MyDDO: The Lost Mark

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What? What is this? Update 23 has been dubbed the Mark of Death? Well then, I guess it time for me to dust off the old tome of Eberron lore and explore into the thirteenth dragonmark, the lost mark, the mark of death.

Much of Eberron’s lore can be linked to the mark of death, but let me start at the beginning. The mark of death appeared along side the mark of shadow on the elven island of Aerenal.

It manifested in the bloodlines of the House of Vol. Those from this house experimented with negatively charged undead. This was seen as a major taboo to the elves of Aerenal. See the elves of this nation are led by the a group called the Undying Court. This group is comprised of positively charged undead called the deathless. However, even though this was taboo, they were still tolerated. Their downfall…

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  1. DDOCentral says:

    Excellent, detailed article on the Eberron lore surrounding the new raid, ‘The Mark of Death.’


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