Something Got A Hold Of Me

Return to House of Grouse

Something certainly has, I have been looking at the characters I have at cap that are there to run for heart seeds when I need them. I have had them for years but only use them when I have a need and it is for grinding purposes. So looking at what they have done in terms of completing quests they have missed chunks of quests especially those that have come since menace of the underdark.

My guildie is pushing to get the 2500 for favoured soul and I guess it lit a spark under me. Of the three at cap, Grousefly, Grousesly and Grousevoker (I should really rename voker as he will end as a favoured soul), none of these have hit 2500 favour and knowing a certain dwarf on twitter who hits the 5000 with every toon I really need to spend some time fixing this.

I think the…

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Why should YOU play D&D? Reason #1


Maybe you’ve only heard of Dungeons & Dragons in passing. Maybe a friend or two are badgering you to give it a try. Maybe you’ve only experienced the stigma of a game that is supposedly only for the nerdiest of nerds. Maybe you tried it in your youth years ago but have lost touch.

Whatever your standpoint today, if you are a gamer in any capacity (video or board game), enjoy storytelling or creativity, or you just like hanging out with geeky people, you should give D&D a try. If you need convincing, or want convincing, here’s the first reasons to try, and usually the main factor in why people choose not to:

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Elaydren’s Magewright Primer Review

Cannibal Halfling Gaming

A halfling darts about the kitchen of a House Ghallanda inn, literally moving in a blur as he serves up dishes at a supernatural pace. An adventurer dons an amulet of true face, and finally sees the person they’ve always felt like in the mirror. A goblin pulls on a pair of gloves and sends lightning crackling into the chests of three muggers who tried to jump her. House Cannith (and the DM’s Guild) is proud to present Elaydren’s Magewright Primer, a comprehensive guide to the magic used in daily life throughout Khorvaire and around the world of Eberron, brought to us by Nausicaä Enriquez!

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I Almost Got a VR Headset


Despite finding the idea of virtual reality fascinating, the thought of actually buying a VR headset, of taking the next step into immersive gaming, has always…kind of scared me. Those bulky headsets are just a bit intimidating, to be honest.

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Three Failed Gimmick Games that Would Work Today

3rd World Geeks

As technology improves, you can bet video games will take advantage of these advances. We evolved from cartridges to CDs to Blu-Ray and now everything can be downloaded or streamed nowadays. No one has to trip over those long cables on the floor thanks to wireless controllers. Graphics have evolved from pixelated blobs on the Atari to photo-realistic polygons on PCs and modern consoles.

But there are those instances in history when developers did try to use emerging technology in their games. Unfortunately, the tech just wasn’t good enough to make their vision into reality. That wouldn’t be the case now, though. Well, for these games, anyway…

Lifeline (PlayStation 2)

Lifeline is… interesting. It’s a game that was released on the Sony PlayStation 2 that required the microphone because, instead of controlling Rio, the main character, using the DualShock controller, you issued voice commands to her. It’s a game that…

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The Tomb of Za’az

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Designed after multiple iterations and revisions over weeks of painstaking design by the magus Braincain007 in the land of Reddit, the Tomb of Za’az was then recreated by the drug-addled crafthall halflings of clan Logos.

The Tomb of Za'az The Tomb of Za’az

A classic “dungeon for the sake of a dungeon”, the Tomb of Za’az has never been home to the mythical Za’az, and only achieves the title of Tomb because of the two adventurers who died here in a previous delve. It is a manifestation of the archetypal “place where the MacGuffin is hidden” and contains prisons, pits, chambers of pillars for no good reason, curtains, a swimming pool, a shrine, and all the other amenities expected of a dungeon that manages to stick to a straight grid design throughout.


The maps on Dyson’s Dodecahedron are released for free personal use thanks to the support of awesome patrons like you over on…

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Simple Trap System


Traps can be fun. A great myth is that traps need to be carefully curated to be worth anything. While curated traps are wonderful, even simple traps can be great. Here’s a simple system for running fun and impactful traps at your table:

Trap PDFDownload the PDF via DM’s Guild

Elements of a Good Trap

For a good trap, you need flavor, interactivity, and suspense.

  • Flavor comes from having a variety of traps with different effects.
  • Interactivity comes from giving the players a choice that impacts the outcome of the trap.
  • Suspense comes from lasting consequences that make the rolls matter.

Flavor is easy to satisfy with a list of traps that target different saves and deal various damage types. This provides a spark to describe the trap how you want.

For interactivity, some DMs employ the “click” rule–a great concept that is ripe for mechanical development. More on that later.

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Here’s a list of great & active MMO blogs to follow

Bio Break

It’s been about a year, year and a half since I’ve last updated the Bio Break blogroll, and once again I wish that WordPress had the widget that Blogger does to automatically link the most recent articles posted on various sites. Instead, I have to painstakingly comb through my old blogroll to remove inactive sites, explore other people’s blogrolls to see if there are any sites I’ve missed, and keep an eye on Feedly to see if there’s a previously inactive site that’s since come back to life.

Anyway, here is the current list that’s done to the best of my abilities. All of these blogs meet the following criteria: They’re blogs about MMOs (at least in part), they’re active (having at least once post since April 2019), and they’re not news aggregators. I tried to be as lenient as I could, but I do want a blogroll that is…

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Gamer Spotlight: Russell Holly


Russell Holly (Author, Managing Editor for Mobile Nations)

Russell Holly is a father of 3 and the Managing Editor for Mobile Nations, covering all manner of tech, gadgets, VR and gaming for their family of sites including Windows Central, iMore, and Android Central. He’s also an inspiration to those looking to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle, chronicling his journey (and 340lb weight loss) here. He’s a published author and has made appearances on many podcasts and television news programs.

What is the first video game that you remember playing?

“I have a lasting memory of playing Iron Tank on the NES with my Uncle at a very young age. I’m sure he owned many other titles and I’m sure I played as many as he’d let me, but the memory of cruising around in the tank and blowing things up is something that has always…

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Raids week 128

Micki's Delirium

Week 128, EEraids channel did raids on both Wednesday and Saturday. That is June 19 and June 22. Here are the headlights.



1. Temple of the Deathwyrm R1

I usually don’t want to do this raid during Sat raids, but for Wednesday raids I was ok with it. In fact, I chose this raid, while people in channel were making suggestions. I waited a bit while some flagged, and then stepped in and started doing puzzles. The faster you can complete the puzzles, the less trash you have to deal with. As we reached the shrine I locked the raid just as someone hit the lfm for the last spot.

Titus was dragon tank, Qif dropped ragers. I forgot who was supposed to do death lords, but we had 6-7 people come to shadow side, so after 2 times trying 3 phylacteries, I figured why not try all…

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