Lets get this one right

Tactalicious & Craftalicious

Whenever there’s new content and events there are certain items that I immediately try to fit into my builds. And keep in mind that I already have an eye on what I’m looking for, making new content and events a monkey wrench in a otherwise fine tunes machinery. Like Mabar. Sure – it turned out to be boring grind – not because the items were bad but because the raid mechanic and how the raid popped up was and still is broken.

Grind is one thing; ever tried to pull a bloodstone? But its twice as worse when you don’t have any control over the most important features such as when you can run a quest. Every 3 days for a raid and every day for a Epic quest. Those are the current limits that I operate under. But I know about when my raid timer is out so I…

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The Hidden Tomb

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Many celebrated the death of the Warlord of Atun. Many others feared that he would not remain interred for long and sought to destroy and desecrate his remains. Eventually (after a series of adventures involving the theft, bisecting, separating and eventual rejoining of his corpse) those faithful to his vision, aided by those who felt the world was better off just forgetting about him entirely, finally buried him quietly with wards to prevent others from finding the corpse.

The hidden tomb The hidden tomb

Less than two hundred years later, the tomb and even the conquests of the Warlord of Atun have been lost and forgotten. But the caves where the tomb was hidden has been found by others – extra-dimensional invaders who despoil the area and raid the nearby towns. But even they have learned to avoid the finished tomb structure at the back of the caves, for traps and magics make…

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Bio Break

As in “Download Day”!  This is an absolutely crazy day already, even though I sit here at work and fret over the status of my hopefully-delivered Champions box.

maskedI didn’t actually think I’d ever face a day where I was pulled between two new(ish) releases, but here we go.  On one hand is DDO Unlimited, whose head start launch began earlier today.  I’m eager to log in, make a Favored Soul, and see what the temperature is on the new content — everything I heard from the beta was overwhelmingly positive as to this build.  Plus, DDO’s new server Cannith opened up today, offering that rare “fresh start” feeling.  I don’t think I’ll be doing that, since my level 9 bard has a nice stash of money and favor already, but it’s nice to know there’s an option.

On the other hand is, of course, Champions — and I’ll…

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I am looking forward to Crafting

Tactalicious & Craftalicious

When people didn’t find crafting useful anymore; I did. Always making something to create a stop gap item. I’ve posted about it before.

The new system, echoing the new random system (minus a few options unique to random items) allows even greater flexibility than before. Well, other than flexible shards.

This section explains the new system. The fundamental of the new system is that you create a shard for the ML you want and then it’ll automatically adjust the value of that option to the ML used. This is similar to the random system where you pull an item at say ML 15 and the values are set according to what an ML 15 item should have. However the major difference is that a random item can get a bonus to the value, unlike Cannith crafted items.

That means that Cannith crafted items are always going to be reliably…

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About my solo raider; Maidae life 6

Micki's Delirium

I was asked about my build and my gear setup for the character I’ve been running solo raids on. The build plan up to lvl 28 (cap when the plan was made) can be found here: Maidae 6.0, for feats at level 29 and 30 I took Deific Warding, Shot on the run and Scion of Arborea.

Here are my current enhancements:

My current gear list:
Goggles: Visions of Precision
Head: Mythic Emerald Gaze; augments; Topaz of Power +250, Topaz of Blindness Immunity
Neck: Shroud of Ardent
Trinket: Epic Litany of the Dead
Armor: Outfit of the Celestial Avenger, Mythic Armor Boost +4
Cloak: Greensteel (heroic); Concordant Opposition, +45 hp
Bracers: Dumathoin’s Bracers
Belt: Epic Belt of Thoughtful Rememberance; augments; Sapphire of False life +35, Diamond of Insightful Con +2
Ring 1: Strange Tidings, Mythic Ring Boost +3
Ring 2: Circle of Malevolence
Boots: Boots of Blessed…

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There’s This Dungeon, See, And A Dragon…

Bio Break

3773254971_bc05e3a19bDDO’s servers are down today, as the old DDO is put to pasture and the new DDO Unlimited is ushered into the room.  I haven’t been in DDO for about a week now, mostly because I’ve been waiting for the new patch and busy with life elsewhere — but don’t take that as a lack of excitement, because DDO Unlimited might be the sleeper hit of the year.

