Sometimes I pay for stuff

Micki's Delirium

I very rarely go out to bars or restaurants, I don’t gamble and I don’t spend money on vacation travels, so I don’t feel too bad if I once in a while put some money on DDO. DDO is one of my pleasures and we all gotta have something, no?

So there was +6 tomes in the store the other day (maybe they are still there, I haven’t checked), and tomes were 25% off. I had not too long bought some extra TP… and the TP I buy is meant for tomes and storage, mostly, sometimes augments (when I want an augment NAU, and I can’t be bothered to wait and see if someone else might have it). I decided to get +6 tomes for Thaz, Maidae and Cerge. Thaz got a few upgrade tomes, the ones she was missing, while I got both Cerge and Maidae a supreme +6. Why…

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Getting Some Questing Done Over the Holidays, Quest Runs December 22 to December 25

Erdrique's Blog

Well, as you can imagine, this is another week of some unusual questing activities for me, primarily because of my holiday schedule.  With that said, my questing began as it usually does for the week with some slayer runs with Suppply (Level 9 Paladin) through the Three Barrel Cove Wilderness area priory to heading out to work.  That afternoon I took Hamllin (Level 14 Fighter) out into the Sands of Menechtarun and completed the quest The Chamber of Kourush with another pugger helping me out.  Later that night, I logged on with Rimuldar (Level 23 Wizard/Magister) and I took him into Servants of Overlord on epic normal.  I had expected on having some difficulties in here.  However, with my onyx panther, my two owlbears, an exalted angel hireling, and his living meteor storm I didn’t have as many difficulties as I had expected.  Even being distracted with from my Monday…

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The Joys of Holding Levels

Erdrique's Blog

A common thing for me to do these days is to “hold a level.”  This isn’t an uncommon thing to do, especially for players who are taking their characters through Heroic True Reincarnations.  The idea to “hold a level” (probably better known as “banking a level”) is to allow your character to continue to gain maximum experience from quests that they would have typically “leveled” out of.  This basically helps you to maximize the amount of experience you can gain as you progress forward.  In many cases, it helps to extend bravery streaks.

So for example let’s say I took a character who is currently level 6 and I just received enough experience to move onto level 7.  Instead of heading straight to the trainer I hold off and continue questing.  This will still allow me to do any level 4 quests on elite (making them level 6) and allowing…

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Goin’ green

Even Now


One of the cool things about being in a guild of two people is that you don’t really have to worry much about everybody agreeing when you want to do something. So when the airship started looking a little bland, the convo went something like:

“Hey, we should paint the airship.”

“OK. What color?”

“Well, we both like green.”

“Sounds good. I’ll get the hull stain and interior paint, you get the windsail and elemental ring.”

So now we have a lovely verdant ship (OK, we haven’t gotten the elemental ring yet, but that’s kind of greenish anyway). It even has buffs again. Life is good. (Although it’d be nice if you could dye the flags as well, but looks like they’re destined to stay dark blue.)


As long as we’re talking green, Acanthia realized she’d never run Invaders on elite, so she decided to get that out of the…

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Hymm – Life 9

grimordes blog

Well I can’t TR without putting a picture up…. 😀

He’s currently 1 fighter / 2 monk / 12 druid. I can already see problems with the lack of spell points – but I haven’t spent any time sorting much gear out so I’m hoping that will help. I do have a stack of mana pots not doing much at the moment as a short term compensation. But the damage is very nice 🙂

He is, however, bigger than Rach’s Shadar Kai!

Have fun, see you around!

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Kobay, in the Flesh!

Gaming With Kobay

So, it’s been a bit since I posted anything here and figured I should do so again. I mean, the last time I did a post, Dysic was in his second life, now he is almost 19 in his third life, except his name is changed to Kobay now. I found the name more suiting, for obvious reasons. ^-^

This is my 3rd and probably final life as a monk with him. I’ve had lots of fun with him for the past few lives, but I’m thinking it is time to move on, though it is gonna be tough. I’m at the point now that I’m already tanking, healing, rezzing, and smashing boxes to my heart’s content. I have more hp than 90% of the people that join my groups, which is nice… Oh, don’t forget DPS. I could probably be doing a bit better, but for a monk, I’m…

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Tank Girl, the sequel

Even Now


It’s been a really tough week or so – with apologies to Firefall, too many hopes fading that can’t be found, dreams leaving me waiting, and oh, those friends who’ve let me down.

Plus I’ve never had much confidence in Even’s tanking ability. A big part of this stems from her being chewed out by a former guildie; he was looking for a Horoth tank for ToD, I asked to bring Even, he proceeded to rip her apart – in guild chat, on guild weekend, no less – before declining her. (Both of us have since gone to other guilds.)

Saturday night I was doing some favor cleanup with Acanthia and was attempting, mostly in vain, to solve the puzzle in the Siegebreaker end fight (stupid hireling Albus, despite being in “DON’T MOVE, YOU MORON!” mode, kept walking on the runes), when Hitme sent me a tell saying that his…

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Monastic Mabar Meditations

The Order of Syncletica

No giant skeletons this year. That would have caused (even more) lag. No giant skeletons this year. That would have caused (even more) lag.

With the Mabar Festival here once more for an extended stay through November 11, let’s recap what well-enlightened Monks should discern for work in their vocation.

  • Wraps of Endless Light: A very popular set of handwraps that are very, very good at undead destruction. These, as are all Mabar gear, are bound to character. But they aren’t exclusive. You can easily make two or three versions of these for improved damage as you progress in levels. If you have time to farm for only one pair, get the Level 12s, which seem to work quite well even with an Epic character.
  • Cloak of Night: While this item might be overshadowed by improved gear found in Gianthold and the High Road, this item provides one of the harder miss-chance effects to get, anywhere (short of training as…

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Finally ready to run another TR character

Erdrique's Blog

Interesting view in Trial by Fury photo InterestingviewTrialbyFury_zps7d83084f.jpg
Hammy travels through the Demonweb in his quest to gathering experience for a True Reincarnation.  It will be awhile before he sees this area again.

Over the weekend, I was finally able to gather enough experience to max out the Shadowdancer Epic Destiny for my rogue, Hamllin.  I was waiting to cap that Epic Destiny out to make my future plans of Epic True Reincarnation easier in the future.  Now that he has that maxed out, I am ready to take him through his first true reincarnation.

I’m looking forward to moving Hamllin through another life.  The only character I have put through the True Reincarnation process is Erdrique who has gone through a paladin, fighter, ranger, and cleric life.  This will be the first time I will be running two different characters through the True Reincarnation process.  To make things easier for me when Epic True Reincarnation is…

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Now what?

Even Now


Acanthia’s been my main for a while now, but up until recently I still spent a lot of time playing my other toons. For the past few weeks, though, it’s been almost all Acanthia, all the time.

I’m not completely sure why. Maybe it’s because Grandmaster of Flowers is just so darn fun, what with nearly endless ki, a heal available every three minutes, ranged spell-like attacks… and of course, Everything is Nothing. Maybe it’s because she’s just so much more solo-able than my other toons, or that she’s far more raid capable than her sisters and brothers. Whatever it is, each night when I sign on, I have this mental list of what I want to get done with which toon, but almost none of it gets done because I click Acanthia on the login screen and get crackin’.

So now she’s capped at lvl 25 and has…

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