Majesty…

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Monster Knowledge DCs


When a party encounters a monster, players often ask, “what do I know about this monster?”

This may be because the player has no idea what the monster may be, and wants to leverage any information their character might have. Alternatively, a player well-studied on fantasy fauna stat blocks may be screening their player knowledge from their character knowledge. I know that trolls are scared of fire, but does my character know that?

Either way, the player is seeking guidance on how to inform their character choices.

This resolves with an Intelligence check, adding a skill modifier such as Arcana, History, Nature, or Religion. But, the success of that roll and the amount of information provided is largely dependent on DM fiat. In order to apply this consistently, the DM needs guidance on what information to give out at different Difficulty Classes (DCs).

So, we’ve developed a system that you…

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Elgato Stream Deck XL Review

In Third Person

In the wake of the Elgato Stream Deck, stream controllers have become a popular addition to one’s setup. They allow streamers to seamlessly manage their shows in ways that aren’t as efficient as one could manage with hot keys or a mouse.

Despite the initial sticker shock for what amounts to “just” 15 buttons at face value, my Stream Deck has proven its worth many times over. From scene changes, to managing voice changers, to complex event sequences triggered by a single button, my shows wouldn’t be the same without it.

Though the standard set of 15 buttons should suffice for most, I’ve long since run out of space due to my production-heavy shows. Folders allow me to squeeze in a few more actions, but most activities require me to cycle between menus with extra presses, negating some of the device’s convenience. For streamers like me who are in need…

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5e Spell templates for VTT

www. Newbie DM .com

Due to the COVID pandemic, all my gaming has moved online, and while that in it of itself is not a bad thing, it has generally changed my prep and the way I run games, even if it has allowed for greater consistency in our scheduling. 

One of the things I find the most challenging when running games, is determining the area of effects of certain spells. The 5e core rule books provide a way to do it, and it works quite well, but Xanathar’s expanded on it with the introduction of the “template” method. The template method essentially lets you drop certain geometric shapes on the battlemap, to represent the areas of effects, it’s easy enough. 

When playing virtually, this becomes easier, as the grid allows you to drop template graphics on it, making adjudicating areas of effect a very simple process. 

I use Roll20, and I went ahead…

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AD&D Session 23: The Ogre-Manticore-Centipede Trifecta

Jeffro's Space Gaming Blog

So this game, I came in not too excited to play through another one of my one page dungeons. After playing 18 sessions with little to no prep, I just was not enjoying running games where (a) I knew every single thing that would be relevant to the session and (b) having to put up with the players playing completely “wrong” either one way or the other– by either following the overcautious algorithm searching for the path of least danger or else COMPLETELY DOMINATING my little original scenarios with little or no challenge. Of course, the players don’t mind the latter especially if the loot is good. There is some satisfaction in the campaign progressing even if an individual scenario is not the greatest.

Anyway, this session the players very quickly selected my “farmers in town looking for help to rescue their daughters from goblins” hook. They latched on this…

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The Shadow Crypts

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Splatter Dungeon Work in Progress

Today’s map is another experiment after the sharpie dungeon posted earlier this week. This time I’m trying out a heavy black outline and “splatter” effect around it. I also went with a black half-tone pattern for the shadows instead of the usual grey smooth tone.

The Shadow Crypts
The Shadow Crypts (300 dpi promotional)

The shadow crypts are perpetually swathed in darkness – light sources brought within only provide 1/4 of the normal light and especially for flickering sources like torches it appears as if the shadows are constantly reaching out to try to extinguish the source entirely.

Worse, this darkness is especially effective against creatures relying on darkvision / infravision / etc, where it seems like a black fog that brings down visibility to 5 feet at best.

The Shadow Crypts (1200 dpi)
The Shadow Crypts (1200 dpi)

Of course, there are reasons to enter the darkness. There is supposedly a portal down here that leads to…

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Having Issues Streaming Retro Games With a 4:3 Aspect Ratio on Twitch? Try This Overlay Design Trick in OBS!

In Third Person

In a world where 16:9 is the norm, retro games created with the old 4:3 aspect ratio can be a pain to stream. Having to fit a square gameplay feed into a rectangle overlay leads to a lot of empty space, forcing streamers to create overlays specific to retro gaming.

One potential way to fill the extra space is to mirror the gameplay and blur the background. This effect is most commonly used when displaying vertically-shot videos on a widescreen display. Here’s how to implement this look on your stream!

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Monster Mania: Water Weird

The Dungeoneers Journal

Introduced in the Lost Caverns of Tsojconth, the Water Weird is a perfect introduction into elemental enemies for low level adventurers. Water Weirds, in their nature, are very deceptive and sneaky creatures one can encounter in a dungeon. They typically hide within a body of water whether it’s a pool, lake, or fountain. When they remain inside their body of water they are entirely invisible. It just looks like some stagnant water. Once in a battle Water Weirds are of reasonable difficulty. Their primary mode of attack is to constrict around their enemy and drown them. That’s kind of it, but where they lack in attack power they make up for in defenses. They are resistant to many damage types that aren’t magical and have even more condition immunities.

Water Weirds are an extremely low barrier to entry monster. Mechanically they appear to be very weak and potentially easy to…

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5 Cool Games to Play for Halloween


So last year, I did an article titled “TOP 5 Games to Play For Halloween”. I had a good time making it, so I figured a sequel was warranted, especially now that we’re in the middle of Spooktober season. This time though, I wanted to get a bit more variety with the genres, including some games that you may not expect to see on a list like this. With that said, here are 5 cool games to play for Halloween listed in no particular order. Some of these were sent to me by their publisher (all aside from Corpse Party and Kara no Shojo) so thanks to them for that.

Corpse Party

So I’m gonna start this list off with an indie horror classic: Corpse Party. For those that somehow haven’t heard of this little gem of a game, it’s one of the most popular and influential RPG Maker…

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Raids week 195

Micki's Delirium

Raids 195 were Wednesday October 7 and Saturday October 10.


1. Project Nemesis LH

I was running Jarvanna and lfm’d for the last two spots since we didn’t fill from channel. Completion time: 13 min, 40 s. Loot: 84 nemesis runes, 30 threads of fate and The Eclipse Itself.

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