Oh where, oh where have my little pets gone?

Even Now


Oh where, oh where could they be?

You might see some of my toons frantically running around Stormreach putting up “lost pet” fliers and asking if anyone’s seen their panthers, wolves, or spiders. Those are the three pets included with the Menace of the Underdark Collector’s Edition, and all of my toons originally received their pets just fine. But since the latest update, they’ve gone missing.

Liai and the other affected toons still have the icons for all three pets on their hotbars, but the paw tab had completely disappeared from their inventories until they got their cube pets. Clicking on the hotbar icons makes the toon wave her arms as if summoning a pet, but other than that nothing happens.

Thanks to this forum thread, I know that other people are having the same problem and have been for some time. Unfortunately Turbine doesn’t seem inclined to do…

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