Trogs, Trogs, and More Trogs-A look at the Quest Acid Wit

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This past weekend I took Erdrique (Level 18 Druid) along with some other Crypt Crawlers and a few PUGs through one of the more difficult quests, Acid Wit.  Acid Wit is located in The Twelve and the quest giver is named Magus Littleton.  Evidently Magus Littleton did some experimentation on a clan of Troglodytes and that clan has sworn revenge on him and are trying to bring down the Tower of the Twelve.  Magus asks for your help resolving this issue.

The quest is a level 15 quest on normal which makes it a level 17 quest on elite.  The enemies you encounter are numerous however the types of enemies you encounter are rather limited.  Within the first few steps of the dungeon/cave you will encounter a group of bats but after that initial encounter, the only other monsters you come across are acid stone earth elementals and acid…

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