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I hear dr Phil’s voice in my head when I say those words (see Dr Phil House Intro Theme Episode). U23 was just out in ddo, and I will soon post a blog about my experience in epic Orchard, but right now I would like to talk about me, us, ppl, players. Why do you play ddo? What is it that keeps you coming back? Mmo’s can have an addictive effect. Are you addicted and if so, why? Have you thought about it? Does it affect your personality?

For me, it’s rather simple. I’m an introvert. I don’t like ppl. I don’t like the sounds they make or the smells that surround them. Most of the time I want ppl to stay away from me, and I keep my headphones on at work, so I won’t hear the ppl around me. Sometimes my headphones don’t block out the sound…

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