The Undesirables: Quests I May Never Complete

The Order of Syncletica

DDO is a huge world. There are (at least) 405 quests and 37 wilderness areas.

Yet there are several I have yet to see, or may never see.

The Necropolis

(Credit: Claudio Pozos) One down, Lynncletica…only 58,295 more undead left to kill. (Credit: Claudio Pozos)

Many people complain about the design of the “Ruins of Threnal” quest chain, and I understand why. But any issues there do not compare to the clusterfrak that is the Necropolis.

The DDO Wiki article alone shows how almost incomprehensible it is to know which NPC gives what to progress in which chain.

In the very few times I’ve run in the first part of the chain, I’m almost always overcome with confusion. The quest designs are (in comparison to others) poorly executed. It’s never clear what to find, what to do. With the fewer times I’ve completed part 1 and entered parts 2 and a little…

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