Raids week 183

Micki's Delirium

Raids 183 were Wednesday July 15 and Saturday July 18 with a practice PN on July 14.


1. Project Nemesis LN – practice run

Tangelina was on laser, I don’t remember who else I assigned to which role. I brought Darthpyre along, since the raid took a while to fill. Loot: 64 nemesis runes, 25 threads of fate and The Family’s Blessing.

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Low intensity gaming


Our dungeon group has been on hiatus for nearly two weeks and I’ve chosen to take that opportunity to really step away from my usual, quite intense, gaming habits. After a day of sitting in front of the computer to work from home, spending most of the evening at the same computer to play World of Warcraft, Everquest 2 or another MMORPG isn’t always the healthiest choice.

Moo Squad have been resting

This break coincides with a few other factors dragging me away from the usual gaming haunts: the weather has been pretty awesome, and husband and I have been indulging in some nostalgic point & click gaming marathons – we’re most of the way through the first Broken Sword, and before that played through Cruise For A Corpse.

Another background reason for this though is that I have some leave planned mid-August and intend to use it to do…

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The Deep Shrine of Durritlámish

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Shrine in progress

In the Desert of Eyági near Fasiltúm is an ancient shrine of Durritlámish, the Black Angel of the Putrescent Hand, Opener of Catacombs. Little of the shrine remains above the desert sands beyond fallen pillars and a few cyclopean stone blocks that frame an archway and stairs leading down beneath Eyági.

Sand and small stones have infiltrated the underground shrine down these stairs, but the structure is such that most has fallen in the deep central chamber, 60 feet below the base of the stairs.

The Deep Shrine of Durritlámish The Deep Shrine of Durritlámish

The stairs lead to a set of bridges across the central chamber of the shrine and there is never enough light from the sun to illuminate the floor 60 feet below. In that lower chamber and in the various catacombs below are a small army of desiccated undead guardians marshaled to the eternal service of Durritlámish. Making any major noise or…

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My Live Streaming Journey So Far

That Green Dude

Funny moments and learning new things

twitch banner1.1 My twitch banner which I made in about 2 minutes.

I’ve been live streaming on Twitch for nearly four months which seems insane as it doesn’t feel that long. The days, in general, have been long because of the ongoing pandemic, which has made the days all blend into one another, it’s weird. For streaming though, it feels as though the time has flown by and I think that is down to how much I have been enjoying streaming.

I think it is time to provide an update on my live streaming journey, the funny moments, the feel-good vibes and the interesting times. I want to document my live streaming adventures, not just for myself but for everyone else. I want people to see that live streaming is an awesome experience and maybe to try it out themselves.

The funny moments


Since I started…

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Moving from MMOs to Mobile

Hardcore Casual

It’s funny how my gaming has flipped. Back when I started this blog, my main games were always MMOs, and I’d play other games to fill the gaps. At some point a big gap filler became mobile games, but initially those were random titles I’d grab for free or pay a few bucks, and generally play for a few hours. Day to day I was still playing MMOs, following MMO news, and blogging about MMOs.

Time and life goes on, and today the most consistent games I have are all mobile. I’ve been playing Clash of Clans and Clash Royale now longer than any MMO not called EVE, and of late Mighty Party sees more actual gaming time than anything else on PC week to week. I barely follow MMO news anymore, and the few blogs I still read I do so because I like the author more so than…

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Impressions from the Xbox Games Showcase


After the strange debacle that was, generally, the pre-release of the Xbox One, what with Microsoft’s odd focus on it being your one-stop-shop for “entertainment” over just games (Watch TV! Interact with sports! Skype with your friends! Share videos on YouTube! Oh, and use it to play games, too. /sadtrombone), it comes as no shock to see that, with the pre-release of the Xbox Series X, Microsoft has been singularly focused on games. This mindset was well on display in last week’s Xbox Games Showcase. There were no new hardware reveals, no flashy interludes purporting on what we already know – that the future of gaming is going to be pretty darn nice. Instead, the event gave Xbox fans more than few good gaming reasons as to why its console would sail heads and tails over the competition. Here are a few of my own takeaways from the…

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Production Values on Twitch Are Overrated*

In Third Person

“What if viewers could blow up my stream?”

Yes, this is a question I have legitimately batted around for some time. In fact, I know exactly how I would do it.

Starting with a free green screen explosion from YouTube, I would chroma key out the green so that the explosion appeared as transparent. Once the smoke cleared, viewers would only see a black screen. Finally, the stream would shut itself off. All of this would be controlled by an expensive Channel Points redemption and automated through LioranBoard.

Blowing up the stream sounds cool and all. But exactly how does that effect actually improve my stream and help me achieve my goals on Twitch?

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D&D 5E – Simplified Rules

Dungeon Master Assistance

5.0-EZ Version 6

Download your free copy here.

This version contains several minor corrections to the previous version.

This is a supplement to fifth edition dungeons and dragons for those who prefer simpler rules or want an easy way to introduce the game to new players.

If you sometimes feel that the fifth edition Dungeons and Dragons rules are too complicated, this is for you. I created this set of house rules to simplify character creation and advancement among other things. It also introduces a whole new way to select and track the casting of magic spells.
One thing I tried very hard to do was keep the characters levels and power as close as possible to the Player’s Handbook characters so that if you play using these rules, you can still use published 5th edition adventures, and the monsters will require little or no modifications

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My 100 Favourite Games of All Time (50-41)

The Strong Style Smark

Welcome back to my 100 favourite games of all time series! We’re over the half-way mark now, and the games just keep getting better. Today, it’s entires 50 through 41.

If you haven’t read the previous instalment in this series, please do so here, and here’s the first entry if you want to start from the entry 100.


Just a heads up that there will be full SPOILERS for every game I’m going to talk about in this series, so be careful if I talk about something you don’t want spoiled.

Let’s not waste any more time!

50 – Sonic The Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles

Release Date: 2nd February 1994
Developer: SEGA
Publisher: SEGA
Platforms: SEGA Genesis, Windows
Metacritic Average: 79%

It’s a game about going fast.

Although I’ve grown an appreciation for Sonic’s red, plumber rival in recent years, nothing in the 2D platforming genre will…

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Phoenix Clan has reached 200

Micki's Delirium

At the time of writing this, we’ve lost a bit of renown due to some renown farm alts having been removed from the guild. We should get the level back in the next few days

For a while we were competing with Soko Irrlicht in levels, and were keeping a similar level. Then we lost some members, especially some that had earned a lot of renown for the guild over the years, and we fell behind. I went from turning in my sagas for xp, to almost always turning them in for renown and on July 17, as I was preparing for Epic Reincarnation, I noticed we were getting very near 200. I’ve always loved the “ding” sound from getting another guild level, and I knew that turning in the next saga would get us to 200. So I wrote in guild chat, then turned the saga in.

The notification…

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