DDO Madness!

The Long Shot

My good friend, frequent Long Shot commenter and contributing writer recently pointed out the lapse in DDO-related stuff here lately, and senior developer Knockback’s recent forum post giving a sneak peek at Update 24 seemed like a good opportunity to do just that.


Heart of Madness

The first item mentioned, which based on replies to the post seems the least well-received, is a new adventure pack involving the plane of Xoriat encroaching on Eberron. In game lore for the Eberron setting, Xoriat is the realm of madness and the source of bizarre creatures like the iconic D&D monsters beholders and mindflayers. The craziness from Xoriat that spills over into the regular world features in more than a couple of quests, including the Harbinger of Madness pack that has your adventurer working with reporters from the Stormreach Chronicle. That has long been one of my favorite story arcs, if only for…

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