Thank you for Cannith Crafting

Tactalicious & Craftalicious

It should be said more often; but Cannith Crafting have been a boon for me.

I have a LOT of toons. Max allowed. Most are mules but I do have an assortment of different ‘playable’ toons – most in Epic levels but also 15 and above. And the worst thing (up until the new random loot system and Cannith crafting) was that if you stopped playing one of them for a while they fell behind in gear. That is true in the days of ever shifting named items (until luckily BTA stuff).

This was also a particular nuisance when you look at what is most often ‘set’ gear for specific levels. Such as Thunderforged starting level 26 (now often replaced with LGS). You’re not going to be able to replace everything you got with Thunderforged which leaves you at the mercy of ‘lesser’ named items or random stuff.

Cannith crafting…

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Frightfest 2016: VR Makes Horror More Horrific!



My first post in this years Frightfest! Gone are the unkept promises of a few weeks ago and in their place is actual, new, content! God bless me😀

I seldom need an excuse to talk about horror games on these hallowed pages, but with the release of PSVR my horror gaming has been taken to a new level…

…I have had two horror experiences with PSVR recently! And no; I’m not talking about the issue with my pre-order. What I’m actually talking about here is genuine horror games; ‘Until Dawn: Rush of Blood’ and ‘Here They Lie’. I would consider myself a horror game veteran and thought that both these games would be quite tame experiences…

…I was wrong. My experiences were very different to my expectations.

What follows is an account of these experiences.

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Nintendo Switch first impressions

Occasional Hero

By now you’ve probably seen news about the Switch. It’s Nintendo’s new console-tablet-thing (I’m pretty sure that’s the technical term) that was announced earlier today. As a Nintendo fan, I’m personally pretty excited. It’s no secret that Nintendo has been floundering lately, especially stateside. It has been suggested that they should do what Sega did in 2001 and give up on the console market and focus on making software for third party consoles. But Nintendo has always dominated the handheld arena. Yes, tablets and smartphones have stolen a bit of their market, but the success of the 3DS has shown that Nintendo can still hold their own in that area. I think the Switch is a great move for them, because it unifies their handheld and home console into one.

First off, let’s talk about controls. Ever since the Wii, Nintendo has been all-in on “unique” controllers, and the Switch…

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Update 33: The Promised Land

The Order of Syncletica

I did get Lammania up earlier in the week to explore the changes for the Monk class with Update 33. I played around with copies of my Zen Archer, Poison Master and Shintao. Things looked promising for the very brief time I was able to play there.

Now that the official release notes are up as the game is updating today, I realized I missed some little bits of information from my last post that should make most Monks in general rather happy. Listed from awesome to meh:

  • In all three trees, Elemental Ki strikes have been changed. Eagle Claw Attack now applies four stacks, and stacks to 15. Knock on the Sky reduces enemy physical damage by 4% per stack. Unbalancing Strike is now +3[w].

I use Unbalancing Strike (counted as a Water move) often with the Poison Master to quickly charge up Freezing the Lifeblood paralyzing move. Doesn’t look…

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6 major MMORPG launch days revisited

Bio Break

wildstar plans

One of the neat things about having a long-running blog is that it inadvertently turns into a historical document chronicling major events. In this case, Bio Break has been around since 2008, and I’ve gone through several major MMO launches since then. I thought it might be fun to look up the day one (or day two) posts talking about those experiences to reshare them with you.

Guild Wars 2 (August 2012)

“Guild Wars 2.  Is incredible.

“Playing it live feels so much different than beta, and I’m so glad I have a character to actually invest in.  But even more than that, this is just a game that exists to wow you left and right.  I’m sure that there are those who have become immune to in-game beauty and details, and only see the numbers and min-maxing, but that’s missing the point here.  It’s a game where I…

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Do devs need to reinvent the (systems) wheel all the time?


Shintar writes about the recently announced wholesale changes to the endgame gearing system in Star Wars The Old Republic coming in the next expansion. I’ve never really engaged with the endgame in SWTOR so it will not affect me directly, but it did make me think about whether these large-scale revamps of MMORPG systems are actually justifiable or needed?

World of Warcraft’s developers at Blizzard have, I would argue, a bit of a reputation for wholesale change. Since the great talent pruning in the Mists of Pandaria expansion, each expansion of WoW has brought widespread revamps of class abilities. I’m not here talking about the incremental changes that all MMORPGs bring in from time to time, tweaking class power or adding or trimming a few abilities. I mean the large-scale revamps that reset the ability rotations for all classes or that change fundamentally how combat works. Regarding Legion’s big class…

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Filkin’ Around (LrdSlvrhnd Edition): The Final Showdown

Even Now

Hey all!  LrdSlvrhnd here (or just “Slvr” as Even likes to call me).  I figure if Tuna can hijack the blog, so can I…

So the other night, Citi and I were running Sharn Syndicate on our recently-TR’d rangers (well, his was recently TR’d, this weekend for the heroic XP boost; I’d TR’d Dona months ago but hadn’t gotten around to doing much with her until this past month or so).  My Dona is strictly ranged (following Strimton’s Acid Arrow build (even if you never plan on playing a ranged ranger, you should follow the link and read the guide… it’s freakin’ hilarious… but I digress)); Citi’s Aariah is a Tempest Trapmonkey, which came in really handy rescuing the Binders and repossessing the Stormreaver Fresco.  We’d had a bit of a problem with Grammah Binder; first time we went in, we found her and led her to the exit, but…

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Aariah Kidding Me?!

Citi Plays DDO

Hello, my beloved readers!

My apologies once again for the late post. My schedule got messed with again, and I am still trying to get myself situated so that I have a set time to blog.

Now let me catch you up on the latest events for the past couple of weeks!

Cannith guild HeMan Woman Haters have reached level 100! Needless to say, I had very little to do with this, since I have had very little time to play on Cannith of late. The guild owner did take screen shots for me, and shared it them with me, whereupon I now share them with you.

hmwh100 Server Guild Announcement Level 100

hmwh100a HMWH finally reach level 100!

Argo guild The Thieves Guild has added an extra guild night because of my schedule change (which has now changed again) so that I may yet join them on a weekly basis. Citira…

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Standing around then raidin’

Tactalicious & Craftalicious

It took a good hour for caught in the web to fill; my first since Beta. I didn’t feel like doing one until it was somewhat working – which is a good thing. Because 1 hour waiting and 1 hour finishing just to have it bug out would a lil much but we finished, only due to the willingness of our healers to blow resources.

It’s not us fighters didn’t do our job; tripping turned out to be very useful and it’s clear that a lot of fighters/melee really don’t bother with it. Yet everything from orange named down to  spiders ended up flat on their bellies. And if you can trip a strider or a spider, then you got something good.

However caught in the web is ultimately not fun and here are the reasons why.

First off this is largely a escort mission dependent on a person who…

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Filkin’ Around: “Call Any Hireling”

Even Now

My guildie Comic Relief made the most of his 100th blog post, which detailed 100 things he likes about DDO.

One of these days I should do something similar. Heck, I could get to almost 100 things just by listing all of my cosmetic pets… but that’s a whole ‘nuther topic. For now, it’s enough to say that two of my favorite things about this game are my guildies and DDO parody songs.

Got ’em both covered with this one – it’s a DDO-themed filk based on a song Comic asked me to parody, oh, aaaaaaaages ago (in the comments section of this post, to be exact).

Spoiler alert: You get to watch Wyoh die in a fire!

Couldn’t find a karaoke or instrumental version, so I just plugged in the original song and slapped the new lyrics in the (now always visible, no CC needed) captions.

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