5 degrees of Melee

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U23 brought a lot of changes; some of them very good – tanking is finally viable – others not so good (partly because of broken mechanics but also Turbines propensity for adding terrible features).

One that was explicitly considered is the armor up; and in extension – Melee viability. There’s no secret that melee and especially non evasion melee had an uphill struggle since the release of MOTU. If it was not as bad in the MOTU expansion (with the change of the old AC system), it was downright obliterated with the move to even higher level caps.

If you ever saw a non evasion melee it was some kind of derivative of Bladeforged or Blitzers with a clear void of things like Horcs. U23 is set to change that, how successfully is still a question going forward as with the changes of Pally it’s still a landscaped dotted with…

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