Cerge does ees.. again

Micki's Delirium

I’ve been focusing mainly on running ee sagas lately, except for raid night with Osi on Saturdays. I was levelling Cerge and Thaz at the same time last time and I kept feeling like Thaz was just better… might be because she was just that much better geared. Well, I picked up a second twilight, and eTR’d Cerge. I did the three Eveningstar chains and Web of Chaos ee with pug and then posted for ee Druid’s chain the other day. As always I have no interest in waiting for a full group, or any group, lol, I leave the lfm up and ppl can join when or if they want. I had one joiner before I stepped in. I really didn’t have any expectations at all on Cerge’s abilities (he was 23 at the time), but I buffed up and started attacking the trash mobs. It went a lot…

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