Raids week 98

Micki's Delirium

On Saturday I logged on just before 9 pm my time. The only one online in guild was Azzallea. I said a few words before putting the lfm up with “R1/LE/LH depending on party /joinchannel EEraids endgame”. Azzallea joined and a bit later Tahlua logged on. Several of the Sokos were also on today and joined. In less than 10 min we had a full party. I thought about the tanking of the shamblers, and after a bit of hesitation decided on LH for a safe run. We had enough dps, but I felt unsure about shamblers – and have gotten complaints before on a failure so decided to play it safe. I told Nab to go left, I went right and the rest got to choose sides. On the first run through we ended up split 7 and 5, but I wasn’t really worried. Erofen wanted to do puzzles…

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Qiran Ragewind Thulubahn, Goliath Paladin Knight


The Goliath race is fascinating and under-utilized. I don’t think the pure meritocracy of their culture gets enough attention outside of a rather superficial conception. It’s too easy to see goliaths as brutes or obscure tribalists, there seems to be very rich potential for roleplay with this race.

ef1fc466fba962885a2a22b3747be2e0Qiran Ragewind Thulubahn, paladin, is my first goliath and today’s November character creation. She has come down from her mountain home to what she calls ‘the flatlands’ to find the coast, see the sea, and return to it the mysterious artifact she discovered (the trident she wields bearing runes of the god Stronmaus). Qiran (pronounced like ‘Karen’) discovered the trident embedded in the walls of an ice cavern. Since possessing it, she’s had vivid, recurring dreams of dark storms coming out of the mountains and disappearing into the sea. She saw herself releasing the trident into the ocean and the great…

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Quiet Stories’ Top 25 Classic PlayStation Games (PS1/ PS2/ PSP)

Quiet Stories

This month marks the five year anniversary since the launch of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and so every week we’ll be releasing an article that celebrates the games of previous generations. This week we look back upon the greatest classic PlayStation titles (in our opinion).

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Raids week 97

Micki's Delirium

On Saturday I logged for raids at about 5 past 9 my time And Osi had a bit more than half a party already. We waited til 20 past to fill and step in on hard (baba’s). I asked if Osi wanted to split the party, and he told me to go right, he’d go left. Anyone else got to pick side. During the first baba fight, after I cast Divine Wrath I got aggro of the hut, as the aggro was supposed to switch, it switched back to me. When we stepped into the hut I still had the symbol for hut aggro in my buff bar. As for totems and and puzzles, I killed the totems most of the time when frog was off timer, and attempted to get the crows, but implosion is a bit finicky if there is any mob in range that is immune. For…

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What Should We Look for in Indie D&D Adventures?


I don’t see a lot of reviews of independent Dungeons & Dragons adventures. This makes sense as there are hundreds of thousands of homebrews, one-shots, and settings created by players for other players covering nearly every edition of fantasy tabletop you can imagine. Quite simply, there’s too much out there. But that feels like a cop-out.

Tabletop gaming is one more genre of storytelling, and as such, it deserves attention. I’ve been playing 5E D&D for barely over a year now. I’ve come to love it as a method of storytelling and serious play. I’ve begun to write my own adventures as well as read and run those written by others. When I watch gaming streams, I find myself approaching it like I would a novel or a film. That is, I’m analyzing it, critiquing it so my pleasure is heightened. I know not many people are interested in this…

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3 Video Game Universes I’d Want To Visit


What if you had Steve’s magical ability to blue-skidoo your way into your favorite video game. What would be some of the first places you would want to visit? If I was given the chance to explore any video game locations where would I go? After giving it some thought I came up with a few places that would for sure make me want to pack my bags say see ya later real-world responsibilities.


pokemon_lets-go_pikachu_eevee_pokemon_league The Elite Four is getting swept by an 11-year-old

When it comes to hypothetically being able to explore any video game in person an obvious choice I think a lot of people would agree on would be the wonderful world of Pokemon. Ever since I was first introduced to Pokemon as a child I thought about how cool it would be to leave home and go on my own adventure to become a pokemon master…

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Janix Piccolo, Mark of Scribing Gnome Bard


Once again embracing some Eberron content, today’s November character creation is the Mark of Scribing gnome bard Janix Piccolo.

This mark grants Janix the ability to cast Comprehend Languages once per Long Rest as well as the spell Message as a Cantrip. Thanks to it, she has proficiency with both Calligrapher’s Supplies and Forgery Kit. These traits help make Janix a bit of a shady figure.


Using her natural musical talents, Janix’s modus operandi is to gain entry to an upper class event, perform, and collect as much information as she can for blackmail and leverage. The con has kept her in coin for several years now allowing her to carve out a niche where she avoids hassle from local authorities, criminal elements, and the ever pissy bourgeois. 

The magic she has learned as a Bard has been practical, tools to aid her in grifting. Thus, she’s doesn’t…

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Tomb of the Kirin-Born Prince

Dyson's Dodecahedron

The tomb of the Kirin-Born Prince is one of the older known tombs of the Etturan Dynasty – and one of the few who’s location was not lost with the burning of the Tarek Archives. Many expeditions to seek out the later “shaft-tombs” often use this tomb as a sort of base camp, much to the chagrin of the Etran Cenobites.

A small order of religious monks has sprung up around several of the rediscovered Etturan tombs and attempt to maintain or rehabilitate the structures to worship and seek the gifts of the many god-kings that were entombed in the region. However, their numbers are few and the gifts of god-kings are sparse if not completely non-existent – thus the Etran Cenobites eke out a paltry living, only noticed when they harass would-be tomb-raiders.

This map was inspired by the Empire of the Petal Throne campaign I’ve been playing in…

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Kalice Bright, Firbolg Beast Master



Kalice Bright is today’s November character creation. She is a firbolg beast master. Firbolg’s are a rare race typically devoted to woodlands. Kalice is no exception having taken the path of a ranger. She is an animal lover and has developed several friendly relationships with the local woodland creatures. Creatures insisting on being foul-tempered, hateful, or in any other way exceedingly harmful to the region Kalice finds herself in she hunts down and eliminates.

1145907-bat-eared-foxTraveling with a bat-eared fox she calls Calliope and a lucifer hummingbird that responds to the name Wink, Kalice is happy to roam the woodlands and forests living off the land and occasionally trading pelts, horns, and meat to other travelers.

Lucifer Hummingbird

Her time alone with only Calliope and Wink for company (and even then erratically) has led her to tend to maintain a running monologue with herself. When she does encounter others, she’s not shy but…

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Shaw Greycloud, Half-Orc ‘Coyotaje’


Today’s November character creation is Shaw Greycloud, a half-orc. She makes a living by transporting individuals into and out of cities, regions, and nations without their being discovered by authorities and securing them forged documents. Shaw is a coyotaje


As a Mark of Finding half-orc, she has a keen sense of direction than your typical smuggler making it slightly easier for her to get her humanoid cargo to the place they want to go–sharpened senses allows for one Intuition die (d4) to be added to all Perception or Survival checks. Her druidic training allows her a certain magical advantage while in the wilds. Shaw favors buffing spells that’ll do the most to guarantee her charges’ survival. These traits paired with her naturally high Medicine, Perception, and Survival stats has allowed her to be moderately successful.

Shaw has built up a reputation as an efficient…

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