The Quest the Druid’s Curse

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Last week, I wrote about how Larrs (Level 20 Bard/Fatesinger) took a stroll through the quest Thorn and Paw.  Well, right after I finished Thorn and Paw, I went ahead and picked up the quest The Druid’s Curse and ventured into that quest to complete the The Druid’s Deep story arc.  Now, just like Thorn and Paw, I’ve only run The Druid’s Curse a couple of times so I decided to to run the quest on heroic even though Larrs is level 20.  The heroic the quest is still level 17 on normal as opposed to being level 23 on epic normal.  Plus, I still felt like I needed to feel the quest out and I already knew that the end fight with Halsaime can be quite challenging on epic difficulties and since I still wanted to learn the quest I didn’t want it to become a source of…

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