It’s thankless work, being a cleric

The Order of Syncletica

(From Arcangela, Ninth Order Cleric of the Sovereign Host, Tyrs Paladium)

I am honored to defend the realms of Stormreach and spread healing to any who require it of me.

That said, being a cleric is a thankless job. “Heal me.” “Can you buff?” “Can you raise me?” Mind you, despite my vows to my order of the Sovereign Host, it can be a bit, um, vexing to meet the needs of so many.

One instance occurred on the request of a man who desired a tomb from a haunted library. Simple enough for someone with an affinity to defend against undeath. I had prepared to travel alone with a hired hand when a young group offered to party with me. Experience has shown that’s a better plan–the dead can be unpredictable, and I’m not the strongest fighter.

So, the quest was simple enough. I saved the party a lot…

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