It’s All About Control

Full Moon Fury

…and I can haz it.  No, seriously.  I play DDO almost entirely with an Xbox 360 controller.

Sure, there are times I need to reach over and hit something with the mouse.  More often than not, though, that’s a “fire and forget” long-duration buff or a short swimming segment.  The best part is it doesn’t interfere with my keyboard mapping, so I can interchange with they keyboard as the need arises – although my keyboard usage has declined to almost exclusively being one-handed running in town while taking a drink or grabbing a bite to eat.

The advantage is unparalleled control of your toon on the battlefield and off.  All movement controls become graduated instead of either/or toggles.  That means if you’re tailing a monster, you can adjust your speed to match theirs rather than “hiccupping” the movement keys.  You’re also not limited to the fixed movement combinations inherent in…

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