The Real Heroes in DDO

The Order of Syncletica

I've been too much like this guy. Maybe we've all have been. I’ve been too much like this guy. Maybe we’ve all have been.

Not long ago, my guild leaders had, ingeniously, created a user chat channel on Ghallanda and then invited other guilds to link in. Result: a meta-guild chat channel where anyone can call for assistance, advice or just to talk. This helps a bit in trying to form up raids and other quests.

But often I cannot help, and I realize now I’m contributing to a larger problem.

DDO’s leveling system compels you to push yourself along. It doesn’t take long for a first-life character to go from 1 to 20 since there is no XP penalty.

Add in a Tome of Learning you received at the start, Experience Elixirs, a Voice of the Master, playthrough bonuses and other quest-related bonuses and your character will be capped before you can say “Troll in the dungeon!”

But what is harder…

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