Tactalicious & Craftalicious

It’s not a rule, but it has become a fact; when I TR I always end up crafting something. It’s for that reason many of my guys have several BTC items, specifically crafted for them in the past and that I use when I TR. But somehow I always end up crafting something else.

Since I started organizing my mules better I’ve cut down on the redundant crafting; you know needing a con item and couldn’t find what I knew was in there somewhere, so now, for most part – I’ll find that BTA necklace with ease and use it for however many levels it’s needed (until something better, such as a named comes a long.

I also have plenty of armors – I don’t like the BTCoE binge that Turbine went through with the augmentation overpass since a lot of the named armor (well below 20) was converted to…

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It Was A Low Level Weekend, Quest Runs October 17 to October 19

Erdrique's Blog

Over the weekend, I played primarily three characters: Erdrique (Level 5 Monk), Hamllin (Level 12 Fighter), and Stoorage (Level 10 Fighter).  However, my questing for the weekend began with Berann (Level 7 Barbarian) on Friday morning with some slayer runs.  That morning I took Berann into the Waterworks Slayers and collected some more kills.  After I ran through the Waterworks, I then took Berann out to Smuggler’s Rest and had some fun smacking around some hobgoblin pirates…at least until I accidentally smacked a half-orc pirate who proceeded to chase me around the island .  I collected some doubloons and map pieces for awhile but didn’t get a chance to enter the Crystal Cove.  On Friday afternoon, I brought on Hamllin and took him out into the Ruins of Threnal one last time.  I took Hamllin through the forgotten quests out there, first tackling the Threnal Arena.  I was…

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I haz bought the cranium rat bundle

Micki's Delirium

I really wanted to buy a wraith from the store… but turns out they didn’t have one right now. The cranium rat bundle was not that expensive, so I decided to get that one instead. I named the purple one FatHamster (I call one of my degus ‘chubby hamster’, cause she’s so round and soft), the black one BlackBeauty (after Anna Sewell’s novel) and the gray one ZombieRat (just Zombie wasn’t allowed). And then I decided to make some gifs… Click on the images below to view animation.

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Cerge TR’d into life 5

Micki's Delirium

Sometime just after midnight Oct 18, I finally got around to TR’ïng Cerge into his cleric life. See the build plan here. As always, I do the before and after pictures.

Cerge: 1 cleric/ 19 favs/ 8 epic morninglord     Cerge: 3 monk/ 4 fighter/ 8 cleric morninglord


I really don’t like his looks in the black robes, if I hadn’t ran out of TP, I would have gotten him cosmetic armor. Hopefully I can do something about his looks later. I also did a small miscalculation when planning this build. The idea was to do centered kensei with focus on heavy blades… but after levelling him up to 15 and looking at the enhancements, I learned that I cannot take One with the Blade until I have 8 levels of fighter, which I won’t have until level 20. So, I cannot use heavy blades until then…

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Enemy Profile-Bishop Zasha’oth of the Fury

Erdrique's Blog

Recently I finished the Cult of the Six story arc with Hamllin (Level 12 Fighter).  One of the final enemies you encounter in this chain is Bishop Zasha’oth of the Fury.  The Bishop is actually a very vicious drow scorpion.  The Bishop is waiting for you at the top of pyramid in the Temple of the Six and you can only get to him once you defeat some other drow scorpions and fire reavers who are protecting him as well as setting some rune wheels in the correct order to drop down some magical barriers that block the paths up the pyramid.

The Bishop photo BishopZashaoth_zpsa87dc2f8.jpg
Hamllin preparing to fight the Bishop.

The Bishop, like other drow scorpions, will attack you with his massive claws, try to hit you with poisonous stinger, and likes to hit you with dispel magic to debuff you.  He can poison you and he can hit you with…

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Sludgge’s Journal-Under the Big Top

Erdrique's Blog

Quest: Under the Big Top
Level 20 (Epic Normal)
Crawlers: Sludgge

After dealing with that pesky halfing, Roderick Nettles and that wicked abishai Garos, I reported back to Rouge who congratulated me on the successful mission and then forwarded me to talk to Cerise as their intelligence had finally narrowed down the leader of the Maleficient Cabal and have determined where they are. So I took off and found Cerise on the other side of the House Phiarlan enclave just outside of the recently erected Troubadoor Carnival. Cerise also mentioned that the leader’s name is Malicia.

After picking up a few other nagging details from Cerise, I reported back to Erdrique and let him know that I was beginning to start this mission and hopefully to take down the Maleficient Cabal once and for all. I then entered off to the carnival. I then started to think that hiding your…

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I’m thankful… for griefers

Even Now


Yep, you read the post title right. I’m thankful for griefers. And for newbs, and for mistakes. Probably seem like strange things to appreciate, right?

But if nothing bad ever happens, how will we recognize good when it comes along?

Last night – well, early this morning – Even, Baz, Slvr, Bene and some truly awesome people managed to salvage elite Shroud and elite ToD despite some pretty overwhelming odds against them. The specifics will definitely be a topic for another post soon, but here’s a taste…

Our Shroud group had three griefers who did everything they possibly could to try and make us fail. I tried to give them the benefit of the doubt for as long as I could, but by Phase 3 it was obvious that they were definitely out to sabotage us. So I asked the rest if they wanted to recall and reform without the…

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A simple rule with exceptions

Tactalicious & Craftalicious

I have a simple rule. One. Kinda like people who pull potions of wonders and have to drink them right away. I don’t have that rule, but I do have another. If I pull a hair dye and my toon can use it (that is none warforged) I will. Unless I bought the current hair color or I like it very much (which is usually the same but sometimes I do pull the hair color I’d like to use anyways.

But more often then not I will use it and end up with a lot of funky hair colors. Like for a while a lot of my fleshies ran around with derivative of gray/white/steel hair color, looking like a bunch of old guys. And lately I’ve seen a lot of ‘flamboyant’ colors, like my lavender Swashbuckler and Sage green Horc. Until I went back to his original color before the…

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The Pain of Grinding: Taking It To the Wilds

The Order of Syncletica

One should never watch lawmaking, sausages, computer repair, and game leveling being done without knowing how ugly it's going to be. One should never watch lawmaking, sausages, computer repair, and game leveling being done without knowing how ugly it’s going to be.

Things are slow for me right now as I handle needed real-life activities (a reunion, getting my son ready for school, etc.). Thus, the game has been a little less on my mind.

Part of that reason came with summer guild inactivity (this has improved, especially after speaking with many in the guild to wake it up, in a sense) but also because I’ve become too fixated in getting Ryncletica the Ninja back to epic levels. I’ve even decided to skip visiting Crystal Cove while it’s running for now (I’m sure it’ll be back in time for Talk Like a Pirate Day) until player numbers and pals return.

Unlike Lynncletica, who returned to epicness rather fast since she’s a bruiser that can self-heal, Ryncletica has always been…

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A Fresh Look at Epics

Gaming With Kobay

I’ve always considered myself a person who was willing to try (almost) anything once. I’m reminded of my first ‘real’ carnival ride. If I recall, it was called ‘The Rainbow’. My mother practically dragged me onto the giant rainbow colored wheel and I stood in horror as I was buckled in and the ride began to spin. It was slow at first, then soon got faster and faster. Eventually, it became fast enough the it began to tilt and then began to rock back and forth and turn on it’s side. I remember my mother and a complete stranger on the opposite side of me telling me to stay standing straight up. I momentarily thought I was gonna puke and watch it go down on the person across the wheel from me. The thought immediately made me laugh and the ride suddenly seemed less horrifying. When I finally got off…

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