Whether Unlimited’s re-launch works the way Turbine hopes is clearly too soon to tell, but they haven’t been hurting for publicity since the announcement a couple months back.  It’s a game that’s consistently been the underdog ever since its 2005 launch, bleeding the initial swarm of lookie-lou’s into a small, 4-server community that’s seen precious little advertisement from Atari and pretty infrequent updates from Turbine (DDO Unlimited brings with it a content patch that players have been waiting for over 9 months

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Shameless Boast: My First 20th Shroud

The Order of Syncletica

My stalwart level 20 Light Monk, Syncletica, completed her 20th Shroud yesterday in the company of her guildies on Tyrs Paladium. It was a textbook run, with only a slight misstep in Part 2. Despite a really ugly-looking monster selection there (kobald, fire elemental, troll and lion), we finished it well,  zipped through part 3 in under 5 minutes and nearly took down ‘Arry in our first swing at him.

Just one death in Part 4, although not from the dreaded Shroud Blades. As promised, the devs did nerf them down a bit so that they do not strike as often, yet still persist long enough to keep you on your toes. ‘Arry, on the other hand, was still as mean as ever with flying meteor strikes. One, combined with lag, took out 1 guildmate, but the party smacked ‘Arry forward to part 5, which threatened to become a little…

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Ranking the games from the NES Classic Console, worst to best

Bio Break


Apologies for a second post on the upcoming NES Classic Console, but I couldn’t stop thinking about it — and with that list of 30 games, I started mentally ranking them. When that happens, a baby blog post is born. Will this one grow up to be like his daddy?

The more I look at this list, the more I’m really pleased with the selections. It’s a really great cross-section of NES titles from different genres and years, and a majority of them are considered “classic.” So today I’m going to deliver my personal ranking, from worst to best, of the 30 titles that will come with this retro vintage console!

30. Balloon Fight: Most really old (1984-85) NES games were basically gussied-up Atari 2600 games, and I can’t see anyone clamoring for this one.

29. Mario Bros.: Mario or not, this is just the PvP arcade game that…

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The Depths of Despair

Erdrique's Blog

Earlier this week and last week, I took Hamllin through a series of quests more commonly known as the House Deneith Depths Quests: The Depths of Despair, The Depths of Darkness, The Depths of Discord, and The Depths of Doom.  One of these quests, The Depths of Despair, started to raise some questions for me.  Now keep in mind, I have probably ran these quests hundreds of times and this just now occurred to me. 

The Depths of Despair is bestowed by Neville Stormhammer who is found in the Hammersmith Inn’s in front of the House Deneith Ward (not far from the Marketplace and House Deneith gate).  He is sitting at a table with the three other quest bestowers for the rest of the Depths Quests.  When you talk to Neville, you learn that he could use some help dealing with a troglodyte lord who has…

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Roid rage

Even Now

Every so often, usually when I’m in the middle of something else, I’ll get a tell from Sadie…

“EEEEVVVEEEEEENNNNNN!!!!! Come run Abbot with meeeeeeee!”

Sunday I was trying to decide what I wanted to run for the livestream, so I opened up my quest journal and started looking for things Even hasn’t run yet. Lo and behold, though she’s been flagged for, like, EVER, she’s not yet run Abbot this life. Not sure how that happened – I may owe Sadie an apology, because I REALLY thought I’d run Abbot with her at some point during Even’s current life.

I actually really, intensely dislike Abbot. I won’t go so far as to say “hate,” but… it’s close. A long, long time ago, I was in Abbot and was on roids duty. In case you’ve never run Abbot, aka Ascension Chamber, the best way to handle roids is to use mouselook…

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