Holding Levels?

Anitcs ~ Pure Ascentions

           So I have been like this child on christmas everytime I aquired enough XP to level I scurred to my class trainer and leveled up. Excited for my new feats and skills sometimes a boost to me Primary Attribute but most importantly that number next to my Portrait went up by one. Gawk at my might as I have just advanced in level!

           Recently I had been listening to DDOCast and specifically #320 where he talks about Tips for TRing and effective leveling. I have heard people talk about this but have never really put it to practice. Holding levels? What why would you do that? I can hardly resist the temptation to advance just one more level. While a majority of the time, I still want to run quests that, prior to me leveling, were At-level quests now they are not and I take a hit to…

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