Shining Stars: Boosting the Damage

The Order of Syncletica

Szyncletica1Szyncletica, my third Ninja Spy, who specializes in throwing stars as her primary weapon, had minor teething pains, all expected. Perhaps I should say that her player had teething pains, primarily since a thrower is a different breed of Monk, like Henshin Mystics.

Nevertheless, she’s extremely fun to play and is my current obsession. She’s gained 7 levels since I rolled her up last week.

I think she takes down enemies faster at-level than either my Artificer, the semi-retired Arcammedes (my resident crafter) or my Arcane Archer, Pynthetica, now recently TR’d to become a Half-Elf Arcane Archer Monk (just to see how it works).

If you’re building one, take note of a few things.

Unarmed Fighting and Low STR

You don’t have good kung fu, frankly. With a very low STR (8), you don’t cause sufficient damage for many enemies. It’s good to have some handwraps when some oozes…

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The Quest the Druid’s Curse

Erdrique's Blog

Last week, I wrote about how Larrs (Level 20 Bard/Fatesinger) took a stroll through the quest Thorn and Paw.  Well, right after I finished Thorn and Paw, I went ahead and picked up the quest The Druid’s Curse and ventured into that quest to complete the The Druid’s Deep story arc.  Now, just like Thorn and Paw, I’ve only run The Druid’s Curse a couple of times so I decided to to run the quest on heroic even though Larrs is level 20.  The heroic the quest is still level 17 on normal as opposed to being level 23 on epic normal.  Plus, I still felt like I needed to feel the quest out and I already knew that the end fight with Halsaime can be quite challenging on epic difficulties and since I still wanted to learn the quest I didn’t want it to become a source of…

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I want you to get excited about your life

Micki's Delirium

I hear dr Phil’s voice in my head when I say those words (see Dr Phil House Intro Theme Episode). U23 was just out in ddo, and I will soon post a blog about my experience in epic Orchard, but right now I would like to talk about me, us, ppl, players. Why do you play ddo? What is it that keeps you coming back? Mmo’s can have an addictive effect. Are you addicted and if so, why? Have you thought about it? Does it affect your personality?

For me, it’s rather simple. I’m an introvert. I don’t like ppl. I don’t like the sounds they make or the smells that surround them. Most of the time I want ppl to stay away from me, and I keep my headphones on at work, so I won’t hear the ppl around me. Sometimes my headphones don’t block out the sound…

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The Mystery of the Finishing Move

The Order of Syncletica

(Credit: Claudio Pozos) (Credit: Claudio Pozas)

I am not surprised, in my travels, on what monastic abilities are used more often than others.

By far, the most popular ability for most players is the feat, Stunning Fist, and for good reason.

But is that all there is to being a Monk? To stun things.

I say, “Nay, nay!”

My adventures with Kiricletica have allowed me to acquaint myself to the mystical powers inherent in the finishing moves available to all Monks. Since she plays completely alone, the solitude forced me to review and utilize anything I could do to gain an advantage against the hordes. Kiri may be a ninja, but the Conservation of Ninjutsu only goes so far.

A Primer on Finishing Moves

For those newer to Monks than others, a finishing move is a spell-like ability made by combining three ki attacks, often the elemental attacks from your training based…

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This Week in Pictures

grimordes blog

Because I’m too lazy to write…

Oh, OK maybe a few things then. The 35% boost to heroic XP (for VIPs, 20% for other DDO players) worked out very useful as we had Friday off work. Thursday night we ran the Orchard of the Macabre quests, which gave us enough XP to level up to 17 (18 banked). On Friday we hit Litany, running elite x 2 (Vol & Cinnis), hard x 1 (Mentau) and normal x 1 (Cholthulzz). So, guildies – we’re flagged for Abbot this life if you fancy running it…

Cinnis in Litany

Vol in Litany

Cholthulzz in Litany

You’d think, after the 4th consecutive run,
he’d remember who I was….

We ran the quests that get you over to Wheloon (Disciples of Shar, Escape Plan, Shadow of a Doubt), Harbinger of Madness chain & Acid Wit, capping out the banked XP by running explorers & slays…

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Questing over the Weekend, September 26 to 28

Erdrique's Blog

The questing this past weekend began with a slayer run through Tangleroot Gorge with Hamllin (Level 11 Fighter).  Now I realize that Hamllin is getting very little out of this explorer area but I like to them maxed out prior to moving to the next one.  Hamllin still needs one more rare encounter out there and is currently working on his last slayer mark then he can move to Three Barrel Cove, Searing Heights, Sorrowdusk Isle and then to the Red Fens.  I think I just need to do some more slayer runs with him just to catch him back up.  I was able to stay on top of these more efficiently with Erdrique, mainly because I would run them on the weekends prior to hitting up any quests.  Looks like I need to do this with Hamllin as well.

Nice overlook of Tangleroot Gorge photo NiceoverlookofTanglerootGorge_zps8dce3607.jpg
Hamllin overlooking the river in Tangleroot…

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A Look Back at Erdrique’s Druid’s Life

Erdrique's Blog

Over the weekend, I hit level 20 with Erdrique who was working on a druid life.  This particular iteration for Erdrique was extremely enjoyable.  I have to admit, I was quite worried about this particular life because I never played a druid up until now.  However, from the time Erdrique was able to shape change to a wolf until the time he was able to cast Earthquake, I had a blast playing him as a druid.  Since I tend to favor the melee side of things, I primarily leveled him through the Nature’s Warrior Enhancement line.  I found a number of its abilities in combination with a number of druid spells extremely effective and just plain to use.

I really found the enhancements Alpha Strike, Essense of the Strike, Fatal Harrier, and Hide of the Crocodile probably the most beneficial enhancements for me.  I would use Alpha Strike primarily…

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Solo’ing ee’s on Thaz at/ under level

Micki's Delirium

In the previous blog I was comparing Thaz and Cerge in ee Outbreak at lvl 24, and was thinking of how to improve Thaz to get her to match Cerge’s run of the quest. I redid her enhancements, swapped out radiant aura for divine disciple tier 5 enhancements, and dropped her heals a bit for lower spellcost when using metas. I also recorded a macro with Razer Synapse (the software that comes with Razer products) for my spell rotation to be used during the boss fights. What the macro does is that it runs through the spells you’ve selected and casts the one that is off timer. This allows you to cast your spells faster, and reduces the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome due to the fact that you don’t have to hit your keys as much and as often as you would without the script.

The changes I did…

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Thaz vs Cerge, a comparison take 2

Micki's Delirium

This life Cerge is a morninglord fvs, 1 cleric/ 19 fvs, and I’ve been feeling like he’s pretty good, does well in ee’s and I can solo stuff. So I decided to solo ee Outbreak at lvl 24 (one level under level), which went fine. I have, though, been feeling like my cleric is just better, she has more spells and things die faster. So, to do a proper comparison, I took Thaz into ee Outbreak at 24 to see how she’d do.

The result? Cerge has much less wisdom and lower spell DCs than Thaz, but he killed the red names faster, his spells did more damage per hit. Cerge also took less damage and didn’t need to heal quite as much as Thaz did. Cerge finished the quest in 19 min, for Thaz it took 24, which includes one death. Cerge used 11 mana pots, Thaz 12. Technically…

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