Sometimes you have to solo

Micki's Delirium

I’m generally not a fan of soloing, as I enjoy the company of other players.. so unless I’m multiboxing, I tend to lfm for the quests I want to do. But with the addition of reaper difficulty and the limitations of it, getting people to join my lfm has been getting harder. Getting joiners for EE was already difficult at times, but reaper has become a challenge. I don’t like waiting around too long for people to join my lfm, so most of the time I’ll pick a difficulty I can (with some difficulty) solo and hope that someone joins me in progress.

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Why I don’t enable voice chat

DDO Outrage

Something that crossed my mind recently, and feel like I should probably post about.

Occasionally, there will be some idiots in my party who expect everyone to have voice chat enabled, and don’t even check to see whether the rest of the party can actually hear them. Yes, there is a way to check this.


See that nice, green, speaker-shaped icon that is either present or absent from your party icon? If you didn’t know what it does, then now you have no excuse for not knowing. That icon indicates whether the party member in question has voice chat enabled. If the green icon is absent, then there’s zero chance whatsoever that the person can hear what you are saying (unless, of course, you know that person in real life and are actually playing in the same room as one another). But even when that green icon is there, it…

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I colored Cerge’s hair!

Micki's Delirium

Cerge is a shadarkai this life, and since I’ve liked him blond, I made him blond this life as well. I tend to collect the hair dyes that drop from chests at times, and I send them to a bank character that stores them. This time, though, I had two hair dyes in Cerge’s inventory, burgundy and scarlet, and I figured why not so I used the burgundy. I think I like it. What say you?


🙂 That’s all for this post.
Thank you for stopping by.

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Raids week 32

Micki's Delirium

This time interest was a bit higher than last time. Checking the screenshots, at half past 9 (4.30 pm EST) the raid (R2 TS) was already in progress. I got joiners rather quickly and got our strength char also before the party filled. Someone sent a tell asking me to save a spot, which I did, but the raid finished before he could finish the VOD run he was in. This time I decided to go to fire instead of ice, and even though we had to do both fire and ice twice due to failed timing, I didn’t die and managed to implode a number of mephits. The raid progressed quickly and even the end fight was much faster than last time. We finished in 22 minutes.

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Whisper’s Remains

Dyson's Dodecahedron

On the western shore of the Ahr Shallows is a stony beach and sea cave known as the Whisper Shore because of cracks in the stones that whistle and whisper as waves move in and out of the sea cave below.

Whispers Remains Whispers Remains

Above the sea cave is the remains of a small keep that was erected here and was then abandoned during the last great war. The fallen keep sits quietly now, surrounded by stones and whispers. The understructures of the keep are hidden by a concealed door built into the flagstones within the keep proper. These chambers lead to a locked and rusted door into Whisper Sea Cave proper.

This map was originally drawn last summer for RPG Crate where it was paired with a short adventure. It is presented here free for your personal use and enjoyment.


The maps on Dyson’s Dodecahedron are released for free personal…

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E3 2017 Round Up and Thoughts: Microsoft


This was it; after 4 years of being on the backfoot, Microsoft were about to lay into Sony and claim a major victory in the current gen console war. For the first time this generation they, and only they, had new hardware to show off and it is “the most powerful console ever made” – this was Microsoft’s year, and they got their press conference on an absolute flier!

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D&D and social skills

Confessions of a Geek Mom

Panda had the opportunity this Spring to get into group at her social skills center that ran a D&D group for 6wks.  It was only for kids that go to Skills in Motion.  It was run by a DM and had 6 spots available.  I jumped on that so quick that I think her head spun.  I quickly signed her up and paid the money for her to go.

I had written in the past about people using D&D to teach social skills and to help Autistic teens.

She had a blast.  She played a halfling rogue!!!  And she did a great job.  She scouted ahead.  She disabled traps.  She did take damage, but enjoyed each session.  As a group, they rescued someone from bullies(social skills group after all)  Now, due to the nature of her disability, getting any more information than that was difficult.  She does not relay information…

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It’s Summer! Games Must Be on Sale

I'm Not Squishy

The Steam Summer Sale and all it’s goodness are upon us again. Honestly, I thought I’d be more excited. Now I’m not one of those people who were all up in arms about the removal of the daily deals of years past. They were nice to find new games I wouldn’t have found otherwise but they weren’t all that enticing usually.

This year, there isn’t all that many games that I want and the games I do want are the price I was expecting them to be at. My mustbuys for this sale are Grim Dawn, Elite:Dangerous, and Cities Skylines. I’ve been waiting until I had a computer that could run them to play these. Also, my friends are all getting Killing Floor 2 so I’ll be picking that up too.

Everything else is up in the air. What I did last year was look through my wish list and…

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My picks from e3 2017 


IMG_3433Here it is folks, my game picks from E3 2017! Prepare to be excited and prepare to be disappointed because I know for a fact there’ll be people in both camps!

I can’t please you all, and to be honest – I’m not even going to try!

This list is based entirely off my own personal taste; so, if you want to flame them, please do it in the comments or @me on twitter! I will try to better justify my choices if you can give me a succinct reason why you disagree with them being on my list!

Let the fun begin.

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I gnome my way around

Even Now

Do I really know my way around? In general, OH HELLZ NAW. But I’ve run the Lords of Dust chain enough that I mostly don’t get lost there. Well, there is that ONE part in Servants of the Overlord where you’re running around looking for crests and there are a lot of passageways branching off here and there – I do tend to forget which ones I’ve already done. But that’s just extra backtracking rather than actual lost-ness.

Besides, Sunday it didn’t matter what I ran – I could be confident I’d gnome my way around because I was on Trici, my totally adorable though undergeared and kinda gimped gnome artificer… or “gnomificer,” as she prefers to be called.

I was figuring on a solo night – Slvr was out of town, Seki was being a dad on Father’s Day, Citi should have been doing his grocery shopping (but was…

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