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In the game of DDO (at least as it stands today), I think perhaps the most complicated class to play is the monk.  Yesterday, I tried to continue my exploration of this class with my level 10 light monk, Lorrikk.

Lorrikk exploring the Lightfoot Residence photo LorrikkexploringtheLightfootResidence_zpsfd78ebe4.jpg

The reason I think monks are so complicated to play is because they have so many different types of attacks, abilities, and requirements.  Monks are primarily melee combatants, however unlike the other melee classes, they have a Ki pool which accumulates and builds up when striking enemy mobs.  Monks can then use their Ki to do special attacks that can do various forms of elemental damage and then they can use their Ki to conduct “finishing moves” which are available once a series of special attacks have been completed.  The “finishing moves” can either grant buffs to the monk and his fellow party members or they can…

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