Kobay Returns! Gianthold Trembles!

Gaming With Kobay


Guess who’s back, back again. Kobay’s back, tell a friend! Yea, that’s right! Kobay is back on Sarlona again, wreaking all sorts of havoc against the Giant and monstrous forces of GiantHold! Well, at least that is the goal. Turns out that even though I had done all the Gianthold quest prior to my 4 month absence from playing my favorite toon, with the new changes, I had to RE-FLAG! Which wasn’t too bad considering The Crucible is no longer needed to flag. Of course, I could have just went back through and did them on Casual or Normal for fast completions, but that would be too simple. Let me explain:

First off, it has been 4 months since my last quest with Kobay! I could hardly remember half of my hotkeys or what I even had on him. So, it was kind of a time for rediscovery. Had I…

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