B/X Adventurers – “Ebrek Copperhand”

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The Great Game-Swap

Frostilyte Writes

Recently I’ve been watching a lot of Later Levels over on Twitch. I really enjoy hanging out with Kim and Pete, but I’ve been especially curious about their game-swaps. Those who frequent Kim’s blog will know that over the past several months she has been participating in game-swaps with members of the blogging community. I am the most recent person to take her up on a game-swap and wanted to capture some of my thoughts in writing after completing the games I was given to play.

First things first: what is a game-swap? The idea originated from how Kim from Later Levels and Luke from Hundstrasse wanted to buy some obscure PS2 games at a local event and swap them in person. Unfortunately, 2020 happened so the event never actually occurred and thus I do not believe games traded hands in person. However, some good came of this as the…

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Geomorphic Crypts of the Lich Lord – Set 3

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Crypt Geomorphs Set 3 (300 dpi promotional)
Crypt Geomorphs Set 3 (300 dpi promotional)

Here’s the final set of the Crypts of the Lich Lord geomorphs – the final four designs that I put together a few years ago with an alternate geometry designed for use as a deck of cards but that I only managed to get 10 done before other work took over.

Crypts of the Lich Lord – Geomorph 7
Crypts of the Lich Lord – Geomorph 7

Maybe one day I’ll get back on the project and release a full deck of these, but in the meantime here are the original designs.

Crypts of the Lich Lord – Geomorph 8
Crypts of the Lich Lord – Geomorph 8

Some sections of the crypts are more designed as memorial sites and “museums” to the dead as it were, if nothing else to provide areas between the many crypts and tombs in these ancient understructures.

Crypts of the Lich Lord – Geomorph 9
Crypts of the Lich Lord – Geomorph 9

Other sections are purposefully left rough and nearly…

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Christmas Gift Ideas for the Twitch Streamer in Your Life

In Third Person

Do you happen to have a streamer on your Christmas shopping list? While you might want to support them in their hobby, it can be difficult to know what to get them, especially if you’re not a streamer yourself.

If you’re in this predicament, here are a few things that the streamer in your life will truly appreciate!

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Five Game Challenge 2020: my picks

Later Levels

At the time of writing, 8,181 games have been released on Steam during 2020 so far. That’s an average of 27 new titles every day and an awful lot of choice. But which ones would you choose if you were made to pick only five to last you an entire year?

This is the question posed by Naithin from Time to Loot. The first part of the Five Game Challenge community event involves writing a blog post about your choices, and those who were brave enough could test their selection by playing only those titles during November and writing about their experience for part two. I opted out of the latter as I had a bunch of half-finished games I really needed to complete this month – but I’ve been looking forward to joining in with the former and thinking about what my picks would be.

It’s a…

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Top 5 competitive games for android and Ios platforms.

Gaming:The gaming expert-Lokky

Addictive competitive games always tend to hook up with our minds after their releases. While some them get identified and become mainstream success for eg. the games of SUPERCELL, while others seem to still be incognito on the playstore or app store. Those kind of games have a huge potential to get a breakthrough for e.g. ” Among Us ; which was released back in 2018 didn’t get much player base until some twitch streamers streamed this game and eventually more and more streamers started to play it and BANG here it is.

Following games are some of the best PvP competitive games to choose from.

1.Brawl stars

Category: Online and Multiplayer

Inapp purchases: Yes

Brawl stars is a real time PvP brawler combat game which was released on android and Ios platforms on 15th June 2017 by SUPERCELL.

What is this game about?

So basically you have there are…

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WHITE PLUME MOUNTAIN: Session 10 – The Vampire Ctenmiir

Wayne's Books

The fight was still on, one vampire spawn slain, but the other very much (un-)alive. From the hallway beyond, a booming voice was heard by all:

“I am Ctenmiir!”

“You will feed me and serve me.”

The hallway was once again shrouded in Darkness.

Vampire art at the top by the great Jeff Dee!

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WHITE PLUME MOUNTAIN: Session 7 – The SlipperyOni

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WHITE PLUME MOUNTAIN: Session 9 – Old Faithfulx2

The Party Divided

Orgrush and Quarion the mage were on the opposite side of the Geyser Room. The rest of the party was still on the entrance platform, separated by a humid cavern of boiling mud. Only…

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MMORPG projects on deck for 2021

Bio Break

One thing that I’ve really enjoyed this year was getting my entertainment more organized, mostly in the form of making lists. When you’re pulled in many directions and lack the time to go in all of them, it does help to make a list of books, TV shows, movies, and games that I would, at some point, like to engage with — and then prioritize them. The list means that I won’t forget about them but that they’ll be there when I am seeking new options.

I’m anticipating that, for the most part, the rest of 2020 will be spent playing Shadowlands in World of Warcraft. But there’s always the new year to come with plenty of time ahead. And I know that I will want to diversify my MMO gaming to keep from going hardcore burnout in WoW, so I’ve been making a list of some projects that I…

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It’s Coming! The Gamer Crash Awards 2020

Gamer Crash

Whew, what a year, right? Pandemics aside, it’s been a pretty good year for fans of video games. I mean, we’ve seen a ton of remarkable titles this year, from expected triple AAA releases to surprising indie darlings.

Gamer Crash Awards

Not only that, we also saw the launch of the next generation thanks to Sony with its PlayStation 5 and Microsoft launching both the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X. I say “saw” there because, lets face it, these consoles are incredibly hard to come by without paying exorbitant rates on eBay or from resellers. It sucks that this is where we’re at now, but hopefully both companies can continue manufacturing hardware at increased rates. We’ll see.

With the end of the year rapidly approaching, it’s that time once again where we take a look back at the year that was and hand out some awards. It’s nearly time for The…

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SPOILER: U48 – Fables of the Feywild

Micki's Delirium

Spoiler warning: I will talk about details of the Feywild quests, so please don’t read ahead if you haven’t run them and don’t want spoilers.

Update 48 gave us ddo’s 5th expansion: Fables of the Feywild, released November 5, 2020. As with the previous expansions, I wanted to do a run down of all the quests. Unlike the previous expansion blogs I did, this time I’ve run each quest more than once, and I’ve collected the screenshots in story arc (chain) order. Quest arc part 1 is five quests, part 2 five as well, and then there are three quests that are part of the saga (released with U48.1), but are not part of the chains. The non chain quest givers are outside the quest in question in wilderness. For each quest I took a screenshot of the loading screen and two screenshots from the quest itself. Don’t look ahead…

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