All Sorts of Newness

Full Moon Fury

Drama on the IRL server continues, but at least in-game, things have been wonderful this past week.

Firstly, Gorruk my fighter – and one of the last two remaining classes for my “take every class to 20 on a first-lifer” challenge – broke his way into Epics!  Woot!  I was afraid it was going to be a lot more of a grind than it turned out to be, mostly due to using the same techniques I do on multi-lifers (and I see nearly every veteran do, as well), which is skipping taking level 19 entirely.  If you’re not absolutely desperate for the slight power jump 19 brings you, stay away from it unless you’re mere points from twenty.  The vast array of level 16 content which you can run or re-run at 18 with no penalty provides a much, much larger pool than is available at 19.  But I digress.

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