Let’s See More Attack Animations!

The Order of Syncletica

If there were any one new cosmetic addition you could add to Dungeons & Dragons Online, what would it be?

My wish might be for more attack animations.

Attack animations shouldn’t be impossible to code in. In fact, we’ve seen a new one with a new class not long ago: the rune arm attack with the Artificer. I’m not sure if the addition of Orbs also changed how mages seem to work as well. So it’s not a matter of impossibility.

Attack animations would be purely aesthetic and not change one iota of your abilities.

So why not consider new attack animations based on a few criteria?

  • Class
  • Tree
  • Cosmetics


The Artificer looks like any other class with a sword or a crossbow without a rune arm equipped. That should be its default. Because of what a rune arm is, you can’t really have it work other ways. Same…

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