The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot

I'm Not Squishy


Sometimes I get this thought in my head that I’d really like to play a mobile game. This is usually followed by an hour of scrolling through the Google Play store, downloading things, trying them out, and remembering why I don’t play mobile games.

This weekend, as I was scrolling through the Play store I saw a familiar name. The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot. I clicked on it to see who the developer was and sure enough, it was Ubisoft. You see, the Mighty Quest for Epic Loot, MQFEL from here on out, wasn’t always a mobile game. I believe it was even brought up in the Blaugust discord not too long ago.



It was an ARPG with a unique twist. The castles and dungeons you raided were built by other players. You had your own castle and you set traps and monsters for others to fight…

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DMs Guild Review – Down the Hole!

The Kind GM

Down the Hole!” is an adventure for a party of 3-6 characters of 1st to 2nd level.

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Do dailies keep you gaming? #Blaugust2019


Gaming time has been a bit restricted of late, but I have been regularly logging into Everquest 2 and Star Wars the Old Republic – mostly it has to be said to do dailies.

In the former game I’ve no set goals to do other than the Days of Summer quests. If not doing those at a leisurely pace, I’m most likely to be found looping around the Plane of Magic doing the repeatable faction quests while also gathering and ticking off the two random tasks for the daily reward. Achieving these two select tasks is always very easy to do in limited time, for instance gather 40 resources and kill 8 different types of creature. It helps that I’m doing other easy things layered onto that – the faction quests are spread around this medium sized zone.

When playing SWTOR I’m most likely to be doing a round of…

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Raids week 136

Micki's Delirium

Raids 136 were Wednesday August 14, and Saturday August 17. Here is the list.


1. Project Nemesis LH
Osi says LH is the usual so we we did LH. This run went quite a bit better than our first LH attempt. Check out the video below. Completion time: 21 min, 56 s. Loot: 84 Nemesis runes, 30 threads of fate, Ethereal Gaze, Baz’Morath, the Curator of Decay and Wildwood Wrists.

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Persuasion Check: Unearthed Arcana – Barbarian and Monk

Ready To Role

We haven’t seen an Unearthed Arcana in about three months, but finally our friends at Wizards of the Coast have shown up with some awesome new class options for the Barbarian and Monk classes!

The Barbarian is getting the Path of the Wild Soul while the Monk gets the Way of the Astral Path. The Wild Soul Barbarian is a take similar in feel and flavor to the Wild Soul Sorcerer; random surges of magic that can be honed over time to go from chaotic to constructive! And the Astral Path Monk has a cool theme, effectively summoning an astral embodiment of the monk themselves that they can project onto their own body. Let’s take a quick look at their new abilities and I’ll share my thoughts as we go.

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Same old story: video games and replayability

Later Levels

Last month I asked readers how they felt about character-switching in video games. Do you enjoy being able to see a digital world through the eyes of multiple protagonists? After playing The Little Acre and changing characters every 05:10 minutes on average, I was reminded of exactly why I don’t enjoy the mechanic during adventures.

This month I’ve got another question for you: do you immediately replay releases you’ve just completed to make different choices or see other endings? The reason I ask is because of an article I came across on the website recently with the headline: In the past, YouTubers were very problematic… Suddenly they became our allies. This was about a discussion between Quantic Dream founder David Cage and Hazelight Studios founder Josef Fares at the Gamelab conference in July 2019.

They talked about the impact of platforms such as Twitch and YouTube on…

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The Eastern Countries Trail Map (1989): D&D Known World Setting

Wayne's Books

“From the northern reaches of Vestland to Thyatis, and as far east as the mighty Isle of Dawn, TM2 picks up where TM1 ended. TM2 shows the eastern D&D Game Known World and brings new facts about traveling costs, rates of exchange, universities, geopolitical intelligence, and more!

All this comes in 8-miles per hex Gazetteer style, on an impressive 36″ by 57″, highly detailed, full-color map.”

The Known World of Dungeons & Dragons was detailed in a series of Gazetteers. Later – early 90s – the classic campaign setting would be known as Mystara.

The Eastern Countries Trail Map (TM2)
1989 … TSR 9404 … ISBN 0880387831

Trail Maps in the shop

DD-TM2 full This map is huge! 36″ by 57″. That’s almost five feet tall in the long dimension. Here’s a photo of me with the map for scale.

DD-TM1 bDD-TM1 b back

DD-TM2 detail 1 Rockhome: The Dwarves

DD-TM2 detail 2 Empire of Thyatis

DD-TM2 detail 3 Map legend

DD-TM2 detail 4 Medical…

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Joy in the moments 2019 #blaugust


We’re entering the Developer Appreciation Week segment of Blaugust 2019 as of today. Part of Blaugust this year for me is to do updates on posts I’ve done in previous years. Last year I posted about taking joy in the moments of gaming. By coincidence I posted something along these lines just this last week while playing SWTOR.

Although we’re done with ‘Getting to know you week’ now this topic is one that is close to my heart. I do get rather a lot of joy from mmorpg gaming, so such posts are easy for me to write. It explains why I post a lot about “my recent gaming session” as I want to express through blogging the enjoyment these games give me.

For example, in recent sessions I’ve been able to indulge my love of impressive or unusual robots (aka droids) thanks to Bioware’s efforts in Star…

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A trip down nostalgia lane

Later Levels

It’s time for some sentimentality and yearning for a return to past periods in my gaming history, with some particular titles that evoke the feeling of nostalgia for me.

This is a very subjective topic and I’d love the opportunity to share my own memories and see how they compare to yours. Most of the following games come from the late 1990s when I finally had my own income and could buy any release I wanted – or one every few months at least.

1997: Tomb Raider II

A friend and I had reached level 14 together, the ice palace, and had just pulled a lever before leaving Lara Croft standing still while we checked a game guide for what to do next. We had left our progress un-paused for quite some time with the character stood facing the wall, so our view was restricted. We had no idea there…

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World of Greyhawk, folio edition (3rd print) – A thing of beauty

Wayne's Books

The lesser known older brother of the World of Greyhawk box set is the Folio edition (1980-1).  This nice 3rd print came through the shop and demanded a photoshoot.

WOG 3rd folio booklet set b-001

World of Greyhawk, folio edition
1980-1981 … Gary Gygax & Allen Hammack (editor);  David C. Sutherland, Erol Otus, David S. LaForce (art);  Darlene Pekul (maps) … TSR 9025 … ISBN 0935696237

World of Greyhawk at our reference site

Greyhawk items in our shop inventory

WOG 3rd folio folder cover WOG 3rd folio folder back WOG 3rd folio folder inside WOG 3rd folio booklet cover WOG 3rd folio booklet back

WOG 3rd folio booklet back editThe Acaeum notes for the Folio’s 3rd printing that Erol Otus & David S. LaForce are now properly credited for their art

WOG 3rd folio booklet detail 1 One of the best parts of earlier TSR releases is that Erol Otus art is everywhere.

WOG 3rd folio booklet detail 2 editThe Acaeum notes for the Folio’s 3rd printing: “Map symbols are now included on the chart on page 4”

WOG 3rd folio booklet detail 3 Migration routes

WOG 3rd folio booklet detail 4WOG 3rd folio booklet detail 5

WOG 3rd folio booklet detail 6 This looks like David C. Sutherland to me

WOG 3rd folio booklet detail 7

WOG 3rd folio booklet entire map Darlene’s giant Greyhawk map has to be one of the Eight…

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