Solo’ing ee’s on Thaz at/ under level

Micki's Delirium

In the previous blog I was comparing Thaz and Cerge in ee Outbreak at lvl 24, and was thinking of how to improve Thaz to get her to match Cerge’s run of the quest. I redid her enhancements, swapped out radiant aura for divine disciple tier 5 enhancements, and dropped her heals a bit for lower spellcost when using metas. I also recorded a macro with Razer Synapse (the software that comes with Razer products) for my spell rotation to be used during the boss fights. What the macro does is that it runs through the spells you’ve selected and casts the one that is off timer. This allows you to cast your spells faster, and reduces the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome due to the fact that you don’t have to hit your keys as much and as often as you would without the script.

The changes I did…

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