Epic reincarnation finally understood


Well if your reading this you likely play DDO and if not you should do.

I’ve been playing since April 2006 and would class myself as a novice still after all this time. The game keeps changing and I keep learning.

My caplet ironist (completionist) spellcheckers do make me laugh. Sorry getting sidetracked. My completionist Radzax has just ETR’d again. Previously I have ETR’d and then immediately HTR’d back to level 1. So I have only just realised a drawback with ETRing.

As a hoarder of loot I have found this a particularly hard lesson. When you ETR you don’t get the reincarnation bank. So having put all my btc items in my backpack before entering the grove I find myself with a full backpack at level 20 and no room for anything else.

If I now HTR I get an empty pack to start hoarding again. I also didn’t…

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