Level 20 and Epics

Anitcs ~ Pure Ascentions

Over this last week I hit level 20. I wanted to test pugsneeze in epics. He had 2 levels in LD and 4 in GMoF. I was going to level LD this life and try to max it out if not just get it up high before my TR. I am in love with all the tactical cleaves! This has been a fun life. I can keep myself alive for a very long time but I found he realy lacks in DPS.

I was running EN Von1, (this was the easiest Epic IMO) and I found that I really could not out DPS the heals in this dungeon. I made it to the areana just fine. Killed off the Kobolds and Ogres. Then when the Air Moffits and Minautars came out all hell broke loose. I was desprately trying to kill something but the 2 minautar healers keep everyone up…

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