Dragons Are Good For Your Health

BOgre's myDDO

by BOgre @ bogresmyddo.wordpress.com

So, lately I’ve been solo farming Cannith Challenges for Tier3 Epic Spare Hand. That means eLabour Shortage, eDragon’s Hoard, and ePicture Portals. I’m done with Labour and Portals, just have Dragon’s Hoard left to run. It’s a pretty easy challenge to complete, 150 shards in 20 minutes. You can also fairly easily get 2 optionals: Let the Foreman Die, and Kill the Dragon Auraxyllon.

Well, I didn’t have a chance to login yesterday, and I usually don’t try to play in the morning before work, but this a.m. I had 25 minutes to kill and I thought I’d take a run at it.

The run went well, easily got my 150 shards, so I went off in search of Auraxyllon. He happened to be in the 1st of his 3 possible spawn points, yay. He did me the courtesy of dying with time to spare, yay +1. I…

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  1. Im actually kinda proud of that particular post. Thanks for the re-post. Kinda bummed it got truncated and pics remved though… anyhow, happy gaming 🙂


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