Going pure while taking a break for Wasteland 2

Tactalicious & Craftalicious

A good quest to try out different builds in, is Servants out of the Web of Chaos chain. A longer quests with lots of diverse critters in many different type of scenarios. Some large mobs, some smaller, a little bit of demons (Hezraus and Fire Reavers), Tiger dudes and a ton of spiders, hellhounds and Drow.

I took my Swashbuckler there to confirm one simple observation; Swashbucklers are very effective on a few big targets but not so much on larger mobs. Granted; when I say not so much I don’t mean it as in impotent – Swashbucklers have plenty of defensive and offensive ways to manage large mobs – but unlike a nuking Sorc or cleaving fighter, much of this capability is ill suited for larger mobs.

The nice thing with Servants is that you can measure this pretty nicely; you have 5 bosses, 4 red named and 1…

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