Firetha 6.0

Micki's Delirium

I generally don’t make TR builds, but most my builds are made for playing at 30 or at least in epics. Now I find myself again attempting to make a TR build for Firetha that will be played only from 1 to 20. Last life I did a vistani that turned out to be a lot  better caster than melee as I got closer to 20. I now wanted to do a similar build, but switch to caster a lot sooner. As I’m trying to pick feats I’m starting to think that this isn’t going to work. If I want my char to be a strong caster type, I can’t be any kind of good at melee. This is what I came up with, with (again) some suggestions from Hamster. The spell order might change.

Firetha Favored Soul 20 True Neutral Tiefling Stats 36pt Tome Level Up ---- ---- --------…

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Blapril 2020: Taking up the blogging pen

Bio Break

This post is part of the game community collaborative blogging project known as Blapril. Find out more about Blapril, including how you can get connected and involved, over at Tales of the Aggronaut.

As our household has been adjusting to teaching kids at home, we’ve been reorganizing our house into a semi-educational facility. Getting the kids connected to devices that they could use for distance learning was important, and so we dusted off a pair of chromebooks that have been sitting on a shelf for a couple of years. My daughter immediately took possession of one, not for internet use or gaming, but to write. She’s got the writing bug BAD, and now we find her sitting on the couch, furiously typing away at pages and pages of her first book.

It’s great to see that writing bug bite her, because I know exactly how that feels. Ever since…

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Roundtable Discussion: How Gaming Changed, 2010-2020


As we leap forth into a brand new decade that’s sure to be brimming with lots of gaming goodness, we here at Virtual Bastion thought we’d take a moment to look back on how gaming has evolved over the course of the last decade. From the bells of New Year’s Day 2010 to the final toasty beverage sips of 2019, the game industry forged multiple paths, navigated the lines between new and old, and provided players with an abundance of memorable experiences. While the 2010s in gaming were marked with stratospheric highs and divisive lows, a lot can be said for the amount of innovation and experimentation in gaming that occurred over ten years. Virtual reality became a reality, indie games became just games, and many folks pushed boundaries in attempting to answer the biggest question of all: what is a video game?

There’s lots to discuss as the three…

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Interview with a Professional DM

Boccob's Blessed Blog

Professional DM Image from

We sat down with GM Jeremy, a professional game master.

What differentiates a casual DM from a professional DM?
I would say the expectations from the players. Anytime a customer is purchasing a professional service there is the expectation of excellent customer service, a high quality product, within an inclusive and respectful environment.
What services do you offer?
I provide game mastering services for a variety of table top role-playing games including D&D 5e, AD&D, Call of Cthulhu, Star Wars, Star Trek, Aliens, Fate, and Apocalypse World.
Due to the massive popularity of D&D 5e I also offer workshops on learning how to play D&D online using tools like Roll20.

Professional dungeon mastering is a controversial topic in our community, why do you think that is?
I really don’t think it is very controversial. I think Social Media provides a small percentage of people to have a really…

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New Releases: April 2020

Featured Title – Final Fantasy VII Remake

Years in the making, Final Fantasy 7 Remake brings players back to the world of Midgar to experience the story like you never have before. Completely reimagined from the ground up, this retelling of the classic RPG features a more action-focused combat system, expanded story, and jaw-dropping visuals. The scope of the game has expanded so greatly that it will be told over multiple parts. For both fans of the original and those experiencing it for the first time, Final Fantasy 7 Remake promises to have plenty of surprises in store for us.

New Releases – April 2020

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Bargain Bin Gaming: April, 2020

Cannibal Halfling Gaming

Welcome to Kickstarter Wonk! This month we’ll take a look at ten Kickstarter campaigns that definitely exist, that people can definitely pledge money to! 

April Fools! Now, fooling aside, there’s a very good reason that there’s no Kickstarter Wonk this month, namely that there are no Kickstarters (not *no* Kickstarters, but you know my spiel). This is not because of any peculiarity in the RPG world, but rather a peculiarity in the real world. In less euphemistic terms, a global pandemic. On one hand, creators have had to refocus their time into activities that keep food on the table. On the other, many people who would typically have a budget for things like Kickstarter projects are finding their money diverted as large chunks of the economy shut down, and jobs along with them. Because of this, many creators have determined that there’s way less money to go around for Kickstarter…

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Hoarding in MMORPGs #EQ2 #WoW


Massively have a post from the 26 March discussing hoarding in MMORPGs. It’s a topic I’ve been thinking about since as I have various inventory management troubles in different games that I play. This post isn’t about organising items though, it’s about what I keep and why. I’m not a “lost cause” hoarder by nature, if I do keep things a long time it’s usually because of forgetfulness. I have no problem with getting rid of things normally.

No comment…

But in MMORPGs there are certain types of items that I tend to keep way past their usefulness, hence this list:

1) Crafting materials

I generally enjoy crafting in most MMORPGs at least to dabble. I like my characters to have a measure of self-sufficiency at least at the ‘account’ level. That is to say I’d only have one alchemist in a given game who can supply all my characters…

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Syp’s gaming goals for April 2020

Bio Break

March 2020 in review

  • Well, I don’t think this month went like ANYONE planned, unless you were some sort of doomsday prognosticator. In any case, both life in general and my gaming routine was upended with the COVID-19 outbreak, and I found myself cycling through several different games.
  • I made good progress on Lord of the Rings Online’s progression server, hitting level 83 in Rohan and dabbling in the spring festival a bit to get a hedgehog pet.
  • Two sessions in Elder Scrolls Online, and I officially finished up the first Elsweyr zone. While the combat continues to do nothing for me, the setting and story are still pretty engaging.
  • Neverwinter went back into mothballs, as did World of Warcraft Classic. I had some good fun in both in recent times, but they weren’t sticky enough nor did they provide enough of a sense of community to keep…

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Real Neat Blog Award

Gaming Omnivore

I’ve been tagged for the Real Neat Blog Award! This time by DanamesX at Tales from the Backlog. Thank you for the nomination! I really enjoyed the recent posts by DanamesX describing some Super Nintendo favorites growing up or finally crossing Final Fantasy VI from the backlog and I encourage you to check out their site if you haven’t already. I’ll get straight down to business, starting with the rules…

– Display the awardlogo

– Thank the blogger who nominated you and post a link to their site

– Answer the questions of the one who nominated you

– Nominate 7 – 10 bloggers

– Ask them 7 questions

Alright then, let’s do this!

Yes or No?

I’ll have to go with no…I tend to generally be the pessimistic “why should I?” type of person.

Do you experience aches and pains in your body?

Not really, fortunately for…

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Six classic PC games that still hold up great today

Bio Break

So here’s a question related to our situation: Are you getting through your gaming backlog during your new life at home? I can see that happening, and I can also see people going back to old favorites as comfort gaming food. And since I’ve been going through classic PC games over the past several years here on Bio Break, I thought I’d make a recommendation of six games that were not only great back in the day but are still very enjoyable even in 2020.

I’ll start by holding up The Secret of Monkey Island and LeChuck’s Revenge, because humor doesn’t ever really age badly. What was funny in 1990 is still pretty dang funny 30 years later. And the fact that both of these titles received facelifts that make them more modern if you want that experience.

Over in the RPG side of things, Star Control 2 was…

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