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Gaming With Kobay

Damsel in Distress

I do not know how you guys feel about this but I think Jeets has some messed up dreams. That is the UGLIEST Damsel in Distress I have ever seen. All I have to say is, thank you Art Team for the laugh. Now I do not feel so bad about killing her.. umm… him. I do not know. Whatever, at least that is off my conscience.

Anyways, today I shall talk about Changes, Friends, and Family. I know I know. Trust me, it is not my goal to bore you to death, but hey! This is MY My.DDO. I will talk about whatever shenanigans I want!  Within Turbine rules of course. ^.^

Why I want to talk about this… well, I just changed Guilds Recently! I am now a member of Lost Legions on Sarlona! Within my first day, I loved it! It was a guild right up my…

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