Izobella (3)

Ilyanas Tomb of Doom


Izobell’a trust in her companions, Raavana and Sveral, had grown strong, for Sveral had sworn fealty on one knee before her, and Raavana had agreed to be further tested by a trial of blood.

“Scout through Ostland, kill as many of the Empire as you can find, and trade their weapons for gold and silver, for our group can not grow without it. Come and and seek me again when twelve gold coins rattle in your belt-purse.”

Raavanna the dark elf nodded proudly, bowed her head slightly, and immediately began sorting her gear for war. She was proud to be asked to set upon a blood mission by her leader, though human the magus be. The mission made sense in a world devoid of belief in the druchii gods. For surely any fool could see the dark elf religion was a ruse, a thing devised to control the young, to…

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Weird Game Pricings


….it never works out 1 to 1 does it?


Here in the UK we are used to getting slightly ripped off for new game prices – especially in the digital space. When a digital only game releases over here and it’s going to be $20 that usually equates to an almost guarantee that it will be £15 or £15.99 on the UK store. Sometimes though, things happen that go a step further into the bizarre.

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Troll Country II

Ilyanas Tomb of Doom


Ok, so I’m minding my own business last night, murdering NPC elves in their spic and span courtyards of tighty-whitey grandeur, and what do I see roll forth on Chat ? Baby WahWah!!!!

Yes, Baby WahWah apparently made an appearance last night on Chat, for this individual was adamant that we all share in their rage, all share in their WahWah despair that only a nihilist would find comforting.

Did I mention that WahWah typed all of this in the Advice channel? Yes, the freaking Advice channel, which of late has been a catch-all for jokers and emos of all levels.

“That’s it,” WahWah concluded, “I’m switching to Order. I might as well because I keep getting beat by them!”

It’s none of my business. I’m not a GM. But it is my business, sorta. It is my business to say on this platform that if you–the player–chose Destruction’s archetypes…

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Nintendo to release a SNES Mini Classic this year 


Eurogamer have a source who has revealed that Nintendo are to release a SNES Classic Mini in 2017.

This news comes just days after Nintendo discontinued the NES Mini Classic worldwide and it does explain that move.

This rumour certainly has some weight to it as well. It was Eurogamer and their source who broke the news about the NES Mini months before it was officially announced!

They know their stuff so watch this space!

We can assume that this will follow the same format as the NES Classic featuring 30 games, HDMI output, display options and super short controller cables!

If this does come to be true I’ll be preordering it because I don’t want to miss this at all!

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My Picks From the PSN Easter Sale


PSN is having yet another sale, and again it is absolutely brilliant which will be brutal on wallets all over the world!

However with over 700 offers spread over the three (four if you count PSVR) platforms; how in the hell are you supposed to find the good stuff?

It’s a good thing I pre-empted this question, because I have chosen a number of games that I think are worth your time or the money investment!

There is less than a week left to avail of these amazing offers; so get that credit card ready and prepare to weep as you purchase more games than you could ever possibly play!

You’re welcome!

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Thoughts on the NES Classic

Me Vs. Myself and I

I first wrote thoughts down about the NES Classic when it was announced last summer. Like most gamers my age, I was hyped for a chance to play not only some games that I owned a loved as a child, but some of the titles that I missed. With the updated system, we get a small sample size of the existing games catalog, but in that regard the packed-in titles are worth every penny. At the $60 price point that was announced, that is. In typical Nintendo fashion, demand outweighed supply so when the console released in November 2016, they sold out rather quickly. I know I looked everywhere I could think that sells games around the release date and had no luck. One of my friends camped out and got one, but he was the only person I knew that did. Nintendo’s next press release said that they…

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Nintendo discontinue the NES Classic Mini worldwide


Today it was confirmed by Eurogamer that not only has Nintendo discontinued the NES Mini in North America and Japan but they have also discontinued it here in Europe too! 

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Why Nintendo’s SNES Mini Might Follow The Same Route As The NES

Musings of a Mario Minion

Nintendo’s plan to release a SNES Mini console for the Christmas market this year was revealed by sources close to Eurogamer today. That means Nintendo’s clearly happy with the response to their mini NES console over the past few months, and the news might answer some questions fans have over the fact that the NES Mini has been discontinued.

To be honest, I wasn’t that surprised when Nintendo announced earlier this month that the NES Classic had finished its production run. The console has been highly sought after over the past few months due to its rarity, which while not bringing Nintendo as much sales in return, definitely aligned the company with the values it used to be associated with.

nes classic mini console

With the fall of the Wii U it quickly became obvious that Nintendo wasn’t the industry figurehead it once was. However, the Japanese giant still had two things to hold…

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Cyberpunking it up!

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Not much to post here, except my excitement at dragging out the old classic CyberPunk RPG again after nearly a decade. I ran “Breaking Glass” from the old Rockerboy supplement to the original game using a mashup of 2013 / 2020 and homebrew rules. The whole thing ran in about 2 hours including an impromptu 25 minutes happening before the adventure as written begins as the security team tries to bring the starlet to the party in time for her appearance when she would rather be shopping.

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7 MMO cosmetic wardrobe systems, ranked

Bio Break

Here’s a little thought exercise I’ve been going through lately after having a discussion about cosmetic systems on the MOP podcast. We had been asked which was the best MMO wardrobe system, which I initially thought was an easy answer… and then, long after the podcast was done, started to revise my response. Ultimately, I asked myself how I would rank the systems present in the MMOs I’ve played the most in the last, oh, five years or so, and this is what I came up with going from best to worst.


There’s a lot of factors that go into a truly great cosmetic wardrobe system, and believe it or not, WildStar checks off most of those boxes. It’s got great armor design, plenty of cosmetic pieces, a system that remembers loot you’ve collected, multiple outfit slots, two dye channels, fun dyes, and an accessible system (which is a…

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