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First, this latest lam allowed me to truly check out a few concepts within the changes that are coming. Namely half tank (not so much full tank tho), Paladin and my Dragon Singer.

There are of course other concepts that should be investigated – such as DPS fighter in relation to the DPS changes, full tank – both Paladin and Fighter, but I’m not sure I have time or interest in digging into everything. There’s one main drawback – currently MRR, this new magic resistance rating also lowers the healing. It’s an unintended side effect so hopefully that’ll change.

First off my Bladeforged Paladin. The fun part about doing Lam is that you can also get the latest toys, mix and match the augments and most named items (that you don’t have) and upgrade stuff like Thunderforged to Max. So in essence, you can check what your future build can…

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