Taking a Look at the Quest The Claw of Vulkoor (Heroic)

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The Claw of Vulkoor is part of the Red Fens chain.   All of these quests are level 9 on heroic, making then level 11 on elite.  I recently took Hamllin (Level 12 Fighter) through this interesting quest.  The quest giver for The Claw of the Vulkoor is a Raveneye Drow named Croaker, who is located at the refugee camp at the entrance to the Red Fens.  When you speak to Croaker, he informs you that the Raveneye need your help to retrieve a sacred relic of the scorpion god, Vulkoor.  Evidently, Vulkoor will bestow this relic to those in need but in order to retrieve the relic you have to pass Vulkoor’s trial.  Evidently, Vulkoor has sent the Claw down inside the territory of a powerful fire giant clan, known as the Sulat League, and it is expected that they won’t allow any drow into their territory.  The…

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