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Even Now


Abs has a line in his profile that says something like, “Evennote was healed by you for 11,525 points.” Can’t remember the exact number, but that’s pretty close. So I was really proud of Jall when she hit her own not-very-heal-amped self for more than 15K a few weeks back. That’s with Unyielding Sovereignty, not a “normal” heal, just to be clear.

Tonight she was running EE Gianthold with Vey and Ray, and noticed that her aura was hitting Vey for close to 400. That’s some pretty nice heal amp, so when we were done, I decided to see what Jall could hit him for. The picture above is worth a thousand words… or 46,449 hit points.

I don’t get bragging rights with Abs, though, because he hit Sady for more than 50K the other night. But it’s a start… and now I want to try again in Exalted Angel…

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Stealth Ops: Diplomatic Impunity

The Order of Syncletica

There’s only one thing you must do in “Diplomatic Impunity“: Kill the Droaam commander.

And that’s what Sukitetica the Assassin did.

This is first in a series of summarized walkthroughs that will highlight stealth tactics for selected quests. Selection criteria include whether stealth gains advantages in resources (fighting and healing versus avoidance), completion speed, and experience earned.

Most importantly, quest selections are based on how freaking fun it is to beat a quest against seemingly insurmountable odds and without slaying hordes of things.

Normally, my Ninja Spies like Kiricletica do such fun stuff. She managed to kill the commander but had to dispatch three others–and died once on her solo attempt. Still impressive numbers, but Suki thought she could do better.

Part 1: Get to Ulluvian

Since Assassins aren’t the greatest in protracted fighting, relying on their Sneak Attack damage for greater DPS, it was prudent to…

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Taking a Look at the Quest The Claw of Vulkoor (Heroic)

Erdrique's Blog

The Claw of Vulkoor is part of the Red Fens chain.   All of these quests are level 9 on heroic, making then level 11 on elite.  I recently took Hamllin (Level 12 Fighter) through this interesting quest.  The quest giver for The Claw of the Vulkoor is a Raveneye Drow named Croaker, who is located at the refugee camp at the entrance to the Red Fens.  When you speak to Croaker, he informs you that the Raveneye need your help to retrieve a sacred relic of the scorpion god, Vulkoor.  Evidently, Vulkoor will bestow this relic to those in need but in order to retrieve the relic you have to pass Vulkoor’s trial.  Evidently, Vulkoor has sent the Claw down inside the territory of a powerful fire giant clan, known as the Sulat League, and it is expected that they won’t allow any drow into their territory.  The…

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Instant karma

Even Now


I love the “pay it forward” concept – someone does something nice for you, and instead of returning the favor to them, you do something nice for someone else who needs it. Even though I recently passed my third anniversary on DDO (and never got around to blogging it), I still remember when I was an incredibly newbish newb and all the people who helped me become – well, a newb who isn’t new any more.

Slvr sent Vic a robe with a fox’s cunning clicky so she wouldn’t have to lug pots around. Vikkus sent her an anarchic rapier after her party abandoned her without loot. Dek (who I don’t think plays any more) gave Even her first heavy fort item and vorpal weapon. Once, back when I was still F2P, Even had run the first part of the Lordsmarch chain with a really good PuG. They were continuing…

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Enemy Profile-Troglodyte Warlock (Troglodyte’s Get)

Erdrique's Blog

The Troglodyte’s Get is part of the Old Grey Garl mini-story arc.  As you can imagine by the name, it is primarily composed of your friendly troglodyte tribe.  I took Harrgon (Level 10 Favored Soul) in here on elite as he still needed to knock out a few of the quests in Three Barrel Cove.  There are four different classes of troglodytes that you will encounter in this quest: plain old troglodyte fighters, troglodyte chieftains (one is an optional named), troglodyte shamans, and troglodyte warlocks.  Of these troglodytes, the most dangerous are the shamans and the warlocks.
Troglodyte Gets Warlocks photo TroglodytesGetsWarlocks_zpscdd523b3.jpg
Harrgon in the midst of battle with a troglodyte warlock.

In this particular quest, the troglodyte warlocks are frequently grouped with their fellow casters, the shamans.  The different types of casters can be a lethal combination in The Troglodyte’s Get, especially on elite, if you aren’t prepared.  The warlocks tend to…

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Armed and dangerous

Even Now

Club of the Holy Flame

If any members of the Players Council try to give me any problems, I’m ready for ’em. See, my DDO friends take good care of me.

At least a few times a week, I’ll log in to find that someone’s sent me Potions of Wonder for Acanthia’s ever-growing collection, or hair dyes (especially sage). Sadie sends me Tasty Hams, just because (I think she’s hoping I’ll fry them up into bacon in the airship wok).

But the longest-standing wacky gift tradition I have is with some members of Monty’s. I don’t even remember any more just how it got started, but a few of them – Geek in particular – like to send me Clubs of the Holy Flame. Best dang weapon in the game! I occasionally reciprocate by passing back a few Clubs to them.

It had been a while since anyone had sent me a Club, but tonight…

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Time to glammer shields

Tactalicious & Craftalicious

The latest patch adds docents and shields to mirror of glammering. Weapons are still on hold as they try to fix the issues with particle effects. But I can finally remove the scrutty look of the purple knight shield from haunted halls and replace it with something a little bit more impressive. If you haven’t see it the purple knight shield is sorta bugged graphically with the hand sticking through it and the size of it makes it look like a toy shield instead of one of the best tower shields. It got sovereign vorpal for pete sakes – and I assume because of either weight or some pointy stuff, but the shield looks like it couldn’t even knock the training dummy over.
So I took a look at all the different named shields and the only ones that struck me as uniquelly badass are the heroic shield of legends…

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Pacifist Play: Is That Possible?

The Order of Syncletica

Someone asked us on the Stormreach Shadows guide forum thread for a list of quests in DDO where no kills are required to complete a quest.

It got me to thinking. Are there any quests where killing is not an absolute requirement?

The Results

661054_pw_diplomacyTo answer this question, I needed some time to study every quest in DDO to note any game mechanic that confirmed if at least one kill was required.

Surprisingly, it took me a short time, simply scanning the quests by level list for any names that stood out by memory and then studying the few quests I haven’t done. Most quests are part of chains and it was easy to recall their objectives.

There were some caveats in determining this list.

  1. If a quest has any spiders, bats or oozes, it can’t be considered. No amount of stealth or invisibility or speed will keep these monsters from…

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An Interesting Time in Acute Delirium

Erdrique's Blog

Sometimes when I’m running a difficult quest I will have one of those “ah hah” moments and last night running Acute Delirium I actually experienced this.  Now Monday nights I usually play in my digital PNP group, where we get together via Skype and use a third party program called Maptool to play a table top version of D&D.  However, I also am always logged into DDO at the same time, usually doing some questing during the downtime that is common in D&D.  However, with that said my attention is usually divided, which can sometimes be problematic on Mondays.  So this “ah hah” moment was even more unique for me.

Well, last night I was scheduled to play my Level 20 Bard/Fatesinger, Larrs.  Larrs still needs a large number of heroic quests, I don’t even think he has gained 1,750 favor yet.  So I wanted to start one of…

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