Marked to Death

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As you can see by the attached Image I finally managed to hit 20. No silly, that was not from the chest. I’ve only seen named items twice and you bet no one could roll on them. So I immediately changed the alignment to true neutral, previously lawful good. I always do lawful good (unless it’s a bard or rogue). It’s just a habit. A practical one mind you since so many weapons you need are good and most low end toons don’t have enough UMD to overcome it early on.

Sure, I could just suffer the neg level but that would be to lower the standard on everything the toon is good at and for 500 TP you can change the alignment as you see fit. This is after doing a final 5 runs, 2 on Saturday and 3 on Sunday (with that toon). I tell you; the 2…

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