A Look at My Mechanic Rogue-Sludgge

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I was asked to write up a blog about Sludgge, my Mechanic rogue a few weeks ago.  Sludgge is one of my oldest characters who was originally created to be part of a static warforged group.  When I had first created him, our gang had decided that all of our warforged characters for this group would take at least one level of wizard or sorcerer in able to repair ourselves and each other with wands when necessary.  So for a log time Sludgge had one level of wizard.  However, when we received our +20 Lesser Hearts of Wood I was able to take that level out and I was able to upgrade him from a 28 point build to a 32 point build.

Sludgge has always been a rogue and he has always been a Mechanic rogue (since that prestige enhancement was first created).  Sludgge currently stands at level…

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