5 Most Anticipated Upcoming Video Games That We Cannot Wait For!



2017 is if not the best year in gaming with amazing releases like BOTW, Horizon Zero Dawn and indie developers making tremendous games like Hellblade. This year has proven that you don’t have to associate with a big gaming franchise in order to earn money. Horizon Zero Dawn was a new IP and completely washed away all of its competition. There are still amazing games to come out as we are heading towards 2018 there are some really interesting video game sequels to come and oh boy they are going be massive! Today we are looking at most anticipated upcoming games that we still don’t know nothing about them.

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Beer Menu Dungeon

Dyson's Dodecahedron

First thing I saw when I got onto FB today was a photo of a beer menu from Chris Pramas that looked like a keyed dungeon just waiting to be drawn.

So now the dungeon exists.

The Beer Menu Dungeon The Beer Menu Dungeon

I was originally going to try to stick to the themes of the axes… but I have a paying gig breathing down my neck so I didn’t have time to really think about it so I just drew whatever came to mind.

In retrospect there should be another entrance on the upper left, and the rooms at the top of the map should be even easier to access. But as I said, time constraints really kept me from sticking to the themes which I originally wanted to explore.

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4 Massive Empty Open World Games With Nothing To Do


I love playing Open World games just because of how big and beautiful they are and also the activities in that world. I totally played the heck out of GTA 5 doing all the interesting side quests, racing, and whatnot. But can you imagine what would have happened to GTA 5 if the world was empty? I mean NO Sidequest NO random encounter NO unscripted events? just imagine how pissed the fans of the series would have been.

Today we are counting down big open world games that are empty inside

AC Syndicate


But overall, Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate is a very difficult game to dislike. It was never intended to break the mould, it’s no kind of reinvention and it probably won’t win the series many new fans. It is resolutely more of the same, but robust and varied with it. – games(TM)

Uninspired story and incredibly simple gameplay keeps…

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Cantrip: D&D Beyond boosts the game to new levels — The Long Shot

The team behind D&D Beyond is absolutely hearing what people are saying and working hard to improve and provide incredible tools for D&D.

via Cantrip: D&D Beyond boosts the game to new levels — The Long Shot

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5 Video Games That Completely Changed During Development


During a development of game a fixed story design and gameplay mechanics are implemented and then the whole team continues to improve on that throughout the development and that’s how it normally goes but sometimes developers are not satisfied with what they are doing and thus come a “Change” in development which in return completely revamps the story design, Level Design, and even gameplay. Today we are taking a look at video games that changed drastically during their development.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below

#5 Video Games That Completely Changed During Development

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What I’m doing… making an Atari video!

The Late Night Session

A lot of my time this week has been spent trying to do something a little different to my normal blogging routine and that is to make a video for YouTube! Nothing too fancy – just a chance to play some games on my Atari 130XE and record it for show. Think of it as a medley of games that I was playing on a couple of nights. I thought it might be easy enough… after all, I did edit my wedding video… but it’s also worth noting that I did take 9 years to finish that so there’s a serious delay factor that may be worth considering!

Hopefully I can get it posted up to YouTube next week. With my currently slow Internet I unfortunately can’t do it from home so will need to sort it out when I return to the office after the weekend. It’s a shame…

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The Most Gorgeous Looking MMO Video Game Ever Made


We All love MMOs and whenever there’s a new MMO in the gaming industry the fans go crazy and this is all because of how MMOs work and how they are developed in a way so that they can have a lifespan of 10-15 years. I am not gonna dig deep into how MMOs work but if you want to get more info on that you can read it here.

So why are we talking about MMOs today? Well, There’s a new game in the market that I personally think has potential to become the “Next Big Thing” and we are talking about Revelations Online.

For me, the  Interesting thing is how developers have worked for so long to make the game perform seamless without any bugs. They didn’t rush the game in order to sell more copies but instead, they delayed the game to make it more…

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Hritlà, The Smugglers’ Cove

Dyson's Dodecahedron

On the mysterious southern continent there are two competing colonies from the major powers in the north – Linyaró (which I posted a map of previously) and the more fortified colony of Nuróab. Between the two, in the gulf of Teriyál, is the smuggler and pirate haven of Hritlà.

Hritlà Hritlà

Built into a narrow bay surrounded by cliff walls, Hritlà is well protected from both the elements and from easy notice from passing traffic. For the ne’er-do-wells who use this small port it has an additional benefit in the form of a network of limestone caves that break out into the bay and are used to house overflow populace when large boats come in and of course for the storage of contraband and stolen goods to be slowly eked back out to the colonies at exorbitant profits.

The caves provide one last benefit – a way for the locals to disappear…

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Why Do Video Game Developers Still Need Publishers?


One of the most essential part while gaming is finding a good publisher. But ever thought why do game developers even need a publisher to get started? There are several reasons and biggest of them all is probably the marketing that in returns help devs to make the money. Sounds easy? No, it’s not and I have personally worked with a publisher before and dealing with those guys is just horrible. They somehow agreed and told me that your game will be marketed in a good way but you have to change some features and I spent the next year implementing those changes and when the game releases they simply say “It doesn’t have a potential so this is why we will not market it anymore” not all developers are dick though. Gameranx made a really good video on this topic and I would highly recommend to watch it.


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On Trolls

Bio Break

So my eight-year-old son went to school the other day and was talking to his friends about what he put on his Christmas list this year (we start early in the Syp household). One of the things he wanted were some Troll dolls from that animated movie, because it’s all the rage in our house.

One of his friends started teasing him that he liked those “girly” dolls, and the teasing extended to the fact that my son — in addition to snakes, dolphins, and pokemon — said that he thought princesses were cool too.

He came home crushed, asking his mom to take the trolls off his Christmas list. She refused and had a long talk with him about toys being OK for boys and girls, and that you liked what you liked.

My approach was a little different. I took him to my computer and loaded up a…

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