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As it goes, I’m getting ready to TR both Cerge and Maidae. When they hit 28 that is, which may be a few weeks yet, as I play multiple toons. The plan with Maidae has been to do 3 monk lives, 3 fighter and one barbarian, and she’s currently got 2 monk, 1 barb and 1 fighter (current) life under her belt. This life she’s been a cetus copy and I would like to do a handwraps build next life… just because I haven’t done one since the enhancement changes in U19. Before them I sort of knew how to do a good monk, after I didn’t so I didn’t make one, lol. Now I would like to go back to the wraps… and the fact that I just pulled ee Ivy Wraps the other day, makes my choice just a little bit clearer.

So here’s the build I was…

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