Raids week 75

Micki's Delirium

Last Saturday I sat down at my computer at 9 pm to do my raids, only to notice that my computer was updating the OS, and I couldn’t do anything but wait until it was done. I believe it wasn’t until about 9.30 before I managed to log on to the game. Once I posted for baba’s hard – which is what I’ve been starting with – the party filled in less than 10 minutes and we were ready to start. I asked the party to split up for puzzles, I don’t remember if I made any suggestions to which sides people should do, except that I would be going right. Except for some occasional lag spikes the run went really well and with Kv also mass froging on my side we managed to speed things up a little. This week my side also had more than once puzzler, which…

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What I’m playing this summer


With the shift into proper summer weather I’ve been thinking about what I’ll be playing MMORPG-wise over the lazy summer months. I read Syp’s twolists of upcoming MMOs with interest, but so few upcoming games actually interest me in the slightest, I couldn’t do such a list myself. That’s not a bad thing though, I’m pretty invested in several existing games myself – so, here’s my list of current games, in no particular order.

Elder Scrolls Online

Giants, appropriately, are pretty tough foes

In Elder Scrolls Online I’ve been leveling my Dragonknight main mostly, he’s now in Eastmarch and level 30. At some point I’ll want to take my baby Warden through the rest of the Morrowind chapter content – although it’s tempting to jump on the Summerset chapter bandwagon while it’s fresh, I can’t justify buying it when I’ve not even finished the last one!

Everquest 2


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Steam Spring Cleaning

Me Vs. Myself and I

Starting yesterday and running through the long holiday weekend, Steam presented us with a new platform event that is different than what we’ve come to expect. Usually when Steam has any sort of event it coincides with a big sale — originally there was the Summer and Winter sales, but now there’s sales in Spring and Fall and sometimes in-between. There have been mini-games and collections and other things to do within the platform along with those juicy discounts on games you’ve been wanting but haven’t purchased yet. This time around, I couldn’t find any sale information, it’s purely an event with tasks — sort of a metagame within the Steam platform.

For the four days of the sale, there are Daily tasks. These will rotate out each day, and if you completed them, the little trophy at the bottom of each will be filled in. When you click on…

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6 dark horse MMOs that could surprise me

Bio Break

Following yesterday’s list, today I wanted to continue to look ahead at upcoming MMOs that have piqued my interest. The six that I’m going to list here are anything but sure bets (even in this industry). They have weird concepts, unproven dev teams, or might not end up being my type of game when I actually do play them. But here we go with 6 dark horse MMO candidates!

1. Identity

I’m probably one of the few people in the world that follow this project regularly, but that’s because I really do appreciate the ambition of bringing an MMO “life simulator” to bear. Might just be bland PvP in a modern setting, but I think there’s a lot of potential for a contemporary MMO that allows you to live out different virtual lives.

2. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

This may well be the closest we’ll ever come to an actual…

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Platinum Games’ Secret Ingredient

MadCapsules Gaming

I’m dumb. Some of you may know this, but I just came to the realisation recently. Basically, I realised I was dumb for ignoring Bayonetta for so long. I should have known better. I mean – I played Nier: Automata last year, and it instantly became one of my favourite games ever, but I never put any thought into WHY it was so good. Turns out it has a little more than something to do with the developer, Platinum Games. And I discovered this when I played Bayonetta recently and realised almost instantly that THAT would also become one of my favourite games ever. This is when I put two and two together. See? I can be clever sometimes.

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Playing favourites

Later Levels

At the end of last month, I came across a post by THE LDG MAG about Alice: Madness Returns. It revealed how this action-adventure game is based is the novel Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, which itself was possibly inspired by the real-life Alice Liddell. The article is an interesting piece on author Lewis Carroll’s fascination with the girl and Victorian views on children; I’d highly recommend getting over there to read it if you haven’t done so already.

The subject matter was interesting in itself but it was the first paragraph which really caught my eye and inspired me to write. THE LDG MAG’s post began: “Surprise, surprise. This post is about one of my favourite games. I swear I have too many favourite games. Although is there such a thing as a ‘favourite game’? I think there isn’t. There are too many games out there that…

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6 upcoming MMOs that have my full attention

Bio Break

I tend to group online games that have my interest into three categories: MMOs I’m currently playing, MMOs I kind of want to play but have no time at the moment, and MMOs I want to play but aren’t out or finished yet. Today I want to talk about that last category as I’ve been revising my list of my top most wanted games right now in May 2018. Which have my full interest?

1. Ashes of Creation

I still hold some reservations about this title and how it’ll be able to strike a balance between the PvE and PvP halves of the game, but man, does it ever hit on so many must-have features for me including housing, a changing world, and flexible class systems. The team’s been really quiet over the past half-year or so, which I attribute to running the Alpha Zero and actually making the game…

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My Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch Wishlist

3rd World Geeks

Since getting announced last March, pretty much nothing has been revealed about the latest Super Smash Bros., aside from being the focus of Nintendo at this year’s E3. Well, E3 is less than a month away so this is a good time to talk about the things that I want to see in the next Super Smash Bros. game.

And when I say things, what I mean is I have a general wishlist of what I want the next Super Smash Bros. to have – be it features, characteristics, roster inclusions, anything. With that said, let’s begin…

1. The Return of the Tripping Mechanic

Just kidding. Nobody wants to see tripping make a comeback.

1. A Better Name

One recent criticism of Nintendo has been how “uncreative” they’ve been when it comes to naming their products and games. They changed the name of their seventh generation console from Revolution to…

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The puzzle of add-ons


I read with interest a post by Rohan on a puzzle boss in Final Fantasy 14. I’ve no experience of this myself, but imagining it I doubt I’d be able to do the maths quickly enough to stand much chance of success at the mechanics. His comment that such a boss in World of Warcraft would be implausible, given the likelihood of an add-on being produced by players that would make the fight trivially easy, did set me thinking though.

Add-ons are available in many MMORPGs but I rarely use them outside of WoW anyway. In WoW I wouldn’t have dreamed of playing without altoholic, auctioneer, deadly boss mods (DBM) and similar extras. In other games, the only addon I can think that I’ve made much use of is the excellent AI Research Grid in Elder Scrolls Online.

I’ve certainly never used an addon like DBM to simplify boss…

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TR Quick Levelling Quest Guide

DDO Build Masters

See our updated TR guide here

Also for questions about hearts and different reincarnations see here.

Here is a quest progression for fast tracking a TR back to 20.

Starting Points: Always maintain Bravery Bonus. Bank levels as much as possible or needed to maintain BB. A Greater Tome of Learning should be the first item bought for your TR toon from the store. Hopefully you saved all of your xp gems from your last life’s daily rolls. Optionals are just that, optional. If the point is to level to 20 quickly then unfortunately most are just not worth it. The list and progression is not exact, depending on different factors such as VIP/Free to play , xp pots, etc. you may end up taking a level before or after the progression. Avoid the trap of re gearing after every level. Have your gear ready and focus on going from quest…

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