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With another life comes another iteration of running the Sharn Sydicate.  The Sharn Syndicate is an interesting quest pack that contains six different quests.  The fourth quest in the series is called The Bookbinder RescueErdrique (Level 5 Monk) is currently working on completing this chain and ran into some annoying issues with this particular quest.

Trying to help the Binder Family photo TryingtohelptheBinderfamily_zps4db12e54.jpg
Erdrique attempting to help the Binder family…key word on attempt.

The idea behind this particular quest is to rescue all of the family members without letting any of them getting killed.  The quest giver is Olistair Binder, who is standing outside of his house in the Marketplace looking for somebody to help him.  The Sharn Syndicate have taking his family and house hostage and are forcing him to find some way to pay the ransom.

This particular quest is unique, in that it actually has two quest entrances.  There are a few…

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