Full Encounter Control

The Order of Syncletica

These guys know how to role-play in AD&L (Advanced Dungeons & Lawyers). Credit: Tegehel These guys know how to role-play in AD&L (Advanced Dungeons & Lawyers).
Watch out for that OBJECTION! intimidate move!
Credit: Tegehel

Yep, I’m going to keep going with comparisons to DDO with the light novel/anime show, Log Horizon. The show depicts RPG teamwork so well that it should be required viewing/reading by all players.

With several of my characters redefined a bit based on the show’s “Assassin” and “Guardian” (more on the Assassin in another post), I’m reviewing who might best fit the role of the “Enchanter,” a class that provides critical party support to augment ally attacks or degenerate enemy defenses.

What’s harder here is that the Enchanter to emulate is Shiroe, the main character of the show. As he describes himself, Enchanters have weak attacks so they are best a party support character. But Shiroe’s successes come less from what spells he knows but in how

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