A Look Back at 2014

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I had a fun time in DDO over the last year.  DDOCast Episdoe 364 took a look back all of the releases and updates for DDO during 2014 and that inspired me to take a closer look at what I had accomplished within the game.  For awhile, I have been keeping track of a number of statistics of my gaming and I figured it might be fun to summarize them.

Taking a look at the number of quests I ran across all of my characters from January until today (December 30, 2014), I ran a total of 1,472 quests.  This includes slayer runs in adventure areas and also includes attempts where I failed.  When I broke the number of quests down by month, I ran the most quests in October (187) and the least in July (71).  This corresponds pretty well with the fact that I was on vacation in…

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