Update 23, a tankers dream

Tactalicious & Craftalicious

if Update 23 adds a significant uptick in DPS, it also gives a big chunk of combined features to anyone who’d like to put together a tank.

Like these. It combines speed, most tactical options, Greater Heroism and resistance. It’s one item with everything you’d need in tactical boosts. Granted, anyone could need a good source of permanent Greater heroism and resistance, but it’s hard to deny the use of tactical feet for a versatile tank. Plus with the speed, you get all you need for melee and ranged attack Speed, saving you some additional features that would altogether be 2-3 items at least. Like right now I don’t use an item for stunning (something I need) but I have the seal from MOTU with Vertigo and I’m one level from the collar from TOR for run and attack speed. All of that (including whatever I find for stunning)…

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