If you want a crafter, start with training wheels

Tactalicious & Craftalicious

Back when crafting was first introduced the most ideal class for it was the Arti. Partly because Arti is not feat intense and because you get extra bonuses for being Arti and using the dragonmark – most of what they need they get as part of the class (like rune arm and repeating cross bow) and while it feels like a waste to tie up 3 feats just to add a bonus to the crafting levels it helps getting there sooner. Then it was changed into one feat and the rest enhancements.

Depending on just of enhancement intense your build is, that could actually be worse. For me it was better since adding 2 more feats helped strengthen casting even if I had to juggle around some enhancements. After having enjoyed a bunch of crafting crunches (going through bouts whenever there was an appropriate crafting XP weekend bonus) I’m now…

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