My first TR

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pfSo, I finally decided to TR one of my characters (Einsof Malkuth).  Not that I have some sort of aversion to grinding some extra XP on my way back up, but it never really called to me like some other players.

I don’t have any GS items on this character (sad to say that I don’t have any at all…we’ll get to this in a future post, but shame on me) or raid items (see aforementioned parenthetical exclamation of shame), so it’s not like I’ll be god-like come mid-levels.  However, it was just another excuse to roll a new character with some added benefits, namely 2 build points and a Past Life feat.

After just a few days, Einsof is level 4 (banking 5), on an Elite streak of 17, and is having a blast so far.  The only hairy moment was when I was playing with my 6-year old daughter…

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Don’t File Away Those Old Characters Just Yet


On a bookshelf somewhere in your house, tucked in between a dog-eared copy of an old Player’s Handbook and a copy of the Unearthed Arcana is a binder. It may be a simple cardstock pocket binder or it could be a fancy Trapper Keeper, but their purpose is always the same. They are a retirement home for old characters. From the first roll of a D6 during character creation we invest our time and love into these imaginary heroes. We guide them through epic adventures against impossible odds, but, like all things, their journeys eventually come to an end. It’s a sad inevitability for an RPG PC. They all fall victim to reaching max level or a player’s desire to run a new character. But, these characters don’t have to be put to pasture. They can still serve a valuable role in ongoing quests for glories . . . as NPCs.

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Interesting Week of Questing, Quest Runs Jan 26 to Jan 29

Erdrique's Blog

This week, I had a number of interesting and challenging quest runs.  Monday morning, I started everything out with some slayers in the Korthos Island with Cannock (Level 7 Druid) and enjoyed running around and slaying some cultists and sahaugin.  Later that afternoon, I logged on with Hamllin (Level 14 Fighter) and took him into the Sands of Menechtarun and put up a group for the quest An Offering of Blood.  I picked up two others from the LFM post and we proceeded through the Spiral of Vulkoor.  I had to laugh, as I was the only one to die but besides that hiccup, everything went smoothly.  I wish I could say I had the same experience Monday night.  I logged with Lorrikk (Level 12 Monk) and took him into Spies in the House where the air jets just plainly decided to work against me and eventually I died…

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Just the way you are

Even Now


Back when I joined DDO as the ultimate noob, the very first toon I rolled up was an elven rogue – elven ’cause I liked the ears, rogue because I used to love them way, WAY back when I played a bit of PnP Dungeons & Dragons.

For various reasons, I rolled up Even a few days later and she quickly took over as my main, leaving my poor rogue to languish mostly unplayed for months. I went VIP and GRed Even to a 32-point build; I rolled up Acanthia and watched her take my playing time by storm. My rogue sat patiently at the bottom of my login screen with her 28-point “standard path” build (I THINK I followed the Thief Acrobat path, can’t even remember now, that’s how little I played her).

And then one day a friend of a friend of a guildie or something like that…

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Strangeness with Risia Ice Games This Year

Erdrique's Blog

This year during the Risia Ice Games I have noticed a number of strange things.  I mentioned in another blog post how the snow from the Harbor carried over into the desert.  Well, I had the same thing happen to me recently with the guild airship.  This occurred after I zoned out of the Harbor and onto our guild airship.  I thought it was pretty cool to see the weather of the instance carry forward and couldn’t help by grab a quick screenshot of the event because I’m not sure how much more it will happen.

 photo Snowingontheguildairship_zpsf874a0e9.jpg
Erdrique enjoying the snowy weather on the deck of the Crypt Crawler airship.

In any case, I’ll be curious to see if the snow will “carry” forward to other areas.  Fellow blogger Tholgrin mentioned he saw it snowing in the Demonweb and Sschindylyrn the other day as well.  Now that sure would have been…

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A Closer Look at the Quest Into the Deep

Erdrique's Blog

Recently I took Garrrin (Level 22 Barbarian/Fury of the Wild) through the quest, Into the Deep.  Into the Deep is the capstone quest for the Red Fens.  To access the quest, you have to complete the other three quests out in the Red Fens: The Last Stand, Fathom the Depths, and The Claw of Vulkoor.  The order in which you complete these three is open.

The quest Into the Deep is unique in a few aspects.  First off, it actually takes place at the bottom of the inlet that leads into the Red Fens on the seafloor.  So the quest actually occurs underwater.  Now there are plenty of quests where you have to swim through to get to one side or another, but this particular quest is entirely underwater.  Now, with that said there are three temples that you have to navigate to and once…

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The Incompetent Veteran Challenge

Full Moon Fury

I’m a big fan of unconventional ways to learn things.  One thing I’ve found that helps to flesh out your knowledge – not just in DDO, but other games as well – is to try and intentionally screw something up.

And I don’t mean “man, I messed this up, but it’s still playable” screw things up.  I mean, “holy cow, this is so amazingly broken, Jeets is laughing at me” level screwed up.

Of course, as the game evolves, so does the art of complete bunglery.  With the new Harper tree, many of my previous go-to hosings have actually backfired, thanks to Intelligence-based fighters and barbarians suddenly being able to turn INT-to-hit and damage.

This has caused me to revisit an old hobby, and I figured what the heck – let’s make things a little more interesting, shall we?  Without further ado, I present to you…

The Incompetent Veteran Challenge!

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The law of Item grinding

Tactalicious & Craftalicious

I know it’s a law. Or I suspect that the eternal god of ‘screwing with you’ governs this law, but I swear that when I try to get something I can waste countless shards and time running it and when I don’t it falls like confetti. I know; here I wanting a claw set to start out my Epic level 20 – a good compromise for extra damage and heal amp. Sure, there are PDK set items but I don’t want to use the armor in that set and I’m planning on using the Epic Jewel and combine a few of the possible sets for an early setup. Like the gauntlets, possibly a ring and maybe the goggles. But don’t want to use the inferior pair of braces and such.

I know, it’s not the best item, but it’s hard to argue against a stackable deadly.

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New stuff

Tactalicious & Craftalicious

I’m taking a break from DDO, insofar that I’m not playing it several hours a day like a week or two ago. Right now I’m instead knee deep in another F2P game – War Thunder a game similar to World of Tanks, that is Post WW 1 to circa 1950s – 60s tank and air warfare.

Before I make a comparison between WoT and WT I want to point out several differences. First, WoT is more of an arcade shooter with some basic simulated stats. Tanks have HP, some basic characteristics but both movement, aiming and shooting is too fluid to be ‘real’. Yet it tries to ‘simulate’ the idea of tank combat with some penetrating critical hits, crew that can be wounded and armor that bounces but often just crumble.

WoT is also without air combat, there’s a World of Warplanes (WoWP) that deals with that aspect alone, but…

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