The Sorcerer’s Apprentices

Return to House of Grouse

While the film wasn’t anything to write home about the music was written by Trevor Rabin formerly of yes. And the blog is about the two first life sorcerers that are parked at the moment. I have run the birthday event to equip them with full sets of the appropriate Forum Post clubs. I also picked up a Ban Hammer but that is for another time.

Grousefrost is obviously is my Water Savant, since the introduction of racial reincarnation I have decided to do the race aspect first with him, it seems sensible to get as many racial action points as early as possible. This will also apply to my earth savant. However they will go in different directions as Frost is going to go heroic and epic.

I was thinking how best to differentiate between the two sorcerers, doing exactly the same thing would be boring so  I will…

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Barbarian Subclass: Path of the Gourmet

Power Word Skill

I felt like there wasn’t enough cooking in D&D.

So I homebrewed this up:

Path of The Gourmet

A wild hunter and cook capable of filleting the best dragon sashimi you’ve ever tasted, Barbarians who follow the Path of the Gourmet are not your typical hulking brutes. Gourmet’s love to be on the front lines so they can find the freshest meat, the rarest vegetables, and the best spring water. They are capable of preparing meals fit for royalty and their meals don’t just taste good. When a Gourmet Barbarian cooks a meal for his companions their strength is bolstered, their spirits lifted, and their bodies refreshed.

Some barbarians hail from culinary cultures. Many of these barbarians end up finding places of prominence within towns or cities. Barbarians that follow the Path of the Gourmet sublimate their rage in the pursuits of perfect meals. Wild hunters and cooks capable of…

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Lair of the Octopus Sorcerer

Dyson's Dodecahedron

The Octopus Sorcerer has been researching and experimenting with some remains of the lost Aemril “technologies” in a cave on Farmrath Summit for the last seven years.

This wouldn’t really matter to anyone except that they are in possession of another Aemril artifact – the White Hadariel Staff. The staff is likely the only remaining key into Aemril sites and your employer has a lead on an unplundered vault in the Dhuurawa Wilds and wants either the Octopus Sorcerer to come along, or even better, that you just bring the White Hadariel Staff without the annoying “this belongs in a museum” octopus.

Lair of the Octopus Sorcerer Lair of the Octopus Sorcerer

To meet with (or ambush) the Octopus Sorcerer, you will need to find the cave on Farmrath Summit and wrangle your way past the sorcerer’s guards, workers, and a few clerical staff to interrupt their studies and “acquire” the staff.


The maps on…

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Die Hard, DDO-style

Bio Break

Bargain of Blood — or “Bob” as I like to call it — is another one of those House D quests that my DDO leveling group did not too long ago. Thus, it’s fairly fresh in my mind, although I certainly didn’t have any problems running it again. It’s a fun setting, that of a bazaar where pirates are reselling stolen goods back to people. It’s a dungeon where the setting is an outside mall. Kind of like fighting your way through IKEA.

There are plenty of places for me to snipe down and afar at enemies, so I was in my natural habitat. Nothing like the feeling of gunning hobgoblins or whatevers down as they try in vain to close the distance and hit me. There was a lot of ranged fire as well, although in DDO you can actually dodge it if you see arrows and spears coming…

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Gamers blog party: spring 2019 invitation

Later Levels

Spring is very almost here along with Easter, and the anticipation for a long weekend of video games and chocolate is growing. But before that, it’s time for the first blog party of 2019 here at Later Levels – there’s no better way to set yourself up for the week and meet some new blogging friends.

The rules are simple:

🎉   Arrive at the party: don’t be shy and stand in the corner – say hello and introduce yourself in the comments below! Give an introduction to your blog to welcome new readers and let us know what you’re all about.

🎉   Present your gift: think about the posts you’ve written during the past three months and choose your favourite or one which was fun to write. Leave a link to it in your comment and explain why you’ve picked it.

🎉   Get the conversation going: there are some…

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Holding Back the Backlog


With all the shady business and pushy live services present in the modern video game industry, it’s very tempting to think that there’s very little worth getting these days. That is, of course, absolutely false. There’s still plenty to get excited for every year, more than ever before actually. It’s great, but it’s also kind of bothersome because it requires a bit more self-control from us gamers. It’s so easy to get caught up in the hype now that one has to mentally keep themselves from getting swept away. Just about every serious gamer has a backlog now, and it’s all we can do to hold it back sometimes.

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Static group running reaper

Micki's Delirium

After a tough run through To Curse the Sky and Creeping Death on reaper 1, the static group moved on to running Lords of Dust on reaper 3. In our our first attempt we all got knocked down by the cats at the first altar and ended up wiping, so we released and restarted. The second try went better and we managed to get through the quests without the whole party dying. I didn’t take many screenshots, but here are a couple.

Ruffshot, Schoan, Valdayanie and Jarvanna took level 16 before starting the LoD chain, while Judet who didn’t yet have enough xp for it was still 15.

That’s all I have for you for this time.
Thank you for stopping by.

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25 Shadow Plane Adventure Seeds

Ready To Role

BB_TGSconcept_6_fullPicture Credit: Bloodborne

It may be getting lighter outside, but it’s getting darker in this month’s Adventure Seeds! For this month I went with adventures in, or involving the plane of shadow! Some settings have some established facts about what may exist on their own shadow plane, so I tried be sure to incorporate some of facts into the seeds.

My biggest challenge with this set was not just taking any idea and attaching “shadow-” to it. For example, why not just make a “Shadow Dragon” attacking the “Shadow Castle” and speaking about the “Shadow Gems”? You’ll notice a couple that walk this line, though I hope I was able to bring them back around with another part of the seed that is unique.

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Nagmer’s Throne Cavern

Dyson's Dodecahedron

It should come as no surprise for anyone who has had to deal with the Obsidian Clan bugbears that Nagmer the Terrible meets anyone who requests to parlay with him in the most ridiculously ostentatious cavern setup he could arrange.

Throne Cavern Throne Cavern

Nagmer’s throne cavern is a multi-tiered affair with a natural stone bridge over an underground river. The whole cavern is lit by a massive colony of well-fed fire beetles that crawl along the floor, walls and stalactites. Any discussion with Nagmer is usually conducted by yelling from the stone bridge as his guards block the way onto the north side of the cavern.

The vast majority of these negotiations end without any success, and a fair number end with Nagmer enjoying the envoy for dinner.


The maps on Dyson’s Dodecahedron are released for free personal use thanks to the support of awesome patrons like you over on Patreon…

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Raids week 114

Micki's Delirium

Raids 114 was Saturday March 9 and I mainly invited people from the EEraids channel. Here is the short run down of the nights raids:


1. R2 Old Baba’s Hut
With Titus tanking, I suggested we try a different difficulty than we usually do. Difficulty: R2, shambler tank: Titus, red crow tanks: Titus and Osiride. Side split: left: Osiride, Lubash, Tahlua, Papewaiio, Haleyh, Cimpletan, rest right. My side has at least 3 insta killers for totems and 3 puzzlers, so most of the hut run was fast. Low dps on baba, but no issues with tanking. I spent some time taking screenshots while hitting shadows with sunburst to see what information I’d get. I also spent a lot of time under the hut and Osi threw me some healing. Completion time: 53 min 53 s. Loot: 125 Hut runes, 24 threads of fate, Memory of a Tailor’s Duress,

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