Thoughts on the changes to the Baudry Cartemon’s Storyline

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The release notes for the Shadowfell Conspiracy mentioned that one of our well known Stormreach Harbor entities, Baudry Cartamon, was relocated and that the his particular quest chain was re-opened from previously being closed due to some bugs surrounding one of the quests.  However, the release notes didn’t mention (at least from what I can tell) that the story line from this commonly run quest chain has changed. 

One of my never ending pet projects is to document the storyline of DDO’s myriad of various quests.  So when I picked up the quest from Baudry for the fist time since the release of the Shadowfell Conspiracy I noticed the changes right away.

Prior to the Shadowfell Conspiracy, Baudry recruits you to help protect his cargo that has been given to his care from the Coin Lords.  We also learn that Baudry’s largest competitor is a bugbear named Hazadill.  Evidently Hazadill…

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