That thin line between Wicked Face Smashing and an Immovable Object

Anitcs ~ Pure Ascentions

          Pugsneeze is slowly moving to that level 20 mark and I’ll go into working on my legendary dreadnaught ED and gathering Tokens of The Twelve. Despite how much I despised being a paladin, I will actually miss certain aspects after this TR.

         Here is just a little recap on Pugsneeze’s paladin life. First and foremost he had 2 levels in Rogue and made a fairly decent trap monkey. While I lacked a good lock pick skill I was able to find and disarm just about every trap I came up on. Pugs also went through a number of enhancement respecs. I started him out focusing on more damage out put that survivability and at low levels this worked out extremely well. Only a few times I worried about him dying due to his lack of defenses which was close to none. I continued this way up until about level…

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