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Micki's Delirium

So, Shortslice (who was in OR) quit ddo… only to come back after some months.. or maybe it was weeks, hoping to run into a friend of his. Two weeks ago or so he joined one of my lfm’s and he’s been running with me almost daily since, lol. I don’t mind, I enjoy the company and he’s a good player which makes the runs a little easier. Anywho, I was telling Short how I got frustrated the other day because I just died when I was trying to solo ee An Offering of Blood… and how I got slaughtered in ee Prison of the Planes when I was trying to clear the bath solo. Two wizards, one of them a champion and I was just running around trying to heal myself, while they were nuking the shit out of me. Didn’t go so well. In both cases someone joined and…

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