A Pure Barbarian Build.

Anitcs ~ Pure Ascentions

       Pugsneeze is slowly moving towards level 20. Right now he is sitting a rank away from 19. Just got to Get from 19 to 20 which shouldn’t be to hard, I have just been balancing my real life, other characters, DMing a PnP game and work, so it has been a little slow. I have about 8-9 Tokens of the twelve left over from my last like as a Monkcher so I won’t have to do as much farming to get those for my TR. Just go to move around gear and clear out his TR Cache and Finish my Greensteel Bracers. Thats been fairly slow, due to a lack of Shroud runs. I have been trying to Pug Shroud multiple times the group falls apart before we even get started. This time I’ll be ready, I have a Holy Burst Silver Great Axe (Found it in a chest…

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