Is EE viable a must?

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So I started to think. Always a terrible thing. I’m like that. One minute I’m going one way, then I think about it and start marching another. Like EE viable. Why do we need to be that? If I don’t really care about beating everything on EE, then why do I even bother if something is ‘viable’ or not? Seems that was always my ultimate goal even as I built for flavor and gear. And it’s really true in all games we play. We play, to be playing on a level with legends, when the reality is few of us want to drag our knees across broken glass to get there.

I don’t envy the ones people call elite. Some of them are terrific people. Others plain a holes. And I couldn’t care less to be within a spitting distance of people who are ‘elite of elite’. I always wanted…

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