Filkin’ around: Old Cannith Ruins

Even Now


Some things should just not be. This is one of them.

I’d apologize to Barry Manilow, but why? This song just BEGS to be filked. I apologize to you instead, if you’re reading this, for getting the melody stuck in your head, but twisted though it is, this is my favorite of the filks I’ve done so far. So, set to the rockin’ music of “Copacabana,” here’s “Old Cannith Ruins.”

Her name was Kaja
She was a young girl
She always hung out by a crypt – if you ask me, that’s kinda sick
Her lover left to fight the Devourer
He hadn’t been back for a while ’cause those fish could drive him wild
While she searched near and far
It’s so peculiar
The fish people were gettin’ it on
With her lover Lars

In the Old Can, Old Cannith Ruins
I can’t believe what he was…

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