Enemy Profile-Acid-scar Hunter

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I recently wrote about the quest Acid Wit.  One of the enemies inside this quest is called the Acid-scar Hunter.  The Acid-scar hunters are the troglodyte rangers/archers in this pack of enemies that you encounter.  These particular enemies are spread throughout all of the Acid-scar Caverns.  They are basically stationed in the back behind the Acid-scar stalkers and Acid-scar warriors providing cover fire for their melee companions.  They also act as cover for dangerous Acid-scar shamans that are also spread throughout the quest.

Acid Scar Hunter 2 photo AcidScarHunter2_zpsb351d08d.jpgThe group taking on an Acid-scar troglodyte.

Like the other troglodytes in this particular quest, they are immune to acid based attacks.  On elite,these troglodytes have 1,300 to 1,500 hit points or so.  They tend to be susceptible to stunning attack blows and I know I was able to trip them frequently while in winter wolf form.  I also found them susceptible to my iced…

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