An Interesting Time in Acute Delirium

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Sometimes when I’m running a difficult quest I will have one of those “ah hah” moments and last night running Acute Delirium I actually experienced this.  Now Monday nights I usually play in my digital PNP group, where we get together via Skype and use a third party program called Maptool to play a table top version of D&D.  However, I also am always logged into DDO at the same time, usually doing some questing during the downtime that is common in D&D.  However, with that said my attention is usually divided, which can sometimes be problematic on Mondays.  So this “ah hah” moment was even more unique for me.

Well, last night I was scheduled to play my Level 20 Bard/Fatesinger, Larrs.  Larrs still needs a large number of heroic quests, I don’t even think he has gained 1,750 favor yet.  So I wanted to start one of…

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