Finally ready to run another TR character

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Interesting view in Trial by Fury photo InterestingviewTrialbyFury_zps7d83084f.jpg
Hammy travels through the Demonweb in his quest to gathering experience for a True Reincarnation.  It will be awhile before he sees this area again.

Over the weekend, I was finally able to gather enough experience to max out the Shadowdancer Epic Destiny for my rogue, Hamllin.  I was waiting to cap that Epic Destiny out to make my future plans of Epic True Reincarnation easier in the future.  Now that he has that maxed out, I am ready to take him through his first true reincarnation.

I’m looking forward to moving Hamllin through another life.  The only character I have put through the True Reincarnation process is Erdrique who has gone through a paladin, fighter, ranger, and cleric life.  This will be the first time I will be running two different characters through the True Reincarnation process.  To make things easier for me when Epic True Reincarnation is…

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