Cerge 5.1

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Not too long ago I TR’d Cerge into my build I posted here. I as always spent 3 days on the build, and I posted it on both ddo forums and the vault for feedback. I was happy with the build plan… until I TR’d and leveled up to 15. Reaching 15, I realized you need 8 levels of fighter to get One with the Blade from the Kensei tree (technically it’s the prereq feat Greater Weapon Focus that requires 8 levels), so with my build plan I would not be able to use centered kensei until level 20. Ok, since ninja spy enhancements allow me to use shortswords I just used those until level 20, and at 20 reset my enhancements for heavy blades… only to realize the only weapon I can use with heavy blades focus is longswords.  Rapiers, daggers and shortswords are light blades.

So, I’m…

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