Filkin’ around: Keep It

Even Now

Guild chest

Spencerian really needs to stop daring me to do stuff. I had a lot of fun doing “99 Mad Kobolds,” a DDO parody version of “99 Red Balloons” (or “99 Luftballons,” whichever version you prefer). But Spence used the comment section to suggest that I take on “Safety Dance,” which became “They Can Dance.” But was that enough for him? Nooooo!

Spencerian: Next challenge: “Beat It” by Michael Jackson. That one should be easy!

Oh yeah? Well, at the risk of sounding like Barney Stinson: “CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!”

Open the chest to find it’s nothing but rocks
You need that spell pen necklace but you’re outta luck
The fighter pulled it though, and you know what really sucks
He’ll keep it, he’ll keep it

He says someday he’ll do a wizard TR
But earlier he said his next life will be barb
You’d bet…

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Long weekend, and more experiments

Tactalicious & Craftalicious

The concept of a fighter pally is certainly not new and I’m sure it’s not new combining a Purple Knight fighter and Pally, but that’s what I did and also combining it with some vanguard for those delicious procs and shield bashing.

This was obviously done to take advantage of the purple Knights ability to use Charisma instead of strength and to take advantage of the Pally enhancement cleaves instead of the feats. Early equipment was the level 15 (normal) Wall of Wood and the bastard sword from Shadowfell, later to be replaced with the bastard sword from Web of Chaos. I also made a Heavy Black dragon armor that adds a little armor piercing and some other goodies, a much better armor then the purple knight starting armor.

There are of course a host of other good armor, but this struck me as the easiest for me to get…

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Rough Holiday Weekend, Questing November 28th to November 30th

Erdrique's Blog

Well, I had the grandest plans for this past holiday weekend.  I was planning on completing the Delera’s Story Arc and the Sentinels Story Arc and hitting level 10 with Erdrique (Druid).  However, my video card decided it wanted to keep crashing on me all night Friday night.  Not sure what was happening there but my video drivers kept crashing preventing me from doing much.  Eventually I was able to get on after working on a few things and I logged in with Crawlller (Level 6 Ranger) who completed the quest Where’s there smoke on elite.  By that time it was after 4 am and needed to head to bed for the night.

Crawlller coming upon a shrine in Nash's Farmstead photo CrawlllercominguponashrineinNashsFarmstead_zpseb0c303f.jpgCrawlller coming up on shrine in Where’s there smoke.

Saturday was a much better day.  I was able to log on with Erdrique and I was able to knock out the Sentinels of Stormreach Chain by completing…

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Remembering the Good O’ Days

Erdrique's Blog

I had a number of issues occurring with my gaming the day after Thanksgiving as my video card decided it didn’t want to cooperate with me.  After spending a number of hours working on it, I was finally able to get into DDO without my video card crashing and was able to get one quest in with Crawlller (Level 6 Ranger).  Now a few things about Crawlller.  One, he is severely undergeared (just like the vast majority of my characters), two he is on my premium account meaning that he holds a lot of the guild’s bank items, and three, his inventory and bank space is extremely limited which means I don’t have a lot of space for curatives.  So to make my life easier, I also tote around a cleric hireling.

Well, after fiddling around with my video card for hours, I wasn’t operating on all cylinders.  I noticed…

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So the Undead and The Blood Tide

Erdrique's Blog

Well, I just completed the Sentinels of Stormreach Chain with Erdrique (Level 9) over the holiday weekend and started to think about the use of the undead in the Blood Tide pirate army.  You first come across the undead servants of the Blood Tide in the quest The Black Loch.  As you are making your way through the quest you learn that Dheren Kiettuc’s and his apprentices are “experimenting” and creating undead pirates.  However, what is interesting is that the only undead are humans (possibly elves).  With all of the kobolds and hobgoblins, you would think Dheren and his necromantic crew would have actually started to experiment on the other races as well, especially withe kobolds.

 photo Havingfunstunninganapprentice_zps79aa3020.jpg
Erdrique fighting the Dheren’s apprentices in the Black Loch.

It would surprise me if Dheren and his apprentices would see kobolds as nothing more than fodder for their experiments but we never encounter…

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Filkin’ around: Don’t Trust Your Hirelings

Even Now


First it was “99 Mad Kobolds.” Next came “They Can Dance.” And then, with no small trepidation, since it’s territory already covered by the Grandmaster of Filk, Weird Al Yankovic, I took on “Beat It,” which became “Keep It.”

I should’ve stopped there, but I had this idea. Unfortunately for my fellow fans of bad 80’s music, I mangled the Bangles. To the tune of “Walk Like an Egyptian,” I give you… “Don’t Trust Your Hirelings.”

Post your LFM, then you wait
‘Cause healers are so hard to find
Party’s slow to fill (oh-way-oh)
Your ship buffs are running low on time

All the merc vendors in House K
Are happy to trade for your plat
Hired hands they sell (oh-way-oh)
From noob right on up to level cap

All the vets with cosmetic pets say
Ay-oh-way-oh, ay-oh-way-oh
Don’t trust your…

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The Shroud of Oopsies

Full Moon Fury

Aapex in The Shroud Part 1

Considering the number of lives and toons I have, in addition to the number of Green Steel projects I’ve completed and/or have in process, it’s a rather embarrassing confession to say that I have never once completed The Shroud.

In fact, until this past week, I’ve never even set foot in The Shroud.

It’s become a problem. Confession #2 is I recognize that I’m now actively dodging runs, simply because I don’t want to look like a noob and/or admit I’ve never finished it in @#$%&@#$^ lives.

After reading several reports about people soloing The Shroud (shout-out to TeacherSyn for his multiple posts on the topic giving me the final “you can doo eeet“), I figured I’d take it on for a whirl.  After all, it’s filled with Shavarathian enemies, and Knights of the Chalice eat Shavarathian devils for breakfast.  So I logged on Aapex, my level…

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Raiding again

Micki's Delirium

I have written many blogs about raid night.. and here it is again. Osi doesn’t play ddo a whole lot anymore, he still manages out guild ship mostly, so he might log to put stuff on shard ah, check his mail and buy buffs for the guild. And then he logs to raid with me on Saturday night.

This Saturday I went for a swim at the local pool, cleaned at home and took care of the degus… then I poured myself a glass of wine and watched some TV, before logging on to raid with Osi. I’m again trying to give up coffee, so having not slept enough, add wine, and I was starting to feel tired after a few raids.

Lately I let Osi decide what raids we run, he usually checks the lfm that we’re not lfm’ing for the same as someone else. He told me to…

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